Creepy old ventriloquist doll comes alive on video

If you are one of the people who feel disturbed under the appearance of ventriloquist dolls, now imagine that I told you that there is one that seems to be possessed…

Well, that’s what Michael Diamond says, a 48-year-old man who apparently likes to keep antiques inside his home.

It all started a few days after obtaining the doll, Michael realized that when placed in a glass cabinet for conservation, the box opened only at night to dawn the next day with the door fully open.

What at first was something normal with the passing of days, Michel began to suspect that it could be someone else doing it.

So he decided to place a video camera in front of the old doll to record what was happening around him, but what he found left him completely speechless.

Well, in the video you can see how the glass door opens by itself, but that is not the worst, but that the camera could also capture how the doll begins to open his eyes and move its lips as if he wanted to say something …

Michael confessed to being disturbed by the images, and said that when reviewing the video he had a very strange feeling, and when asked about how only the cabinet could be opened, he replied that that was a mystery.

He said, “I have no idea,” “I don’t even know where to start. There are no open windows in the room or air flow. The door is locked with a latch, so it shouldn’t just open.”

And he ended by saying: “To prevent it from happening, I chained the box and covered it with a blanket.” His wife and little daughter also fear the doll.

The name of the doll is Fritz, and it has a very interesting story …

It is said that the former owner of the doll was a ventriloquist, whose soul entered the doll soon before he left for the beyond.

The doll was moved to an antique store in the United States, where Michael bought it and ended up taking it to the United Kingdom.

The video that Michael shows can be a bit creepy, because of its hidden mystery, however, if you are interested in seeing it I leave it below.

Escalofriante muñeco antiguo de ventrílocuo cobra vida en video

Si eres una de las personas que se sienten perturbadas bajo el aspecto de los muñecos de ventrílocuo, ahora imagina que te dijera que existe uno que al parecer se encuentra poseído…

Bueno, eso es lo que dice Michael Diamond, un hombre de 48 años que al parecer le gusta conservar las antigüedades dentro de su domicilio.

Todo comenzó unos días después de obtener el muñeco, Michael se percató que al colocarla en un gabinete de vidrio para su conservación, éste se abría solo durante las noches para amanecer al día siguiente con la puerta completamente abierta.

Lo que al principio se le hacia algo normal con el paso de los días, Michel comenzó a sospechar que se pudiera tratar de alguien más haciéndolo.

Así que decidió colocar frente al muñeco antiguo una cámara de video para grabar lo que sucedía a su alrededor, pero lo que encontró lo dejó completamente mudo.

Pues en el video se puede notar como la puerta de vidrio se abre sola, pero eso no es lo peor, sino que la cámara también pudo captar como el muñeco comienza a abrir los ojos y a mover los labios como si quisiera decir algo…

Michael confesó sentirse perturbado por las imágenes, y dijo que al revisar el video tuvo un sentimiento muy extraño, y al preguntarle sobre como podría abrirse solo el gabinete, contesto que eso era un misterio.

Dijo: “No tengo ni idea”, “ni siquiera sé por dónde empezar. No hay ventanas abiertas en la habitación ni flujo de aire. La puerta está cerrada con un pestillo, así que no debería abrirse simplemente”.

Y finalizó diciendo: “Para evitar que suceda, he encadenado la caja y la cubrí con una manta”. Incluso su esposa y su pequeña hija le temen a la muñeca.

El nombre del muñeco es Fritz, y tiene una historia muy interesante…

Se cuenta que el antiguo dueño del muñeco era un ventrílocuo, cuyo alma entró en el muñeco pronto antes de que partiera al más allá.

El muñeco fue trasladado hacia una tienda de antigüedades en los Estados Unidos, donde Michael lo compró y terminó llevándoselo hacia Reino Unido.

El video que muestra Michael puede ser un poco escalofriante, por su misterio que se esconde, sin embargo, si estas interesado en verlo te lo dejo aquí abajo.

