The 7 scariest video games out there

If you like horror games, you might want to try the following ones…

If there’s something in video games that no other medium is capable of making us feel, it’s immersion. The feeling of not being a spectator, but a protagonist. That’s the key which creators have been working on,  to make us shake and fear while playing their video games. And by playing the following 7, we will put ourselves in the shoes of reporters, mentally ill and unfortunate security guards.

Of course, there are many more games that are full of terror but these are the ones that due to the game mechanics, they become so startling.

Mystery and horror video games


The game starts with a reporter who visits a kind of madhouse which is nothing out of the ordinary, except that the place seems to have been through something, since there’s no one around. You obviously become the reporter while playing, so you will try to enter and once you make it, you’ll realize that all the mentally ill are everywhere and ready to harm you. Your only weapon will be the camera which will help you to see through the dark. However, you are in need of new batteries, so you must decide when to use your camera and trust your instinct.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

As the name implies, you will become an amnesiac who wakes up on an island and must try to survive until you find and enter into a castle. But that’s where everything turns bad. The enemies are invincible and will appear when you least expect it and the only thing you can do is running away. This becomes really stressful and chilling since you are in a dungeon full of narrow corridors and little by little, you will start remembering the shocking events that led you to the beginning of your adventure.

Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly

Something that allows us to feel somehow safe in this type of video games, is the possibility of seeing our enemies or guessing where they might appear from. However, Fatal Frame 2 takes away that from us. The enemies in this game are ghosts so you cannot see or touch them, but they can hurt you. Your only weapon against them is a camera that will help you to see them through and attack them at the same time while using the flash camera. Obviously, the biggest scares will come out when you take pictures while looking for them and they appear right in front of you.

Silent Hill 2

This one has become a total classic and one of the most important games in the genre. People at Silent Hill will be the main characters, hiding their enemies through fog and twisting the minds of all who reach their dark streets. The most terrifying thing of all is, you don’t fight against other people, but with creatures that were made from the depths of yourself.

Five Nights of Freddy’s

It may be not the best horror video game out there, but surely knows how to get you scare. You turn yourself into security guard at a place full of with animatronics. There shouldn’t be any problem but you got a night shift and the animatronics are actually haunted. You must keep an eye on the security cameras which they only can be seen one at a time and try to be faster than the animatronics in order to catch and stop them before they reach the office.

Until Dawn

During the 1980s, the horror genre had a major turn by making stories about young rebels that went on trips and what should have been a fun getaway, would end up being terror and death. This is what Until Dawn tries to achieve, when 8 young people went to some huts to hang out until they realized they were being chased by murderers and scary creatures. You get full control of all the characters and whether they live or lose their lives will be up to the decisions you take.

Despite not being somewhat revolutionary, it manages to get you scare anyway. There’s also a virtual reality version that is getting recognition. And coming from a horror game, that speaks from itself.

Horror video games that were canceled


Although the release of this video game was canceled, users who managed to play the demo said it was enough to give it the recognition it deserves. With an endless corridor, a deceased woman, and lots of awful moments that brought out the worst scares to those who played it. Also, thanks to the alarming and gloomy story that was shown in the little sample, the game could have been one of the best the genre has had.

Would you dare to play these frightening video games?

Homunculus created by Russian Youtuber Kortney

Learn everything about a homunculus and the experiment this Russian creator uploaded on YouTube

What is a homunculus?

Centuries ago, alchemists used to looking for a way to find eternal life but they also tried something a little curious: creating life. As if they were God, these scholars tried to create tiny humans who were loyal followers of their creators.

Of all those experiments, only myths remained. However, just a couple of years ago, a mysterious Russian youtuber, known as Korney, brought the topic back by creating a homunculus himself..

Russian homunculus

One of his first videos went viral so he subbed it into several languages in which he starts explaining the method he would carry out to create a homunculus by inoculating his own semen into chicken eggs.

On the video, he shows the process he carried out with a syringe. He covered the hole he did in the shell and left it to “hatch” for 40 days, just like chickens. Some time later, he broke the egg and recorded what shocked the internet: a small being bathed in greenish fluid, which seemed rigid.

He believed it wasn’t alive, so with a pair of tweezers, he gets closer to analyze it and the creature suddenly started to move and spat on his face. Surely this was an involuntary move, but the frightened Korney threw it into the table and crushed it with a book.

This is what started the argument of the veracity of homunculus. Korney didn’t want to give up so easily so he continued making more videos. However, they didn’t achieve the success of the first one, but they assured that, whether or not those things were homonculus, his experiments were having results. After the first experience, he kept trying until he managed to obtain something extremely strange but curiously alive.

