How to remember your past lives

When one reincarnates, it means that all the memories of other lives have been erased. However, if you want to remember a little about how your past lives were, here are 3 ways to remember who were you used to be.

Using your intuition

You may not remember specific details of your past lives, but you are inexplicably drawn to certain places, situations, people and more.

Past life regression

Some therapists may help you remember your other lives through a regression process. They can also help you overcome a trauma or problem that you don’t know how or when it started, because they happened during past lives.


An specialist will make you stretch your arm, hand or fingers and you must keep them still without moving. The person will proceed to ask you a question and touch you to analyze how your body reacts.

Your body will answer for you. If you agree, your muscles will get tense, your arms, hands or fingers won’t move or go down when the specialist touch you. But if you don’t, once the specialist touches your hands, fingers or arms, they will fall a little by losing some strength or tension.

By using this technique and asking the right questions you can learn a lot about other past lives.

Would you like to know about your past lives?

The Real Story Behind Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary”

In 1989, one of the most iconic films in the history of horror cinema was released: “Pet Cemetery”, based on the chilling novel by the talented master of horror Stephen King. It surpassed the numbers at the box office and even though, the movie is terriyfing, there’s a true story behind.

Real Pet Sematary

Not many know this, but a pet sematary actually exists. It is located in a deep wooded area in Haldon Hills, England. It’s a cemetery entirely dedicated to the residents’ deceased pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, hamsters, birds and even fish.

It is usually a quiet place to say your farewells to your best friend. However, it may not be the last time you see your pet, because legend has it that during the night, all the animals come back to life and wander around.

It is unknown what causes this or what’s on the ground to make this mysterious event come true, but there are countless stories about the resurrection of these animals.

Testimonies about the pet cemetery

A well-known story was about a family who lived near the forest.

One afternoon, they found out their dog was hit by a car and even when they tried to help it, it was too late because, their pet had passed away. The family was devastaded but decided to take the dog to the cemetery to bury and mourn their loss.

Weeks passed by and one morning, one of the sons left the house to play with his skateboard. Suddenly, he saw a dog identical to his, only that it looked dirty and somehow fuzzy. He decided to get closer bit by bit. The more he did, the more he was noticing how the dog would move his tail excitedly. He was doing the exact same movements his deceased dog used to do when receiving the family at home.

When the boy was really close to the dog, he realized that it was his pet. He was wearing the same necklace and nameplate. The boy really amazed by this, tried to take him but the dog ran away into the forest until he no longer could see him. The son returned home excited and yelling at his parents what he had seen. For hours the family looked for the dog but never found him.

While investigating through the cemetery, everything was exactly the same except that there were some footprints with the same size of their dog’s. They were found above the place where he was buried.


Story of Ghost Pets

There are many other stories of people who have seen ghostly-looking animals wandering through the forest. And they can tell they were domestic, because some of them wear necklaces.

Another story comes from a couple who was driving near the cemetery. When they were returning, appear out of nowhere, crossing the road. They thought they would run him over, however, the dog disappeared when having contact with the vehicle. Even if they witnessed this odd event, they couldn’t believe their eyes. The couple even got off of the car looking for the dog, but he was nowhere to be around.

The monster of the cemetery

The stories about ghost animals are not the most terrifying thing, if we compare those with the monster that lives in the area.

It’s been reported about the appearance of a creepy looking creature, on different occasions which looks humanoid but runs on all fours and it’s huge, hairy and dirty.

Since there is no other explanation yet, it is said that this creature is the caused of the pet cemetery coming to life. Also, by the fact that most versions are about seeing this figure walking through the dark forest that surrounds the cemetery.

One night, the car of a man broke down on the road near the area. He claimed to have seen a large black beast jumping among the trees and that in a matter of seconds , the creature went down and ran away.

Years later, the same man was walking through the cemetery, when suddenly, he saw again the creature while this one was digging up a little animal.

Another version tells the story of a teenager who was walking with his dog in the forest. When he arrived at the cemetery, he heard noises and the sudden feeling of being watched as if some animal was stalking him. When he turned back and saw into the trees, he found a creepy creature staring at him that ended up disappearing after being noticed. The boy described the creature like a furry bear but long tail.

“Pet Sematary” by Ramones

The story not only inspired the movie but also great bands like Ramones, named one of their singles like that, and the lyrics goes like: “I don’t want to be buried in a pet sematary, I don’t want to live my life again.”