Hocus Pocus returns the sequel to the screen, Sarah Jessica Parker confirms it

Disney revealed the return to the screen of one of his films, most anticipated by all lovers of the classic Hocus Pocus.

The movie tells a story that happened centuries ago, on Halloween night in Salem, three witches were taken to the gallows because of practicing witchcraft and being responsible for the disappearance of children.

300 years later, on Halloween a skeptical teenager, along with his sister and a friend, decide to go to the house and light the candle to revive the witches, but to their surprise they come back to life for real.

However, one thing has not changed and will surely continue in the second movie, it is their disgust for children, which unleashes a series of dangers by wanting to return them back from where they came from.

After almost 26 years of its release, Hocus Pocus apparently will be a sequel and it is said that they are already working on the script, as it is estimated that it will be released to the public in the year 2020 although it has not yet been confirmed.

And although in 2017 Bette Midler, one of our three favorite witches, denied her return to the sequel in People, now we learn from Sarah Jessica Parker, that the three protagonist witches will be again in the filming of this Disney classic.

Fortunately for all fans, and being honest would not have been the same without the three original Sanderson.

This was made public after the actress, Sarah Jessica Parker, 54, on Instagram posted an image of the classic Hocus Pocus, along with Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy, to be celebrated on Halloween.

And one of his excited followers, published “Is there any possibility of a sequel?” with crossed finger emojis, along with praying …

Unexpectedly and to the surprise of many, Sarah replied by saying, “We’ve all said yes. Now we wait. X.” Which left many of his fans excited for the answer.

According to several reports that Disney has revealed, Jen DÁngelo, is in charge of performing in detail the new script of the film, and has been put in charge of the mission of making the original Sanderson return.

And apparently it turned out that if I succeed. Well, now, Bette Midler confirmed to be willing in an interview with Entertainment

“We want to fly again. I hope Disney is a great success and I hope we can do it, because Winifred is, of course, one of my favorite characters.”

So if you weren’t born in the 90´s and you don’t know what I’m talking about, I recommend you look for it and watch it before its new release …

A chilling bony hand touches a girl while she was playing

A video was published on a Facebook account, which immediately caused it to go viral, as many users of social networks said it can be seen in it, a creepy bony hand.

This happened in Guanajuato, Mexico.

The girl’s father recorded her playing on the shelf of a cupboard, he thought it was so funny that he decided to share it on his Facebook account so his friends could see it.

Without imagining what would come, because many of his comments were surprised people, talking about the mysterious hand that appears at the video.

What left them completely terrified, because when paying close attention you can see for a few seconds the appearance of a white hand out of the darkness to try to take the girl and pull her into the cupboard.

Now, it is the point of discussion among users.

Some remain surprised about the mysterious appearance, other skeptics make fun of talking about the bad edition, while some others simply say that it is a person located behind the shelf.

This has also reached paranormal investigators, some of them claim that it is only one more proof, that life exists in the hereafter.

Here I show you the video …

A bar that transforms into “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

“Ill Minister Pub” has brought to Dallas, Texas, one of Tim Burton’s classic films, where all fans have to know this place that becomes completely honoring Halloween, inspired by the theme “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

The bar is completely adorned with a spooky and gothic style, accompanied by our favorite characters such as Jack and Sally welcoming from the entrance.

The further you can see a dark environment similar to the film, where Halloween reigns and you will also find the huge figure of Oogie Boogie, ready to take a picture with you.

A announcement from the bar announced… “Burton’s classic style is gothic, creepy and has all the purple lights and cobwebs you can imagine”

According to Ill Minister Pub, he says that at the moment they are in the glory of Halloween, because when it ends and the Christmas dates begin, it will change into Santa Jack, since everyone who has seen his movie knows that it can be enjoyed in October as much as in December.