In one of his tries, a thing which seemed with more vitality than the others was born, so the man put it on a container with water as a proof. This ended up with good results that he showed on video in which the creature looked bigger. It had an extremely weird shape that looked like a long trunk or even a mouth with some tiny and almost nonexistent legs.

The video was made by Korney with the intention of asking for advice because he didn’t know what to feed the creature. Many people told him to give him some protein which seemed to go down well with the creature as it began to grow larger. Once Korney was sure it was strong enough, he started to feed it meat. This made the creature to start developing veins which were visible through its pale skin.

Everything seemed okay until spring came and the creature stopped moving abruptly. He thought it was dead so Korney decided to put it in the refrigerator to freeze it and preserved it that way. At one time he went to check on it, he noticed that it was still alive and realizing that the homunculus actually liked the cold.

Yet, that wasn’t his only experiment with satisfactory results. He actually has another one, similar to a starfish and according to him, it doesn’t move that much.

A couple of weeks later, the homonculus showed a bulge in the back. However, it seemed that that was actually an eye and the homunculus was developing its body. Also, he claimed that the other homunculus was growing some type of electrical ability, like electric eels, which is why he began calling him Pikachu.

There are people who still continue to criticize and point out it’s a lie while there are also some faithful followers of his experiments that supports him. If you are interested, you can search for his youtube channel or his translated videos and judge by your own.

Now that you know what a homunculus is, do you think is correct to create one?

9 Scary Escape Rooms In Real Prisons

Escape rooms started to become really popular some years ago, as they are really excited games. Anyone who plays, gets so invested into the game as time is ticking and they have to discover the clues, solve the puzzles, and accomplish the tasks in order to escape from their “prisons” and win.

Escape rooms usually have a story line or theme. The most popular themes are of detective/police/crime style. Now, imagine yourself trying to escape from a real life prison.

While most escape rooms are set and decorated accordingly to the story line, there are those who thrive off authenticity. Which is why there are plenty of escape rooms that are placed in real abandoned prisons to create an ominous and creepy atmosphere for an extra level of horror.

1.Maui Escape Rooms

In Maui, Hawaii, the Prison Break is a 60 minute escape room set in West Maui County Prison for all levels players. Players are separated in two adjacent cells to start. It costs $38 per player. Gather your friends as groups of 4 to 10 people are needed to find a way out before the guard comes back.

2.Code Breakers

Set in Christchurch, New Zealand in the extensive holding cells of the former District Court where you are sent completely blindfolded and handcuffed into a briefing room within the prison. You only have one hour to escape.

3. Shepton Mallet Prison

In this escape room, you have been sentenced to 12 years of jail for robbery, though you are giving one hour to commute your sentence, if you give up the mastermind of the heist as the governors only knows you were part of the robbery but not the actual mastermind of it.

What’s interesting is that it was the oldest working prison in the United Kingdom as it was built in 1610, up until its closure not so long ago, in March 2013.

It´s considered as one of the most haunted prisons in the world.

4.Prison Break Miami

Fox in a box gives players one hour to escape as the guards have all vanished after a riot, so you have the chance to save yourself. It’s a real decommissioned 1960’s jail from Iowa installed into the rooms to get a more realistic experience.

5.The Cornwall Jail

From 1863 to 2002, the Historic Cornwall Jail in Ottawa, Canada was a high-security prison for inmates condemned to die. Some say there are still bodies buried in the rec yard. After a false accusation, you and the rest of your team will have an hour to solve the crime unless you want to stay locked away forever.

6.Buchanan Jail

The former historic Ross-Sanders building in downtown Buchanan, Michigan,  housed decrepit jail cells with chains still hooked to the walls which were perfect to create this escape room and make it more authentic. It has quite an original story line, starting from Frank Costello, a man that has been detained while you and your friends have intentionally committed a crime so now you’ll be all locked up. Once inside, you have to help the man to escape without setting off the alarm. You will be hand-cuffed and locked in actual jail cells with only one hour to set him free.

7.Pärnu Prison Escape

Pärnu prison was closed in 2007 and now serves as a home for the biggest Escape Room complex in Scandinavia. The prison hides many stories behinds its walls and it’s so big that up to 24 people can be part of the game. Unlike other escape rooms that give you one hour to resolve the puzzles, this one is a three-hour long game which makes escaping to be challenging and way to get your adrenaline pumping.

