7 Creepy And Unexplainable Moments Caught On Camera

There are times in life, when we want to save a moment through a picture, so we take photos to keep those memories with us forever, however there are times that capturing a good time can turn into something unexplainable or creepy. Just take a look at the pictures below.

Creepy or cute?

There is no doubt that there’s a special bond between a mother and her daughter, but in this, it was literally out of this world. The child on the floor was playing with what seems to be a spirit that many believe to be the mother of the child who had passed away a few months before the photo was taken. We can’t define if this is a creepy or a sweet moment in which this mother came back from afterlife to play with her.

The bridge of unfortunate souls

The places where atrocious crimes have been committed are most likely to be haunted with the spirits of the victims. This bridge in Oak Grove Kentucky is no exception. It is said that a soldier took the life of his son and wife near this bridge. Some people claim to have seen the spirit of the woman walking on the bridge near the place where she passed away.

Room for 3

A couple visited the Worley Bed And Breakfast Inn in Dahlonega, Georgia in 1999. They thought they were going to have a quiet weekend getaway. But when they got to their room, they found an unexpected guest in their suite. In this picture, you can see the figure  lying on the bed and it looks like the ghost was actually having fun.

An afternoon at the cemetery

In 1973, a woman went to visit the grave of her daughter who had recently passed away. As the mother approached her grave, she saw the spirit of another child around her daughter’s tombstone. Fortunately enough, she was able to take a photo of the eerie moment. The mother claimed that the ghost she saw was not her daughter, so it must have been another child who wanted to play with her little girl.

Group photo

What started out as a harmless group photo soon turned into a very scary mess after these girls saw a strange face peeking between them. Many will say that this was manipulated with photoshop, but the three girls claim that they simply used a normal cell phone to take the photo and didn’t edit it at all. Since then, this strange silhouette among them remains a mystery.

Family photo

Long before people oftenly used to do professional photo shoots to hang on the walls of their homes just like this couple in the picture. However, there’s a third person who wasn’t part of the photoshoot. You can see the very clear figure of a mysterious woman floating above them. The couple claimed they had no idea who this woman could have been.

Hidden guest

This man looks very proud to stand in front of his new house, but he must not know that he is not the only one who will live there. In the window, you can see a figure standing there. While this ghost-like figure could be one of many things, it is said is the spirit of a woman who used to live in the house whose husband took her life in the wooded area behind the house.

Which picture was the scariest for you?

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