16 personajes de terror junto a los actores que les dieron vida

Cualquier aficionado al cine de horror y terror es capaz de identificar a un buen personaje en cuanto lo ve, ya sea por su transformación o por su interpretación, esto deja una huella en su carrera artística para que en un futuro sean recordados por sus temibles e icónicos personajes.

Para que los espectadores tengan el placer de ver un producto terminado digno de elogios, los productores, guionistas y directores de casting se embarcan en la búsqueda ideal para encontrar al actor perfecto.

El siguiente paso es encargarse de los detalles como los efectos gráficos y visuales para obtener el mejor resultado posible. Angela Norris es especialista en edición de imágenes en Estados Unidos y hace poco empezó un proyecto relacionado al tema: decidió ubicar a los actores famosos junto a los personajes de terror que interpretaron.

Gunnar Hansen, el hombre detrás de Leatherface, de “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.


Michael Keaton, junto a su personaje Beetlejuice.


Robert Englund junto a uno de los personajes más destacados de su carrera, Freddy Krüeger.


Tony Moran junto al legendario Michael Myers.


Doug Bradley junto a Pinhead, de la película Hellraiser.


Warwick Davis y el duende.


Bonnie Aarons, responsable de dar vida a la terrorífica monja ‘Valak’.


Brad Dourif y Chucky de “El juguete del asesino”.


John Carroll Lynch y el payaso Twisty, de American Horror Story.


Kevin Peter Hall junto a “Bigfoot” y “Predator”.


Daveigh Chase junto a la temible “Samara”, de la película “The Ring”.


Bill Skarsgård, el actor que se encargó de poner en escena la segunda versión de “It”.


El legendario Tim Curry junto a sus personajes principales: Pennywise, Frank N. Furter y el Señor Oscuro.


El payaso de la película ‘Terrifier’, junto a David Howard Thornton


Señor de San y Quinn.


Sid Haig y el Capitán Spaulding.


Kane Hodder, el actor que dio vida al famoso Jason Voorhees, de “Viernes 13”.


Jonathan Breck y su personaje de “Creeper”


7 Horror Films About Exorcisms Based On Real-Life Events

Behind the success of horror films, there are stories that have dark and even macabre origins. Especially those that dealt with spirits and exorcisms. That’s why we bring you a list of the movies that were based on real exorcisms.

The Amityville Horror (2005)

The real story has to do with the Lutz family, who bought the house in which Ronald DeFeo took the lives of his entire family on the orders of “voices” that tormented him.

The family claimed that strange things happened in the house and that they even saw DeFeo ghosts, so they had to move out.

The Exorcist (1973)

It was one of the scariest movies of the 70s. It was inspired by the real story of a boy who got possessed by demons that left marks on his body. The boy’s name was Robbie, his case happened in the 1940s and it is said that he became possessed after playing with a ouija board.

The church performed an exorcism on him, but that only made matters worse. It took months for Robbie to be okay again.

The Devils (1971)

Ken Russell’s film was inspired by the case of the 17th century Catholic priest named Urbain Grandier and the Loudun possessions. Grandier was convicted of witchcraft and burned at the stake after he was pronounced to have bewitched a nunnery.

The women spoke in strange languages, yelled, made obscene gestures at men and claimed they were pregnant and possessed. Thousands of people attended the public exorcism of the nuns.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)

This case is also one of the most terrifying in cinema. The Scott Derrickson-directed film is based on the story of a German woman, Annelise Michel, who underwent an exorcism in 1975.

Annelise lost her life a year later for the lackness of proper medical care, leading to her parents and the priest being brought to trial, alleging that Annelise was dehydrated and malnourished, that she did not need an exorcism, but a hospital.

The Changeling (1980)

It tells the story of a writer who is harassed by a spirit living in his isolated mansion. The script is supposedly inspired by the time writer Russell Hunter spent living at the Henry Treat Rogers mansion in Denver, Colorado.