For many, this place can be quite scary, which in fact is. But for some others, it would be a great place to see their pets one more time.

Despite all, this is a clear example that life exists after death. And maybe one day we will meet again those pets we loved so much.

Would you like to visit this pet sematary?

The curse of The Exorcist

In 1973, one of the most terrifying films of its time was released in theaters, The Exorcist. There was such commotion over with some of the scenes that many people suffered from fainting and having panic attacks. Some even claimed to have been possessed after watching the movie, which only increased its horrible reputation.

However, the most eerie thing about the movie is not its plot or the scenes, but a supposed curse that, since the beginning of the movie production was said to be true. And this curse has to do with death.

For those who have not seen it, the movie was a real box office success and it’s about the demonic possession of a little girl who gets worse little by little until her exorcism becomes a real challenge for a priest.

It might sound like a superstition thing by the people involved however, it reached such a point in which it’s unlikely that all those affected could have had such bad luck.

During the first day of filming, Linda Blair’s grandfather (Regan) and Max Von Sydow’s brother (Father Lankester Merrin) lost their lives, as if some kind of demonic force was punishing both in order for them not to make the movie.

Of course, this could have been just a coincidence, but odd things continued to happen while making the film such as the tapes appearing completely empty and clean after shooting with them or the loss of focus without anyone touching the camera.

Some of the creepiest things were the sound recordings in which weird noises and even voices that weren’t there while recording, could be heard.

As time passed by, the odd events increased. Incidents with telephones or objects disappearing without anyone to have touched them and even a fire occurred that reduced a large part of the sets for them film. This delayed the making of the movie by 6 weeks, which in terms of filming, it’s a lot of loss money.

Apart from the fact that during all these accidents, it is said that between 4 and 9 people passed away for different reasons, including actor Jack MacGrowran, actress Vasiliki Maliaros and two team workers were confirmed. All of them during the filming period.

This same curse is attributed to the accident Linda suffered in her  levitation scene. The harness that was supposed to lift her, broke while they were filming, so she injured her spine which caused her problems for life. It was after this that the rumor of a possible curse began since such bad luck couldn’t be anything else but paranormal events.

For this reason, a priest was hired to bless the place. However, the opposite of what everyone would have thought, the events didn’t end up there.

Apart from the events that took place during the filming, death reached not only the people who were involved but also those close to them. One of the most notorious and disturbing cases was from Mercedes McCambridge’s son (Mercedes played the voice of the devil in the movie). Year laters, he ended up with the lives of his family and his own.

Much has been speculated about this supposed curse and it has become so well-known that many people invited to participate in the following films decided not to and stated publicly this was the reason. Whether the curse is true or not, the fear surrounding the film is for sure, very real.

And do you think the curse is real?

The Mystery of the Pollock Twins, a case of Reincarnation

Read about the story of the Pollock Twins, an odd case of reincarnation

It is known that the circle of life is to be born, to live and to die. But what comes next? There are many beliefs that try to explain the mysteries of the afterlife. And the case of the Pollock twins makes us think that what comes next after death is to be born again which it’s what we know as reincarnation.

The Pollock Twins

This story is set in the mid-20th century in Hexham, England. It was a Sunday morning, the happy marriage of John and Florence Pollock were on their way to mass with their daughters Johana and Jaqueline, aged 11 and 6 respectively.

They were a little late, so the little Pollock sisters decided to hurry up together with their friend to save up a seat in the church. Unfortunately none of them would arrive to their destiny. When they were crossing the street, a car hit them, ending their lives.

The parents of the Pollock sisters were in complete sorrow. However, in October 1958, a few months later, Florence became pregnant and the couple became parents of two adorable twins whom they named Guillan and Jennifer.

When the Pollock twins were 3 months old, the family moved and began a new life in Whitley-Bay. As the girls grew older, the parents noticed a strange behavior on them. Guillan took the role of an older sister and Jennifer as the younger. Also one of the twins had a birth mark which was similar to one Johana had and the other twin had also a birth mark which was similar to Jaqueline’s. But this was just the start of many coincidences…

When the twins were 4 years old, the parents decided that it was time to go back to Hexham. At the moment they arrived to town, the girls knew exactly where they were. When passing through the school where the deceased Pollock sisters studied, the twins mentioned that they used to attend classes there.