Let’s not forget its delicious gloomy food and countless drinks that make the place a better one … So if you live in Dallas, or are nearby, you can head to this bar and be certain that you will enjoy it. Located at 2600 Cedar Springs, for more information you can visit its official website.

The themes that Minister Pub has done, have been the most popular and surprising, such as “Games of Thrones” and his latest successful “Harry Potter”.

That attracted immense groups of fans disguised with their capes and wands to taste their special butter beer while taking photos in their magical surroundings. So Halloween Town may not be the exception.

“We all love Halloween and we wanted to do something special,” says Patrick Gorman, a bar partner.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” will end until January 1, 2020. So you know, you can not waste any more time …

Un bar que se transforma en “El Extraño Mundo de Jack”

“Ill Minister Pub” a traído a Dallas, Texas, una de las películas clásicas de Tim Burton, donde todos los fanáticos tenemos que conocer este lugar que se disfraza completamente haciendo honor al Halloween, inspirado en la temática “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

El bar esta completamente adornado con un estilo espeluznante y gótico, acompañado con nuestros personajes favoritos como lo son Jack, Sally y Pumpkin saludando desde la entrada.

Mientras más te adentras podrás apreciar un entorno oscuro parecido al film, donde reina el Halloween y en él también encontrarás la enorme figura de Oogie Boogie, listo para tomarse una foto contigo.

Un comunicado del bar, anunció.. “Al estilo clásico de Burton, es gótico, espeluznante y tiene todas las luces moradas y telarañas que puedas imaginar”

Según Ill Minister Pub, dice que en estos momentos se encuentran en la gloria del Halloween, pues cuando éste termine y empiecen las fechas navideñas, cambiara convirtiéndose en Santa Jack, ya que todos los que hemos visto su película sabemos que se puede disfrutar en octubre tanto como en diciembre.

No olvidemos su deliciosa comida tétrica e infinidad de bebidas que hacen del lugar uno mejor… Así que si vives en Dallas, o estas cerca, puedes dirigirte a este bar y tener la certeza que lo disfrutarás. Ubicado en 2600 Cedar Springs, para más información puedes visitar su sitio web oficial.

Las temáticas que ha realizado Minister Pub, han sido de lo más populares y sorprendentes, como “Games of Thrones” y su ultima con éxito “Harry Potter”.

Que atrajo a inmensos grupos de fanáticos disfrazados con sus capas y varitas para probar su cerveza especial de mantequilla mientras tomaban fotos en su mágico entorno. Así que Halloween Town no podrá ser la excepción.

“Todos amamos Halloween y queríamos hacer algo especial”, dice Patrick Gorman, socio del bar

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” terminará hasta el 1 de enero del 2020. Así que ya lo sabes, no puedes perder más el tiempo…

Ahora puedes visitar un bar inspirado en Bettlejuice ¡Es muy bizarro!

Esto va para todos los fieles fanáticos de Tim Burton, y es que no dejan de sorprendernos con sus diferentes lugares temáticos relacionados con las vibraciones bizarras del artista.

pues existe un bar llamado Beetle House, donde puedes disfrutar Halloween todo el año, un bar especialmente inspirado en uno de nuestro films favoritos “Beetlejuice”de 1988.

pues existe un bar llamado Beetle House, donde puedes disfrutar Halloween todo el año, un bar especialmente inspirado en uno de nuestro films favoritos “Beetlejuice”de 1988.

Un paraíso de terror para los amantes del genero, no solo tendrás que esperar año con año a que llegue el Halloween para celebrarlo, sino que en Beetle House podrás disfrutar ésta fecha todo el año…

La ubicación del lugar se encuentra en East 6th Street Nueva York, NY., Con un horario de 4:00pm, hasta las 2:00am.

También se encuentran en DC, Washington y Los Ángeles, California para más información puedes ingresar a su página oficial.