Hunter said he was drawn to the Rogers estate because of its impressive architecture and low rent, but once there, he began hearing inexplicable noises, witnessing poltergeist activity, and discovered a secret room and a diary written by a trapped child.

The Possession (2012)

The film is based on an old story about an object called a dybbuk box that held the spirit of a Holocaust survivor. The box was sold on ebay and contained coins, hair, a Hebrew phrase, wine and a dried rose.

Several owners of the box allegedly reported experiencing supernatural events, such as nightmares, unexplained odors, and exploding light bulbs.

The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988)

Directed by Wes Craven, the film follows an anthropologist who travels to Haiti to investigate a case of black magic that turned people into zombies. The film is based on a book by ethnobotanist Wade Davis.

He studied the case of a man named Clairvius Narcisse, who allegedly rose from the grave and returned home almost two decades later. Voodoo practitioners claim that everything was the work of black magic.

Have you watched all of them?

Priest Who Blesses Annabelle: “You Can Feel The Devil Next To The Doll”

Annabelle, the doll that inspired horror movies, is truly cursed according to Canadian priest Platon Angelakis, who blesses her twice a month.

Angelakis was ordained an Orthodox Catholic priest with the Oblates of St. Teresa, Wisconsin, in 1999. He is also an active member of the American Exorcist Association since 2013.

He was interviewed via Zoom by La Teja, a Costa Rican newspaper, along with Keeyah Lynn (46), his assistant. She used to be a witch, but is now a sister ordained by the Order of Saint Michael along with the Catholic Church in Canada.

As you may know, Annabelle was a gift from a mother to her 18-year-old daughter, Donna, who left home to study nursing at university in 1970.

Donna shared a room with another student named Angie and they both began to experience strange things.

Annabelle would appear in different positions every single day. Donna assured that there were occasions when the doll would wake up in other rooms of the university headquarters.

Later, at Donna and Angie’s room would appear notes with weird messages as asking for help.

On one occasion Donna found a small trace of apparent blood under , the doll so she looked for a medium who told them that the spirit of a seven year old girl named Annabelle Higgins had owned the doll. It is assumed that the girl had passed away in that place, hence, she possesed the doll.

A friend of Donna’s named Lou used to visit her frequently and had asked her to throw the doll on many occasions. One time, he fell asleep in the room where the doll was and suddenly he woke up unable to move. Lou claimed that Annabelle tried to strangle him and squeezed his neck so hard he passed out and woke up until the next day.

He thought, he had a bad dream so he kept going to Donna’s place but on another occasion he heard sounds in a room where there was no one but the doll. He walked over to her and suddenly he felt someone behind him and without any explanation, seven scratches appeared on his chest, which healed completely the next day.

Donna called a number of people from her church to help her and that’s how they contacted the Warrens, who were already famous for paranormal issues.

The Warrens investigated the case and concluded that the possession was actually the work of a demon.

The couple took a priest to clean the place and the doll was taken away to avoid someone to get hurt.

From that moment the paranormal events in Donna’s life ended.

According to the newspaper, when Angelakis was asked if the story of the doll was true he answered “Yes, it is true and yes, it is cursed”.

He was also questioned about how he felt whenever he was around the doll, “Strange, very strange. Uncomfortable, creepy. The atmosphere is heavy, one realizes that there are very negative vibrations there. You can feel the devil next to the doll,” he replied.

The priest also proceed to explain why Annabelle, if being possessed, is unable to get out of the small wooden and glass urn she is captived.

“Because the box is blessed, it has water, oil and blessed crucifixes around it. Nobody touches that box without having their hands soaked in holy water.” he said, “It is not a box that moves a lot, in fact, hardly anyone touches it and it is always in the museum. Annabelle is not an object for everyone to see, it is a diabolical object and that is why it needs to be in a blessed cage”, he added.

Meanwhile Lynn said that every time she visits Annabelle she leaves loaded with bad vibes and demons.

“So much so that a friend of mine was already affected by one and on one occasion, when I got home, my son began to vomit without stopping,” said Lynn.