Not only did they remember that, but recognized places that the sisters usually visited and even knew the names of some neighbors. When they found the toy chest of the sisters, the twins knew the name of each toy. Guillan took the toys that belonged to Johana and Jennifer took Jaqueline’s.

Guillan and Jennifer even started to play a horrible game about falling to the ground to recreate the scene of the accident where the sisters lost their lives.

Every time they went out, if there were cars passing near them, they would get upset and hugged each other to console themselves, as if they could still recall the day of their death.

However, memories would start to fade. By the age of 5, the girls started to live a normal life, leaving behind the memories of their past lives as Johana and Jaqueline. According to experts, children who have experienced some type of reincarnation, starts to forget about their past lives by this age.

After reading the mysterious case of the Pollock twins, do you believe in reincarnation?

Real interview with a demon while a girl was possessed

In the 1970s, England was shocked to learn of the frightful events that took place in Enfield, a small city outside London.  It became the center of attention in media when a family claimed they were being chased by a ghost.

But it was more than a ghost, even worse… This thing was taking over Janet Hodgson, an 11 year old girl who had recently played a Ouija board.

On August 30th, 1977, the fear started to take over Peggy Hodgson, a single mother who lived alone with her four children when Janet, the middle daughter, complained that her bed was shaking at night.

From that moment, the family realized that what was happening was nothing but paranormal activity.

Forty years later, in an interview for the movie The Conjuring 2, Janet said, “We were good children. We had no idea about the story of the house before the events. I was used and stalked. There was levitation,  voices and incidents that tormented my life”.

She also stated, “The emotions, the thoughts. I think if I had to go through that again, I wouldn’t make it”. Just like in the movie, the real Ed and Lorraine Warren came from the United States to help the Hodgson family.

The Warren came to the conclusion that the Hodgson children were vulnerable to demonic possession, especially Janet, who was possessed by 6 demons.

Here’s the video of the interview with Janet Hodgson when the demon manifested through her while she was talking.


The Red Book – One of the 7 games forbidden by the church

It is said that ther’s 7 games which are prohibited by the church and one of them is called: The Red Book.

It may seem like a joke, some people will laugh at the subject, but the truth is that this game is actually very dark and if you don’t play with due respect, you could get into serious trouble. Many people describe it as the game of life and death.

But how hazardous could a book be? A simple book that anyone could have at home. However, the real danger is the game itself. The rules are very easy, but first, it’s recommended to play accompanied by at least one or two more people. And if you’re too sensitive, better not try to play it.

Rules of The Red Book

Rule 1

An old red hardcover book is needed. The less information there is on the cover the better.

Rule 2

Get a candle of the same color.

Rule 3

Put the red book on the table and only by candlelight. No spotlights should be on.

Rule 4

One of the players must put his or her left hand on the closed book. The player must pronounce: “Red Book”, and proceed to ask a question. It’s important to have eyes closed for it to work correctly.

Rule 5

With the left hand and the eyes still closed, the player must pass his or her fingers between the pages randomly and should stop on one of the sheets. Then the player will lay a finger somewhere on the sheet, open the eyes and read the segment until there’s a period. That will be the answer to the question.

Sometimes the answers may not make any sense, but that could be because the question was poorly formulated or because there’s no spirit present into the book. If the answer is consistent, it means the game has started.

Rule 6 (Last and most important one)

Say goodbye to the spirit before concluding the game. The player must ask the spirit in a respectful way to leave.


Although it seems like a childish and innocent game, to play The Red Book is actually very similar to the Ouija because in both cases, questions are made and a spirit can answer them. The advice of many specialists on the subject is to never play the Red Book, and if so, to be cautious when playing it. It should not be forgotten that the book is not the one answering the questions, but rather some entity who awaits to be invoked and when that happens, a portal opens. That’s why the last rule is so important.

Would you play it?

8 dark and disturbing cartoon theories that will creep you out

Many of us are happy to believe that our favorite childhood cartoons are totally innocent. However, there are some dark theories that try to prove what is hidden behind the cartoons.


In the first episode, the life of Ash, the main character, seems quite normal but then, he has an accident while riding his bicycle.

He wakes up from the accident and suddenly his world changes. Ash begins to travel the world and has fantastic adventures which involves training and fighting against peculiar creatures that are called Pokemon. However, there’s a curious twist. No matter which new city he visits, the same nurse always shows up.