8.Amaze Escape

It’s the only escape room in real jail cells located in Arlington, Massachusetts. They offer two options, to try and solve the puzzle in one hour to escape before the guards come for you or the newest addition named ‘Art of the Heist’, where you are part of a group of professional thieves that have been hired to recover a priceless suitcase. You only have 60 minute to recover the suitcase before the police return.

9.Franklin County Historic Jail

What makes this escape room so interesting is that it was once a real prison in Illinois with a notorious prisoner, who was held at the Franklin County Jail from June 1927 to April 1928. He tried to bust a way out, but his attempt was unsuccessful, so you’ll have one hour to prove if you are smarter than him to escape from the lower cell block.

Have you ever gone to a escape room?

Top 6 Podcasts For Fans Of All Things Paranormal

Podcasts have become very popular for a while now as they can be listened to at home, in the car or while you’re out on a walk through headphones and there’s a wide variety of topics to choose, from sports,  music to movies. Any topic you may be interested in can usually be found via podcast.

An all time favorite to listen to are podcasts related to strange and unusual events, some of which have no logical explanation. Having a collection of podcasts of all things paranormal is a must if you really into these kind of topics as the stories told can turn very intriguing. Here is a list of 5 podcasts so you can dig into a mysterious universe which is fascinating and chilling at the same time.

  1. Astonishing Legends

The ‘Click and Clack of esoterica’. That’s how the listeners call hosts Scott and Forrest.

Expect to hear about mysterious events that occurred throughout history and interviews from people who’ve had close encounters with the unexplained.

Show schedule is generally 3 weeks on and 1 week off.

  1. Mysterious Universe

A podcast for UFO lovers. Aaron and Benjamin invite you to listen to weekly episodes related to futurology, weird science, consciousness research, alternative history, cryptozoology, UFOs, and new-age absurdity.


A podcast hosted by Aaron Hunter. He tells the stories of those who have experienced paranormal activity as well as it gathers interviews with Mediums, Psychics, Investigators and more.

  1. Oh No, Ross & Carrie

Hosts report on fringe science, spirituality, and claims of the paranormal while they also join religions, undergo alternative treatments and seek out the paranormal.

  1. Nighttime

Get to know about Canada’s most fascinating stories of true crime, mysteries, weird places, events and people.

  1. Serial

If you haven’t heard of Serial, is an investigative journalism podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig and one of the best out there since 2014 as it ranked number one even before its debut.

It has three seasons narrating true stories over multiple episodes which will have you so intrigued over the cases exposed from the very beginning.

Will you give them a listen?

What’s Beneath Us? Learn About The Mysteries That Hide These 7 Underground Cities Of The World

There are many underground cities around the world and plenty of history of a life that once was and activities few people ever heard about surrounding their passageways, ancient tunnels, and urban legends.

Back in the day, many reasons could have driven people underground, as to war, natural disasters, weather, lack of space on the surface and others and while the cities were built for different purposes before,  most of them are now fully functional urban spaces. Check out these 7 amazing underground cities around the world and learn some interesting facts.

1. Shanghai Tunnels, Portland, United States

Portland has its own underground city known as the Shanghai Tunnels, also known as the Portland Underground. Supposedly it once consisted of tunnel passageways linking Portland’s Old Town (Chinatown), to the central Downtown area.

Back in the day,  many downtown bars and hotels had their basements linked to the Willamette River waterfront so ships could unload the goods directly to the basements for storage and as a way to avoid rain and heavy traffic.

There are rumors that the tunnels had also been used for the practice of ‘shanghaiing’, which means kidnapping people for them to serve as sailors.

Nowadays, you can actually take a secure walking tour and explore a a portion of the Shanghai Tunnels.

2. Underground Cherkizovsky Market Town, Moscow, Russia

This may not be considered completely as such but in 2013 a police raid found hundreds of migrant workers in an ‘underground town’ in Moscow.

More than 200 people were hidden beneath the capital’s Cherkizovsky Market. The police discovered a subterranean factory containing work rooms filled with sewing machines, along with living quarters, a cafe, a cinema, a casino, and a chicken coop.

An explanation for this was that the Cherkizovsky Market -also known as Cherkizon- was the largest marketplace in Izmaylovo District, Moscow, but after authorities closed it down in 2009 due to numerous forbidden activities. Many workers moved under the streets of Moscow where they continued to live and operate their businesses.

