If you ever feel like taking a trip to the past, all you have to do is rent a medieval castle in Spain!

Stunning castles, braveheart knights and mystical sorcerers… Welcome to the medieval era! You know that an era was extremely significant when it’s still a major icon in the modern world. Today there are millions of people around the world who have a deep admiration for the medieval era, and how not to? if it is […]

A spooky strange video is captured and people suspect it was a witch

There are times when we find ourselves in certain events or happenings so surprising, that we are not sure if it is our mind that is playing tricks on us, or if we are really encountering a paranormal phenomenon. But thanks to the advanced technology we have today, these phenomena can be captured and shared […]

Take Halloween to the next level with these intriguing and entertaining rituals

The month of October arrives, and everything around us begins to take an eerie, spooky feeling that’s how you know Halloween is approaching. Some enjoy the trick or treat nights, others prefer binge-watching some good old horror movies or even go to a bar or some costume parties, but if you want to spice things […]

During this spring, you could spend a night at the original house from 1974 film “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”

The 1970s was an era where horror movies were becoming quite popular, the audience was seeking thrilling stories with dark backgrounds. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is among the classic and most world-renowned titles, being released in 1974. This movie was promoted as a “based on a true incident” film and even though this was […]

Padre vende muñeco poseído en Ebay, después de que éste cobrara vida

Existen muchos objetos extraños a la venta que la gente está dispuesta a comprar a través de eBay, y aunque suene increíble, algunos de los productos con más demanda en el mercado son los objetos “encantados”… Según los vendedores de muñecas encantadas, algunas de ellas se mueven, otras emiten escalofriantes sonidos y lo peor de […]

Surprise! there is a new “The Nightmare Before Christmas” teddy bear edition from Build-A-Bear

Growing up as a child you may have had different types of toys such as legos, board games, toy cars, or dolls. But one of the most emblematic toys since the late 90s is undoubtedly the ones from Build-A-Bear. What makes Build-A-Bear so unique is that not only can you have a beautiful stuffed animal, […]

Father sells possessed doll on Ebay, after it came to life

There are many strange objects for sale that people are willing to buy through eBay, and although it sounds incredible, some of the most demanded products in the market are the “enchanted” objects, and they can include extremely dangerous things… According to the sellers of enchanted dolls, some of them move, others make chilling sounds, […]

“Stull” the cursed cemetery, where the gates of hell are opened

In the United States, we can find countless haunted places with stories of chilling origins, but none of these could be said to be as terrifying as the Stull Cemetery outside Lawrence, Kansas. A cursed place where “the gates of the underworld” are said to open. The reputation of Stull Cemetery is as great as […]

The tomb and remains of Mary Magdalene

For centuries, people have come to the Basilica of Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume in France to look at the bones of Mary Magdalene. In 1279, excavations in the crypt under a small church in St. Maximin in France, uncovered 1st-century tombs along with a surprising discovery: a sarcophagus made of marble. Charles II, the Count of Provence who […]