The theory goes that Ash never actually woke up from the accident and fell into a coma instead. Subconciously, he created the world of Pokemon in his head.


Angelica is the only girl that actually existed. Everyone at the cartoons are babies and it is said they are a product of her imagination. The story goes that Angelica is sad and alone because her mother works so much and doesn’t have time for her.

That’s when her began to imagine lifeless babies were her friends. That’s why she is the only one who can speak to them. She was very happy when her cousin, Tommy Pickles was born because she would have someone to play with, but unfortunately he lost his life shortly after birth. The reason why Tommy’s father, Stu, never leaves the basement is because of that. He stays there making toys for his child that will never be able to play.

Chuckie passed away in a car accident along with his mom, and for that his dad is always paranoid most of the time just like Chuckie, who is a bundle of nerves at the cartoon.

Regarding Phil and Lil, there were never two brothers in the first place but only one baby who wasn’t born. Angelica never knew if the baby was going to be a girl or a boy, so she came with the idea of twins of different genres.

Ed, Edd n Eddy

There’s a very popular theory that Ed, Edd, n Eddy are actually ghosts and stucked in purgatory. This could explain why there are no adults on the show, why the series seems to take place in their little dead end and the reason they have blue tongues (tongues can turn bluish upon death).

The children in the cartoon are from different time periods, but they have in common that they passed away in the same neighborhood.


This is a heartbreaking theory which assumes that Jon and Odie don’t exist. Garfield is a homeless cat who is actually starving and is only picturing Jon and Odie. There was a reference to this in a Halloween-themed comic. Garfield woke up in an abandoned house and started calling Odie and Jon, but there was no answer. He then goes crazy and continues having illusions about the family that he never had.

Hello Kitty

Legend has it that this cute kitten was created in 1970 by a Chinese woman. Her daughter was diagnosed with mouth cancer. Doctors informed the mother that nothing could be done for her daughter and was going to leave very soon. The woman was devastated but unwilling to let her go.

The woman started to visit many churches, prayed over and over for a miracle and made many promises. Nonetheless, her daughter’s condition was getting worse every day. It seemed that nothing could save the little girl. The distraught mother decided to take her last resort and made a pact with the devil.

In order to save his daughter’s life, the devil only asked for one thing. The mother must create a character that was famous worldwide. Satan wanted to attract as many people as possible and gain new followers who would do everything for him. By buying this character, it would be an involuntary way to say “yes” to the evil one.

This is why the cat was designed without a mouth as a symbol of the girl’s cancer. The name was in honor of the devil because the word “Hello”, is a typical greeting and “Kitty” in Chinese means “demon”. So, “Hello Kitty” is actually a way to say “Hello Demon”.

The Fairly OddParents

It is said that Timmy has schizophrenia and his magical godparents are a representation of antidepressant medicine. They are there to help him with his problems but only until he no longer needs them. Also, not only did they started to appear at the same time as his problems but there are some serious side effects every time he abuses of their magic.


A rather awful theory alleges that the adorable yellow Minions were inspired by Jewish children adopted by Nazi scientists for the sole purpose of using them in gas experiments. There’s a picture that tries to represent some of those children wearing masks used to dispense poison. It is rumored that the successful children’s film subliminally makes the public accept that ideology.

The Smurfs

It was speculated that the creator of the cartoon had made a pact with the devil to achieve success, so he dedicated the show to Satan. Also, the following are some coincidences found that can make you  think that this theory may be real.

The leader of the Smurfs is the only one who wears red clothes, as Papa Smurf represents the devil.

Though there are about 100 smurfs in the village, 7 of them are the main characters and ironically, they represent the deadly sins. Here are the names and which one represents each: Grouchy Smurf (Wrath), Greedy Smurf (Gluttony), Vanity Smurf (Pride), Hefty Smurf (Envy), Brainy Smurf (Greed), Lazy Smurf (Sloth) and Smurfette (Lust).

Gargamel seems to be the villain of the cartoon, however there’s this tale that says he was a kind of a monk and that he lived in a ruined church. He always tried to catch “demons”, that are the Smurfs, in this case. Also, the name of his cat “Azrael” is the same one as the Archangel of death.

Did you ever imagine there were such dark stories behind these cartoons?