“Beetle House fue creado por Zach Neil y se abrió como un restaurante emergente en la ciudad de Nueva York en abril del 2016. Debido a su demanda y éxito después de tres años, Beetle House abrió permanente en la ciudad de Nueva York.

Es una celebración de Halloween durante todo el año con un ambiente artístico y temático inspirado en la cultura del horror, la magia y las obras artísticas, literarias y cinematográficas de Tim Burton, Alfred Hitchcock, Bram Stoker, Washington Irving, Edgar Allen Poe y muchos más.

En resumen, somos como una fiesta de Halloween para adultos con un toque Burtonesque, comisariada por Alfred Hitchcock, con una banda gótica de los 90 en el escenario y todos llevan disfraces extraños. Somos un lugar seguro donde cada gótico, punk, monstruo, bicho raro, artista y visitante es bienvenido y celebrado.”

También podrás escuchar durante todo el día la música relacionadas con las películas de Burton. ¿Entonces que más se puede pedir?..

Música, comida, bebidas, ambiente, todo excelente, pero la mejor parte para mi personalmente los actores que interpretan los personajes de Tim Burton.

Así que no podemos esperar más, si queremos conocer Beetle House es necesario que a partir de ya, empecemos ahorrar para comprar nuestro boletito de avión…

If you miss Halloween, now you can visit a bar inspired by Beetlejuice all year round

This goes for all the loyal fans of Tim Burton, and it is that they keep surprising us with their different thematic places related to the bizarre vibrations of the artist.

There is a bar called Beetle House, where you can enjoy Halloween all year round, a bar specially inspired by one of our favorite films “Beetlejuice” of 1988.

Not only does it have the same twisted and spooky atmosphere of the movie, but it also presents delicious dishes to delight the palate, different drinks and the most fun is that the place is full of actors dressed as your favorite characters and you can take photos with each from them.

A paradise of horror for genre lovers, not only will you have to wait year after year for Halloween to come to celebrate it, but at Beetle House you can enjoy this date all year…

The location of the place is located on East 6th Street New York, NY., With a schedule of 4:00 pm, until 2:00 am.

There is a Bettle House in DC and Los Angeles too, for more information you can enter its official website.

“Beetle House was created by Zach Neil and opened as an emerging restaurant in New York City in April 2016. Due to its demand and success after three years, Beetle House opened permanently in New York City.

It is a year-round Halloween celebration with an artistic and themed atmosphere inspired by the culture of horror, magic and artistic, literary and cinematographic works of Tim Burton, Alfred Hitchcock, Bram Stoker, Washington Irving, Edgar Allen Poe and many plus.

“We are like an adult Halloween party with a Burtonesque touch, curated by Alfred Hitchcock, with a 90’s gothic band on stage and they all wear weird costumes. We are a safe place where every Gothic, punk, monster, weirdo, artist and visitor is welcome and celebrated”.

You can also listen to music related to Burton movies throughout the day. So what else can you ask for?

Music, food, drinks, atmosphere, all excellent, but the best part for many of the visitors are the actors who play the characters of Tim Burton.

So we can not wait any longer, we want to know Beetle House , would you go?

Now you can write spooky stories sitting inside Stephen King’s house and take a spooky tour around

Great news for fans, readers and writers! The horror director Stephen King’s mansion, located in Bangor, Maine, has opened the door for those who are looking for inspiration to write.

Although obviously the writer of the supernatural will not be in the mansion, the chilling facilities will be enough to immerse you in a spooky and unbelievable environment.

This happened when Stephen King and his wife Tabitha asked the Bangor City Council to establish their mansion as a non-profit organization.

This means that the huge house will have a part of King’s work, visits will be made by appointment and only up to five visitors will be allowed at a time.

“The King Family has been wonderful to the City of Bangor over time and have donated literally millions of dollars to various causes in the community,” one of the city councilors said.