7 Famous Paintings That Are Believed To Be Cursed Or Haunted

Paintings can be a great piece to decorate your house. Painting helps human beings to perceive the world in a profound and unique way. However, there are just some paintings considered to be cursed and besides being so famous, no one wants them in their collection or at their own place.

“The Hands Resist Him”

It was painted by Bill Stoneham in 1972 and is also known as The eBay Haunted Painting. It was first purchased by actor John Marley, (Jack Woltz in The Godfather). Sometime after he passed away, the painting was found on the site of an old brewery, by an elderly Californian couple. They announced the painting on Ebay to sell it back in 2000. According to them,  the painting was cursed or haunted, that the characters in the painting moved during the night, and that they would sometimes leave the painting and enter the room in which it was being displayed.

Some people claimed that simply viewing the photos of the painting made them feel ill or have unpleasant experiences. After all it was sold for $1,025.00 by the Perception Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They contacted Bill Stoneham himself to know more about the story behind the painting. He reported to be surprised by all the stories and strange interpretations of the painting.

But the interesting thing is that the painter recalls that both the owner of the gallery in which the painting was first displayed, and the art critic who reviewed it, died within one year of coming into contact with the painting.

“The anguished man”

It is said, it was painted by a man who had a mental disorder. He used his own blood to create part of the painting and when he finished it he took his life. The painting belongs to the Robinson family, who report that the painting moans and complains at night.

“Lalaurie’s  painting”

In 1997 Ricardo Pustanio painted Madame Delphine Lalaurie, who seems to move through the painting. It is also said that the work sighs and moves around within the New Orleans mansion in which it is located.

“Love letters”

It is located at the Driskill Hotel. Every time visitors approach her or try to stare at her, they claim to feel sick or dizzy while others claim to have levitated when they tried to close their eyes after seeing the girl in this painting.

“The portrait of the Witch Girl”

It belonged to a Spanish man who assured that the painting followed him with her eyes. It is also said that at night a gray silhouette appeared on the side of the painting that many believed is Madame Delphine LaLaurie.

“The portrait of Bernardo de Gálvez”

The fear of the painting has grown so much that visitors to the Hotel Galvez ask permission to the painting if they can contemplate it. They say that if you don’t, the curse that surrounds it will fall on all those who have seen it without authorization.

“The curse of the crying boy”

A workart by Bruno Amadio also known as Giovanni Bragolin.

These paintings are really famous because they are believed to be cursed as it is said that all these children were the painter’s offering to the devil as he make a pact so he would become known as an artist

It is also known that terrible misfortunes fall on all who dare to hang one of those on the walls of their home as in 1985, an Essex firefighter claimed that undamaged copies of the paintings were frequently found amidst the ruins of burned houses.

“The girl…

According to popular legend, it was a self-portrait painted by a young Japanese girl named Sonee. She scanned the image and uploaded onto the web before taking her life.

After it was posted to a Korean forum, many members of the site claimed that the painting was cursed.  Some claimed that if you stared into her blue eyes for more than five minutes, it would make you go mad. Others said that if you look at it long enough, the girl’s ghost would appear and take your life. Another version says that if you stare at the girl, her mouth will turn to an evil smirk and her eyes will get dark.

Would you dare to keep such paintings?

7 Creepy And Unexplainable Moments Caught On Camera

There are times in life, when we want to save a moment through a picture, so we take photos to keep those memories with us forever, however there are times that capturing a good time can turn into something unexplainable or creepy. Just take a look at the pictures below.

Creepy or cute?

There is no doubt that there’s a special bond between a mother and her daughter, but in this, it was literally out of this world. The child on the floor was playing with what seems to be a spirit that many believe to be the mother of the child who had passed away a few months before the photo was taken. We can’t define if this is a creepy or a sweet moment in which this mother came back from afterlife to play with her.