Los 7 secretos más locos de Disney World

¿Sabías que hay un rumor de que Walt Disney está criptoconservado en hielo debajo de las calles de Disney World? Eso es solo una teoría, por supuesto, que ha sido “probada” falsa. Sin embargo, las cosas en esta lista son todo lo contrario. ¡Han sido comprobadas como verdad!

Conoce los 7 secretos que suceden en el “lugar más feliz del mundo”

Patos asados


Disney presentó su espectáculo Fantasmic en la atracción Ríos de América. Durante el espectáculo, un gran dragón que prende fuego al agua.

El espectáculo original tenía patos que se colaban durante el espectáculo y se quemaban lentamente mientras el agua ardía. Al principio, no podían hacer nada, pero después de un tiempo, encontraron una solución. Hicieron burbujear el agua para ahuyentar a los animalitos.

El lugar más letal


Esto puede parecer una exageración, pero ha habido más de 100 perdidas de vidas humanas y lesiones graves en el parque.

Uno de los casos más sonados es el de Dolly, una madre que disfrutaba un recorrido en la montaña rusa, cuando de pronto sintió la necesidad de ver que su hijo estuviera bien en el asiento de adelante, por lo que por un momento se paró en una curva pronunciada y lamentablemente cayó a las vías del tren, donde perdió la vida.

Policía secreta


Si alguna vez has estado en Disneylandia, probablemente hayas notado la ausencia de agentes de la ley. Eso no significa que no haya ninguno. La policía secreta de Disney se esconde en dos lugares.

El primer lugar son los túneles subterráneos, esperando una llamada del personal. El otro es donde menos te lo esperas, paseando por los parques en ropa casual para no alejarse de la magia de los parques de diversiones.

Huesos reales


Se trata de esa atracción de Piratas del Caribe con calaveras sentadas y colgadas por todas partes. Todos estos cráneos son falsos, a excepción de uno.

Un miembro del equipo del parque dijo: “Hay una calavera real, en realidad está en las habitaciones del capitán. Es el cráneo en la cabecera justo encima de la cama. Es el único que conozco que es real, escuché que hay dos más, pero aún no los he encontrado”.

Códigos secretos


Hay muchos códigos secretos en Disney World, si escuchas a alguien decir “25” corre porque se trata de un incendio.

La señal 70 significa: “niño perdido”.

Pero ninguno es tan común como el Código V, los custodios odian escucharlo, pues significa: vómito.

Cenizas por el Parque


No creerías cuántas personas han esparcido las cenizas de un ser querido por el parque. Puede ser desde la cima de su viaje favorito o a través de los Ríos de Luz.

Esto ha ocurrido seguramente cientos de veces, y no se detiene ahora. Parece que todos quieren que sus seres queridos descansen en el lugar más feliz del mundo.

El mundo secreto por debajo del Parque


Debajo de Magic Kingdom se encuentra lo que ellos llaman un sistema de utilidor. Se dice que es el área detrás del escenario de Disney donde solo se permiten miembros del elenco.

Les permite a los trabajadores trasladarse más rápido y “aparecer de la nada” dando un sentido mágico a los personajes. Sin embargo, hay muchas leyendas que rodean estos túneles.

Aquí se lleva a cabo la eliminación de desechos, los servicios de emergencia y los traslados de vehículos blindados llenos de miles de dólares en efectivo, pero ¿qué más podría esconderse debajo del lugar más mágico de la tierra?

Who’s Smile Dog? – The scary story behind the creepypasta

Get to know about Smile Dog, the story about a curse picture…

Smile Dog is the name of a mysterious file that it’s been on the internet for many years. Nobody knows where it came from nor how it reaches to people. However, there are creepy rumors about those who saw the picture behind the file, have suffered terrible consequences.

The file is known as “,” and it shows the picture of a Husky smiling grimmly inside a dark room. A palm of a hand appearing to be drenched in red, can be spoted. It is said that the picture is so malignant that when you see it, it makes you enter into a state of shock, causing you to lose mental health over time or worse, your own life.

Living through the curse…

One of the best known cases is from Mary E. A woman who had a normal life and was married to a good man. One afternoon, while she was alone, a stranger knocked on the door of her house. When she opened, she only saw a package on the floor. There was no card, name or some way to identify the sender, yet she was still curious and decided to open it.

