Decor Your House With These New Series Of Expressionist Horror Portraits

Imagine your walls covered in artwork of your favorite horror icons? A different way to show your true horror lover but in a sophisticated and classy way.

Matthew Therrien is a Canadian illustrator and creative director who makes illustrations of 80’s horror films.

He has well-known clients as Warner Bros. or SYFY Channel as he specialize himself in key art (film posters), event posters, album covers and other marketing material. But he also creates storyboard art, concept art, custom portraiture, and graphic design services.

His artworks go from $20 to $150 depending on the size and material used for the final product. Therrien has pieces from Elm Street, Scream, IT, Michael Myers as well as many poster art of horror movies.

Currently, a series of expressionist horror portraits are available as limited edition signed/numbered giclee prints of the entire Friday the 13th collection and Nightmare on Elm Street collection.

The series pays tribute to the many films and faces of the legendary Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger along with original pencil art and more.

To purchase, you can visit his website in which you can also see more of his illustrations of other characters such as Wendy Torrance and Leatherface. You can even contact him for commissions and inquire the availability and price of a new piece.

Therrien is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as to keep a closer look to his work.

What do you think about his illustrations?

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