3. Edinburgh Vaults, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The Edinburgh Vaults, also called the South Bridge Vaults, are a series of chambers formed within the 19 arches of South Bridge. The vaults were opened back in 1788 to house taverns, cobblers, cutlers, smelters and other tradesmen, but also to store forbidden materials.

It is rumor that serial killers such as Burke and Hare used to store various bodies down there and sold them for medical experiments. As businesses started to move out and the vaults became home to the city’s poorest souls.

Nowadays, the wet chambers give off a feel of ghastliness but you can actually visit them and listen to the guide’s shivering stories of the ghosts still lingering around.

4. Wieliczka Salt Mine, Krakow, Poland

Just over 9 miles outside of Krakow, the Wieliczka Salt Mine was built back in the 13th century and had produced table salt continuously until 2007. It has other names like the Underground Salt Cathedral of Poland or the Royal Salt Mine.

The mine was used for Nazis as a munitions factory and from being a series of dark caves, this underground salt city evolved to a complex labyrinth featuring over 185 miles of galleries, about 3000 chambers, 9 floors, surrounded by lots of chandeliers, a large numbers of statues and an entire cathedral, all made from rock salt. In fact, the first three floors are open to the public.

There are a lot of guided tour options, you can get to know the history of the salt mine in the Miners’ Tour or if you want to learn more about the religious aspects, the Pilgrims’ Tour includes a visit to the salt statue of John Paul II and a Holy Mass at the end.

5.     Derinkuyu, Turkey

Back in the day, the city was known as Malakopea and Christians used to hid there from Arab invaders. Later, Derinkuyu’s residents moved underground to escape invaders in Byzantine times as the Roman Empire was collapsing.

So nowadays Derinkuyu is a popular tourist attraction located down to 85 feet deep and the largest and best known of nearly 200 underground cities in Turkey’s Nevsehir Province.

6.     Leavenworth, Kansas, USA

Beneath the streets of this small Kansas town, there are tunnels and vaults that stretch under downtown Leavenworth and connect several of the town’s buildings. Yet it is full of mystery since nobody knows who built the underground city or as to why, though it can be accessed through several points.

It is said that the tunnels may have served as hiding places before the Civil War or during the war itself. Another possibility is that the tunnels were built to hide and move liquor back in the day when alcohol was not permitted yet in the United States as some of the tunnels lead to breweries.

7.     Coober Pedy, South Australia

It’s a small town often referred to as the “opal capital of the world” because of the quantity of precious opals that are mined there.

It’s considered as an underground city because many of the residents live in two or three-bedroom caves called dugouts due to the high temperatures in the region that frequently exceeds 40 °C in the summer. In fact, it’s usually so hot that golfers at the town only play at night using glow in the dark balls.

The inhabitants have many underground facilities as well, from shops and churches to an underground graveyard.

Have you heard of these underground cities before?

Disney’s Halloweentown Actually Exists And You Can Visit It This Fall

The Disney movie is one of our favorites to watch every year, but imagine if it was possible to visit the mystical place where witches, vampires and monsters of all sorts live in peace. Well, you actually can because it’s a real place.

In 1998, Disney’s classic “Halloweentown” was filmed in St. Helens, Oregon and ever since, they transform their Riverfront District into the Spirit of Halloweentown, a celebration of all things spooky.

The event is made to celebrate Halloween throughout October and every year it attracts tens of thousands of visitors that immerse themselves between giant scarecrows, fall colors and merchants turned to immortal forms as fairies, witches ghosts, and ghouls.

They decorate everything with such detail just like the recreation of the Giant Pumpkin to make you feel as if you are a part of the iconic movie and also you’ll find yourself with a huge feast as they offer traditional fall eats like nachos, homemade cakes and pies, caramel apples, chili, chowder and candy all around.

This year, the celebration will start from September 26 and will last to November 1. The Giant Pumpkin will be lighted up in October 3 and stays lit throughout the month which takes the celebration to another level.

And as they take Halloween very seriously, there are a lot of things to experience and see such as the Haunted Hotel which is a scary new attraction; the Museum of Peculiarities and Oddities, an Alien Exhibit, street performances, a tiny parade of pumpkins and many more.

There are several types of tickets and are limited right now as they are following orders regarding recommendations during the pandemic. Remember this is for everyone to have fun but also to keep you safe. So tickets are offered online only in order to control crowd numbers. To check prices and purchase your type of ticket, you can visit their website here.

“We’re passionate about celebrating Halloween and can’t wait to see you in 2020!” reads in their description.

Would you like to visit it?