The bridge of unfortunate souls

The places where atrocious crimes have been committed are most likely to be haunted with the spirits of the victims. This bridge in Oak Grove Kentucky is no exception. It is said that a soldier took the life of his son and wife near this bridge. Some people claim to have seen the spirit of the woman walking on the bridge near the place where she passed away.

Room for 3

A couple visited the Worley Bed And Breakfast Inn in Dahlonega, Georgia in 1999. They thought they were going to have a quiet weekend getaway. But when they got to their room, they found an unexpected guest in their suite. In this picture, you can see the figure  lying on the bed and it looks like the ghost was actually having fun.

An afternoon at the cemetery

In 1973, a woman went to visit the grave of her daughter who had recently passed away. As the mother approached her grave, she saw the spirit of another child around her daughter’s tombstone. Fortunately enough, she was able to take a photo of the eerie moment. The mother claimed that the ghost she saw was not her daughter, so it must have been another child who wanted to play with her little girl.

Group photo

What started out as a harmless group photo soon turned into a very scary mess after these girls saw a strange face peeking between them. Many will say that this was manipulated with photoshop, but the three girls claim that they simply used a normal cell phone to take the photo and didn’t edit it at all. Since then, this strange silhouette among them remains a mystery.

Family photo

Long before people oftenly used to do professional photo shoots to hang on the walls of their homes just like this couple in the picture. However, there’s a third person who wasn’t part of the photoshoot. You can see the very clear figure of a mysterious woman floating above them. The couple claimed they had no idea who this woman could have been.

Hidden guest

This man looks very proud to stand in front of his new house, but he must not know that he is not the only one who will live there. In the window, you can see a figure standing there. While this ghost-like figure could be one of many things, it is said is the spirit of a woman who used to live in the house whose husband took her life in the wooded area behind the house.

Which picture was the scariest for you?

9 Scary Escape Rooms In Real Prisons

Escape rooms started to become really popular some years ago, as they are really excited games. Anyone who plays, gets so invested into the game as time is ticking and they have to discover the clues, solve the puzzles, and accomplish the tasks in order to escape from their “prisons” and win.

Escape rooms usually have a story line or theme. The most popular themes are of detective/police/crime style. Now, imagine yourself trying to escape from a real life prison.

While most escape rooms are set and decorated accordingly to the story line, there are those who thrive off authenticity. Which is why there are plenty of escape rooms that are placed in real abandoned prisons to create an ominous and creepy atmosphere for an extra level of horror.

1.Maui Escape Rooms

In Maui, Hawaii, the Prison Break is a 60 minute escape room set in West Maui County Prison for all levels players. Players are separated in two adjacent cells to start. It costs $38 per player. Gather your friends as groups of 4 to 10 people are needed to find a way out before the guard comes back.

2.Code Breakers

Set in Christchurch, New Zealand in the extensive holding cells of the former District Court where you are sent completely blindfolded and handcuffed into a briefing room within the prison. You only have one hour to escape.

3. Shepton Mallet Prison

In this escape room, you have been sentenced to 12 years of jail for robbery, though you are giving one hour to commute your sentence, if you give up the mastermind of the heist as the governors only knows you were part of the robbery but not the actual mastermind of it.

What’s interesting is that it was the oldest working prison in the United Kingdom as it was built in 1610, up until its closure not so long ago, in March 2013.

It´s considered as one of the most haunted prisons in the world.

4.Prison Break Miami

Fox in a box gives players one hour to escape as the guards have all vanished after a riot, so you have the chance to save yourself. It’s a real decommissioned 1960’s jail from Iowa installed into the rooms to get a more realistic experience.

5.The Cornwall Jail

From 1863 to 2002, the Historic Cornwall Jail in Ottawa, Canada was a high-security prison for inmates condemned to die. Some say there are still bodies buried in the rec yard. After a false accusation, you and the rest of your team will have an hour to solve the crime unless you want to stay locked away forever.

