Titanic Mysteries That You Didn’t Know About

Do you believe in other dimensions or time traveling? If not, these curious things about the Titanic will make you reconsider it.

It all started with a dream: “To make the largest ship ever built”. The expectations were so high that they even called it “unsinkable.” Even the engineer of this massive ship stated: “Not even God himself could sink it”.  God or not, we can tell this man was wrong.

It’s said that the Titanic was actually built to sink, as John Pierpont, the man who funded the construction, was fascinated with a book that was published 14 years earlier called: “The Wreck of the Titan”.

It tells the story of a ship that collides with an Iceberg and sinks. Also, the lack of lifeboats provoked that thousands of people loss their lives. The weight, capacity and design of the ship were practically the same as the Titanic. But this is not the most creepy thing about all, but what was about to come years after its collapse.

Sixty years later, a telegraph operator that was on another ship, received a distress message, coming from the missing Titanic. The instructions said to not change directions. This was not the first time that happened, every 6 years since the ship sank, strangely signals are received.

However, the rumors of what happened in the 1990s, will make you wonder about the existence of other dimensions or even about time traveling. It is said that in Norway, in 1990, a boat passing by, found a young woman sitting on an Iceberg.

She said her name was Winnie Coutts, claimed to have been on the Titanic and asked about what had happened to the other passengers. To everyone’s surprise, her name was actually on the passenger list and also, the old clothes she was wearing belonged to the time when the unfortunate event occurred.

It is also mentioned that a year later, in 1991, what seemed to be another survivor of the Titanic appeared, almost in the same place as the young woman.

This person was none other but the Captain Edward John Smith. He was an elderly man and was wearing the same uniform when the Titanic sank.

When his fingerprints were carried out, it was found that they matched with the ones of the captain who supposedly has drown together with his ship, or at least that was everyone believed.

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