Be spooky With Target’s No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Kits

Halloween wouldn’t feel like it, if there weren’t pumpkins all around.  Carving a pumpkin may be fun but for some getting your pumpkin to resemble anything other than a smiley face ends up being more like a stressful rather entertaining task.

However there are so many other ways to decorate a pumpkin for those who want skip the process of  removing the seeds of it or anyone who wants to try something different.

Currently, Target is selling a variety of Disney pumpkin decorating kits that are fa-boo-lous.

It’s a good option for the little ones, as they include a container of paint, a sponge, as well as the pieces for the eyes, nose, and mouth which are all push-in so you can easily craft your pumpkin’s face once the paint has dried. Each kit has an affordable cost of $10.

You can choose between Jack Skellington and Sally pumpkin push-in decorating kits inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas (or why not taking both for a perfect combination?)

There’s also a Cinderella pumpkin decorating kit which is an eight-piece set to recreate the Pumpkin Coach, the carriage made for Cinderella by her Fairy Godmother so she can attend the ball.

If you are a Star Wars fans, there’s one for you, a decorating kit of six pieces to make your pumpkin look like R2-D2!

There’s also another version of Jack Skellington’s decoration kit which include 2 eyes a nose and a mouth just like the lovable movie character but instead of the original colors, you can paint it in an orangish color just like a real gourd. After all, he’s the Pumpkin King.

Target is also selling more options that are not Disney-related pumpkin decoration kits, such as one of Wonder Woman, Batman, PAW Patrol’s Marshall, Trolls’ Poppy and Dave, the Minion. All for the same price.

These kits are definitely a great way to easily decorate your pumpkin and have some fun with the family.  You can purchase yours here.

The Story Of The Shadow Doll At The Warren’s Occult Museum

Learn about the story of one of the most frightening items that is found at the Warren’s Occult Museum, the Shadow Doll

Unlike other dolls whose appearance is innocent and beautiful, the Shadow doll has a gloomy and unpleasant look, as the purpose of its existence, since it was created during a ritual for diabolical purposes. If this doll appears in your dreams, it is more likely to be a nightmare .

Besides pure evildoing, Shadow doll is made up of human bones and the teeth and nails are from animals.

This cursed doll scatters its ill in an unusual but no less terrifying way. The creators didn’t make her as a gift but to take her photographs and send them to the people they wanted to harm. Anyone who could see  Shadow doll’s picture, a curse would fall on them.

At first, when people used to receive the photo, they would laugh it off thinking it was a joke, but once it was night, they wished to never have slept on.

The doll would appear into the victim’s dreams. The nightmare would be so terrifying that the person’s heart would stop forever…

It is not known how Shadow doll came into their hands, but a seller of ancient things sold the doll to some collectors who were affected from the first day they walked through the door of their house with her.

That day, the couple had nightmares where the doll appeared and once they woke up, they were full of scratches. The second night the same thing happened again, but this time, there weren’t just scratches, but some marks like claws. After that, they decided to call the Warrens to take over the doll.

The magic in the doll is so powerful that if she is destroyed, the spirits that were summoned during her creation will follow after those who did it, bringing misfortune and fear.

Would you go and visit the Shadow doll at the Warren’s Occult Museum?


The Real Story Of Gargamel From The Smurfs

During our childhood, we watched hundreds of cartoons that touched us and one of them undoubtedly had to be The Smurfs, the story of those little blue beings constantly chased by the grumpy Gargamel and his cat Azrael. He would always devise any plan in order to destroy them.

Even though, we used to think that Gargamel was an evil sorcerer in the cartoon,  you might be surprised to know that in reality this was different. There’s an obvious reason as to why he used to insist on ending with the Smurfs and this is because, beyond being good and friendly, our little blue beings are linked with the Devil and all his evilness.

The true story of Gargamel dates since the 12th or 13th century. He was a well-known priest who became part of the Dominican order and got in charge of carrying out the inquisition in ancient Europe.

Gargamel was born in a small town in Spain and came from a very poor family. He was abandoned at the age of four by his own mother, since she didn’t have the financial solvency to take care of him. She laid him on a basket at the entrance of a convent and when he was found by the religious men, he got adopted by.

Time passed by and when he grew up, he became a priest of the convent and swore to protect his sacred home from any entity or being that tried to do evil to them while helping those most in need.

Over the years, all the men who took care of Gargamel from his childhood started to pass away until he finally ended up alone in that huge and almost ruined place.

