Priest Who Blesses Annabelle: “You Can Feel The Devil Next To The Doll”

Annabelle, the doll that inspired horror movies, is truly cursed according to Canadian priest Platon Angelakis, who blesses her twice a month.

Angelakis was ordained an Orthodox Catholic priest with the Oblates of St. Teresa, Wisconsin, in 1999. He is also an active member of the American Exorcist Association since 2013.

He was interviewed via Zoom by La Teja, a Costa Rican newspaper, along with Keeyah Lynn (46), his assistant. She used to be a witch, but is now a sister ordained by the Order of Saint Michael along with the Catholic Church in Canada.

As you may know, Annabelle was a gift from a mother to her 18-year-old daughter, Donna, who left home to study nursing at university in 1970.

Donna shared a room with another student named Angie and they both began to experience strange things.

Annabelle would appear in different positions every single day. Donna assured that there were occasions when the doll would wake up in other rooms of the university headquarters.

Later, at Donna and Angie’s room would appear notes with weird messages as asking for help.

On one occasion Donna found a small trace of apparent blood under , the doll so she looked for a medium who told them that the spirit of a seven year old girl named Annabelle Higgins had owned the doll. It is assumed that the girl had passed away in that place, hence, she possesed the doll.

A friend of Donna’s named Lou used to visit her frequently and had asked her to throw the doll on many occasions. One time, he fell asleep in the room where the doll was and suddenly he woke up unable to move. Lou claimed that Annabelle tried to strangle him and squeezed his neck so hard he passed out and woke up until the next day.

He thought, he had a bad dream so he kept going to Donna’s place but on another occasion he heard sounds in a room where there was no one but the doll. He walked over to her and suddenly he felt someone behind him and without any explanation, seven scratches appeared on his chest, which healed completely the next day.

Donna called a number of people from her church to help her and that’s how they contacted the Warrens, who were already famous for paranormal issues.

The Warrens investigated the case and concluded that the possession was actually the work of a demon.

The couple took a priest to clean the place and the doll was taken away to avoid someone to get hurt.

From that moment the paranormal events in Donna’s life ended.

According to the newspaper, when Angelakis was asked if the story of the doll was true he answered “Yes, it is true and yes, it is cursed”.

He was also questioned about how he felt whenever he was around the doll, “Strange, very strange. Uncomfortable, creepy. The atmosphere is heavy, one realizes that there are very negative vibrations there. You can feel the devil next to the doll,” he replied.

The priest also proceed to explain why Annabelle, if being possessed, is unable to get out of the small wooden and glass urn she is captived.

“Because the box is blessed, it has water, oil and blessed crucifixes around it. Nobody touches that box without having their hands soaked in holy water.” he said, “It is not a box that moves a lot, in fact, hardly anyone touches it and it is always in the museum. Annabelle is not an object for everyone to see, it is a diabolical object and that is why it needs to be in a blessed cage”, he added.

Meanwhile Lynn said that every time she visits Annabelle she leaves loaded with bad vibes and demons.

“So much so that a friend of mine was already affected by one and on one occasion, when I got home, my son began to vomit without stopping,” said Lynn.

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