6.Buchanan Jail

The former historic Ross-Sanders building in downtown Buchanan, Michigan,  housed decrepit jail cells with chains still hooked to the walls which were perfect to create this escape room and make it more authentic. It has quite an original story line, starting from Frank Costello, a man that has been detained while you and your friends have intentionally committed a crime so now you’ll be all locked up. Once inside, you have to help the man to escape without setting off the alarm. You will be hand-cuffed and locked in actual jail cells with only one hour to set him free.

7.Pärnu Prison Escape

Pärnu prison was closed in 2007 and now serves as a home for the biggest Escape Room complex in Scandinavia. The prison hides many stories behinds its walls and it’s so big that up to 24 people can be part of the game. Unlike other escape rooms that give you one hour to resolve the puzzles, this one is a three-hour long game which makes escaping to be challenging and way to get your adrenaline pumping.

8.Amaze Escape

It’s the only escape room in real jail cells located in Arlington, Massachusetts. They offer two options, to try and solve the puzzle in one hour to escape before the guards come for you or the newest addition named ‘Art of the Heist’, where you are part of a group of professional thieves that have been hired to recover a priceless suitcase. You only have 60 minute to recover the suitcase before the police return.

9.Franklin County Historic Jail

What makes this escape room so interesting is that it was once a real prison in Illinois with a notorious prisoner, who was held at the Franklin County Jail from June 1927 to April 1928. He tried to bust a way out, but his attempt was unsuccessful, so you’ll have one hour to prove if you are smarter than him to escape from the lower cell block.

Have you ever gone to a escape room?

Top 6 Podcasts For Fans Of All Things Paranormal

Podcasts have become very popular for a while now as they can be listened to at home, in the car or while you’re out on a walk through headphones and there’s a wide variety of topics to choose, from sports,  music to movies. Any topic you may be interested in can usually be found via podcast.

An all time favorite to listen to are podcasts related to strange and unusual events, some of which have no logical explanation. Having a collection of podcasts of all things paranormal is a must if you really into these kind of topics as the stories told can turn very intriguing. Here is a list of 5 podcasts so you can dig into a mysterious universe which is fascinating and chilling at the same time.

  1. Astonishing Legends

The ‘Click and Clack of esoterica’. That’s how the listeners call hosts Scott and Forrest.

Expect to hear about mysterious events that occurred throughout history and interviews from people who’ve had close encounters with the unexplained.

Show schedule is generally 3 weeks on and 1 week off.

  1. Mysterious Universe

A podcast for UFO lovers. Aaron and Benjamin invite you to listen to weekly episodes related to futurology, weird science, consciousness research, alternative history, cryptozoology, UFOs, and new-age absurdity.


A podcast hosted by Aaron Hunter. He tells the stories of those who have experienced paranormal activity as well as it gathers interviews with Mediums, Psychics, Investigators and more.

  1. Oh No, Ross & Carrie

Hosts report on fringe science, spirituality, and claims of the paranormal while they also join religions, undergo alternative treatments and seek out the paranormal.

  1. Nighttime

Get to know about Canada’s most fascinating stories of true crime, mysteries, weird places, events and people.

  1. Serial

If you haven’t heard of Serial, is an investigative journalism podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig and one of the best out there since 2014 as it ranked number one even before its debut.

It has three seasons narrating true stories over multiple episodes which will have you so intrigued over the cases exposed from the very beginning.

Will you give them a listen?

Be spooky With Target’s No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Kits

Halloween wouldn’t feel like it, if there weren’t pumpkins all around.  Carving a pumpkin may be fun but for some getting your pumpkin to resemble anything other than a smiley face ends up being more like a stressful rather entertaining task.

However there are so many other ways to decorate a pumpkin for those who want skip the process of  removing the seeds of it or anyone who wants to try something different.

Currently, Target is selling a variety of Disney pumpkin decorating kits that are fa-boo-lous.

It’s a good option for the little ones, as they include a container of paint, a sponge, as well as the pieces for the eyes, nose, and mouth which are all push-in so you can easily craft your pumpkin’s face once the paint has dried. Each kit has an affordable cost of $10.