There was a floppy disk she had to download on her computer to answer her questions. Inside it, there was this file with the name of which opened it just for her to get a disturbing surprise, because it was that weird picture of the smiling dog.

As a consequence, this led her to a dark misfortune. From that moment, things started to change. She could not sleep or think straight, nor even eat because on her mind, there was always that picture of the dog, telling her to “share the picture with others or else you will suffer”. Mary refused to do it, and as time went by, things seemed to get worse and worse because not only she couldn’t stop thinking about it but she could see the picture in every corner of the house.

Her husband was concerned about her wife so he took her to visit some psychologists. However, the whole situation was too much for them that they were unable to help her and advised her a psychiatrist instead. Things went from one extreme to another and Mary was completely losing her mind to the point of completely isolating and shutting herself up for days in her room not able to see his husband’s face directly. No one knew what was going on.

Fifteen years later, Mary E. wrote an email to her psychiatrist. She with complete frustration open up about her feelings after staring at that disturbing picture and how bit by bit was ruining her life. It was the first and last time that she was able to mention about the topic, because she mysteriously lost her life that same day.

There were several testimonies of people who remained anonymous and told about the horrible curse that was persecuting them. It is unknown if they are still alive, though…

The origin of Smile Dog

It is said that the origin began a while ago. There was a 12-year-old girl obsessed with the idea of having a pet, but her parents always denied her such desire. She wished so much to get a pet that she decided to make a drawing that could portray her desired pet which was very similar to a Husky dog, but she imagined it with a huge smile. Excited about her drawing, she decided to take a photo with an instant camera.

But something evil took hold of it and the image in the photo became very gloomy and scary. It was no longer the cute drawing she did. There was something dark on it, a dog with demonic features and hypnotizing eyes. Since then, the girl completely changed. Her obsession grew and she couldn’t stop staring at the picture and hear a voice that called her every day saying “share the image”.

Since then, the picture has been circulating and reaching new victims to drive them crazy until they reach their last day of life. What was known later about the girl was that she completely lost her mind and was admitted to a mental hospital but up until this day, there’s not much known about her anymore.

There are many imitations and anyone can tell since they don’t have the same effect as the real one. The feeling of losing your mind and a severe anxiety that can lead you to lose your life. Though, the original picture may still be somewhere on internet…

Had you heard about Smile Dog before? Would you dare to stare into the real picture?

Dead man’s switch – Get messages from the afterlife

Have you ever thought about the day of your death? About all the things you would like to say to your loved ones and friends? Maybe you might never have the chance to do so, because at any moment, an accident can happen and all those things would not matter anymore. But what would you think if there could be a chance to say those things after dead?

For some people, receiving an e-mail coming from someone who passed away months ago can be an obvious reason to freak out. There are also some cases which have gone viral on the internet for being such sensitive and displeasant experience.

Nonetheless, the truth could be less supernatural than what people think. That’s the case on this website, Dead Man’s Switch, which could be considered as one of the creepiest sites that exist.

It sends the letters you want your loved ones to receive and in such case of passing away, you get the opportunity to tell them everything you wanted but couldn’t when alive. Sure likely, they will get scared if months after your decease, receive a letter from you, but it’s a great opportunity to express them your thoughts.

The intriguing thing about this is how the website works. Once you make an account, you will be asked to write the letters you want to send along with the email addresses for each one. Once in a while, the website will send you some emails that you should always reply, because that way, you’re notifying that you are still alive. A quite gloomy process, but apparently it works for them.

The moment you stop replying, they will send you three notes to confirm nothing happened to you. The first one will be 30 days later, the second one after 45 days and the last one after 52 days. If you don’t respond to any of those, means the time has come to send the letters you wrote.

The website allows you notify if you won’t be available for a certain time to reply, so that way they don’t send your letters at the wrong time. Since there’s no other way around, you can leave two emails when making an account, but if you want to leave more than two, you may have to pay.

It is quite interesting though, that leaving messages to all your loved ones is now easier than ever. If you leave this world, no one needs to be looking through your stuff expecting to find anything, the letters will be sent automatically. And as you can send good messages to the ones you loved, perhaps you might want to send the opposite too since the letters can be to whomever you want.

If this website caught your attention to write your future posthumous letters, you can go to It’s either up to you to leave nice messages or end up frightening off someone.