He added: “Preserving his legacy here in Bangor is important for this community. The house will allow visits by appointment as King reportedly doesn’t “want the house to become a Dollywood or some kind of tourist attraction” as “that would bring all sorts of people to the neighborhood, and they have other neighbors that live there.”

As time has passed, the writer’s mansion at 47 West Broadway has become a tourist attraction in the city. His fans visit here to take pictures and videos in front of the big house.

This red mansion has a door adorned with all kinds of winged creatures that seem to welcome you to a place full of ghosts.

For those who are not writers, we have other good news … there is an official tour of the writer Stephen King in the city that takes you to the mystical world of Stephen King.

The tour costs $45 per visitor and includes: ”Some of the IT places you will visit are The Barrens, The Standpipe and Birdbath, the cemetery where Pet Sematary was filmed, places where Stephen King lived, including his current residence and many more!”

“We do 2 tours per day, the first usually starts at 9:00 am (but can start at 8:00 or earlier) and the second starts at 2:00 pm. (except in the winter when we need to start no later than 12:00 noon so we don’t finish in the dark)!

We pick up and deliver at all the hotels in the Greater Bangor area. We can take up to 6 passengers in a comfortable, air-conditioned Chrysler Town & Country van, or up to 11 in our new Ford E350 Van” this information is written in the website of SK Tours.

“You will see places that Stephen King has lived and worked, places that have inspired his stories, and actual film locations from his movies”.

The Owners of the tours said: “We have been Stephen King Fans since 1974 when Carrie was first published and have remained so ever since.

In 1990, we bought Betts Bookstore and always kept a complete catalog of both Stephen and Tabitha’s works in stock in hardcover and paperback for 20 years. Because of the help that the Kings gave us, we became well known throughout the world as the place to go to for Stephen King items”.

It is the opportunity for writers to get an inspiration from the mansion that has been inhabited by one of the best horror writers of all time. And if you are not a writer is your opportunity to see the Stephen King world.

The new Netflix horror movie “Eli”, They say you’ll see demons after watching it

The new Netflix movie, called “Eli”, has completely surprised all its fans, because they say it is such a chilling tape with an unexpected end.

It has caused so much furor in the networks, that some users say that after seeing it they see demons out of the corner of their eyes.

This movie premiered on October 18 on the Netflix platform, starring Sadie Sink of Stranger Things, Charlie Shotwell, Kelly Reilly and Max Martini, their characters are chased by spirits and creepy events in the film.

The film tells the story of “Eli”, a ten-year-old boy who in turn lives with a mysterious disease that affects him from the environment, and is therefore obliged to always carry with him a special suit to move everywhere, isolated completely from everyone.

His parents desperate to find some other method of cure, decide to take him to a clinic where they will do experimental therapies to try to understand the behavior of his body.

The place is an old house away from the city, is in the middle of nowhere, Eli is the only patient who is in the supposed hospital run by Dr. Isabella, who promises to improve the patient’s health.

This tape is like any other horror movie, but with the difference that the last half hour of the end took an unexpected turn, leaving several viewers unable to make sense, while others surprised and paralyzed do not stop talking about how creepy they are it seemed.

Even several people on social networks have reported that the movie left them so shocked and uneasy after seeing it swearing to be watched by demons … one of the comments says:

“I just watched Eli on Netflix and I SWEAR I’m seeing demons out of the corner of my eyes – HELP!”

While other comments only say how scary it was:

“If you need a good horror movie for October, Eli on Netflix is so good with the most unexpected plot of all time.”

“Then I saw this movie on Netflix called Eli. It started with a very good haunted house, but that ending … I didn’t see that ending coming. There are no spoilers, but I recommend it if you want to see something this Halloween.”

While Netflix has made series and films of various genres in their productions, but let’s not forget how these latest horror have surprised us and left us entertained on the edge of the armchair as “The haunting of hill house”, “Chambers”, “Marianne “, just as the latter” Eli “cannot be the exception.

So you know, if you want to see it just take a cross and holy water … just in case …