The sadness caused by being alone, made him being on the verge of becoming insane. However, he started to feel better when he met the one who would be his new companion for life, a small cat that was wandering around the place looking for food. Gargamel adopted and called him Azrael. He and his little feline ended up being inseparable until the end of their days.

He managed to get ahead and all his daily experiences were narrated in his book. At the end, this great and noble character was the inspiration for different comics, and of course, cartoons like The Smurfs.

The curious thing is that in this cartoon, Gargamel is still a priest but introduced as a grumpy old man who lives inside a church along his faithful cat Azrael to hunt the little bluish-creatures.

Azrael comes from the name Israel, which means ‘God’s chosen people’.  Although some others associate the name with ‘The Angel of Death’ and his mission is to help Gargamel destroy any evildoing and among those, the Smurfs who are the 7 deadly sins and it’s very clear which one represents each: Grouchy Smurf (Wrath), Greedy Smurf (Gluttony), Vanity Smurf (Pride), Hefty Smurf (Envy), Brainy Smurf (Greed), Lazy Smurf (Sloth) and Smurfette (Lust).

An interesting fact is that the family leader, Papa Smurf, is the only member in red attire, which is why he is considered as the Devil.

Despite the friendly image of the Smurfs, there’s a dark background behind, as they supposedly are malignous spirits from the forest that will bring evil to humanity and so Gargamel’s duty is to protect the world from these demonic entities and thus throughout the chapters, he persists on catching them.

On full moon days, the Smurfs used to performed rituals and spells to create a new being like themselves and only through that moon phase they could be able to steal children’s souls.

So next time you watch one of the chapters, remember to not hate Gargamel, as he only tries to defend the world from the evilness.

Did you know Gargamel wasn’t that bad of a person?

Mysterious Creatures Caught on Camera

The world has proved us many times that there’s always something new yet to know such as things we still haven’t figured out or even some animals that we have never seen before. Nowadays, it is easier to capture in photographs anything that surrounds us due to technology and the use of smartphones. Sometimes we take pictures because we find something very pretty to the eyes but other times, it may be when we find something weird and unknown for us.

The following creatures were caught on camera and nobody was able to explain what kind of animal they were.

Marine creature in Tokyo

There’s only few and rare information about this sea creature, caught on the cameras by Hyper-Dophin, of the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology. They were doing some routine recordings near the southern shores of Tokyo when the creature of the photo appeared in front of the camera.

It looks like a dolphin but doesn’t share the actual shape of the jaw dolphins have. It doesn’t even match the shape with other known animals. On the other hand, it actually looks more anthropomorphic than we would like.

Qatar’s creature

The Arab press was the one that released the discovery of this strange creature. According to the reports, pictures were taken with a cellphone by a woman. She found the creature in a parking lot.

Several citizens claimed to have been in the place and seen it. When they got close the creature, it left without being seen. Leaving only the photo as a proof of its existence.

The Sakhalin creature

On the Russian coasts of Sakhalin, the body of this creature was found by soldiers. It was in such an advanced state of decomposition that it was difficult to define what it looked like when the creature was alive. However, the remainings were quite interesting and disturbing to see because one might think that it was a cetacean, but no cetacean has hair and this creature did.

Besides, the framework of its bones didn’t have the shape of any known fish. It also seemed to have like a reptile’s mouth, but again, the shape didn’t match. The soldiers took away the body and ever since, it’s still mystery what kind of animal it was.


This is in reference to the creature found in Russia. There’s a story from the 1920s, in which a marine creature was spotted off the coast of South Africa.

The only record that remains is an image and news covered by the Daily Mail of London on December 27th, 1924. The story describes how some people had witnessed the fighting of killer whales against another species. It was like a white fish that came out of the sea, pouncing towards the killer whales.

When this creature lost the battle, its body reached the shore (where the photo was taken). It was a giant 14-meter-long with white coat covering the entire body.

A peculiar characteristic was its nose looked like an elephant’s trunk and its tail like the one from a lobster. However, just as the Russian creature, no one determined what animal it was, and if they did, the information was not shared.

Thailand’s creature

In 2007, a small anthropomorphic and weird being appeared in a small town in Thailand. The creature’s was 3 ft 11 inches and according to the few information reported, people who lived in town assured they found it wandering in the rice field. They caught him thanks to a rodent trap they used.

However, what was initially considered odd and dangerous, ended up being considered a divine creature because after three weeks of death (when the photos were taken) the body still hadn’t rotted or emitted any odor. The only change was the creature’s skin went from brown to white. It is believed that it could be the malformation of another animal, but nobody has verified it.