You can choose between Jack Skellington and Sally pumpkin push-in decorating kits inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas (or why not taking both for a perfect combination?)

There’s also a Cinderella pumpkin decorating kit which is an eight-piece set to recreate the Pumpkin Coach, the carriage made for Cinderella by her Fairy Godmother so she can attend the ball.

If you are a Star Wars fans, there’s one for you, a decorating kit of six pieces to make your pumpkin look like R2-D2!

There’s also another version of Jack Skellington’s decoration kit which include 2 eyes a nose and a mouth just like the lovable movie character but instead of the original colors, you can paint it in an orangish color just like a real gourd. After all, he’s the Pumpkin King.

Target is also selling more options that are not Disney-related pumpkin decoration kits, such as one of Wonder Woman, Batman, PAW Patrol’s Marshall, Trolls’ Poppy and Dave, the Minion. All for the same price.

These kits are definitely a great way to easily decorate your pumpkin and have some fun with the family.  You can purchase yours here.

Decor Your House With These New Series Of Expressionist Horror Portraits

Imagine your walls covered in artwork of your favorite horror icons? A different way to show your true horror lover but in a sophisticated and classy way.

Matthew Therrien is a Canadian illustrator and creative director who makes illustrations of 80’s horror films.

He has well-known clients as Warner Bros. or SYFY Channel as he specialize himself in key art (film posters), event posters, album covers and other marketing material. But he also creates storyboard art, concept art, custom portraiture, and graphic design services.

His artworks go from $20 to $150 depending on the size and material used for the final product. Therrien has pieces from Elm Street, Scream, IT, Michael Myers as well as many poster art of horror movies.

Currently, a series of expressionist horror portraits are available as limited edition signed/numbered giclee prints of the entire Friday the 13th collection and Nightmare on Elm Street collection.

The series pays tribute to the many films and faces of the legendary Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger along with original pencil art and more.

To purchase, you can visit his website in which you can also see more of his illustrations of other characters such as Wendy Torrance and Leatherface. You can even contact him for commissions and inquire the availability and price of a new piece.

Therrien is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as to keep a closer look to his work.

What do you think about his illustrations?

Titanic Mysteries That You Didn’t Know About

Do you believe in other dimensions or time traveling? If not, these curious things about the Titanic will make you reconsider it.

It all started with a dream: “To make the largest ship ever built”. The expectations were so high that they even called it “unsinkable.” Even the engineer of this massive ship stated: “Not even God himself could sink it”.  God or not, we can tell this man was wrong.

It’s said that the Titanic was actually built to sink, as John Pierpont, the man who funded the construction, was fascinated with a book that was published 14 years earlier called: “The Wreck of the Titan”.

It tells the story of a ship that collides with an Iceberg and sinks. Also, the lack of lifeboats provoked that thousands of people loss their lives. The weight, capacity and design of the ship were practically the same as the Titanic. But this is not the most creepy thing about all, but what was about to come years after its collapse.

Sixty years later, a telegraph operator that was on another ship, received a distress message, coming from the missing Titanic. The instructions said to not change directions. This was not the first time that happened, every 6 years since the ship sank, strangely signals are received.

However, the rumors of what happened in the 1990s, will make you wonder about the existence of other dimensions or even about time traveling. It is said that in Norway, in 1990, a boat passing by, found a young woman sitting on an Iceberg.

She said her name was Winnie Coutts, claimed to have been on the Titanic and asked about what had happened to the other passengers. To everyone’s surprise, her name was actually on the passenger list and also, the old clothes she was wearing belonged to the time when the unfortunate event occurred.

It is also mentioned that a year later, in 1991, what seemed to be another survivor of the Titanic appeared, almost in the same place as the young woman.

This person was none other but the Captain Edward John Smith. He was an elderly man and was wearing the same uniform when the Titanic sank.

When his fingerprints were carried out, it was found that they matched with the ones of the captain who supposedly has drown together with his ship, or at least that was everyone believed.