10 Shocking And Eerie Ghost Pictures And Their Stories

If you are a lover of the paranormal and don´t want to sleep tonight, we recommend that you see these shocking and terrifying images of ghosts and the stories behind them …

Intruder at the wedding

This picture was taken back in 2008 in Hertfordshire, England, by Neil Sandbach. He was touring at a beautiful farm and looking for a wedding venue, but everything changed when he saw the ghost of this child. After questioning the property owners and staff, he quickly changed his mind and decided this was not the place for him after confirming that the ghost often wandered around the place.

Curtis Johnston

After taking a look at this photo of Corey Carlsonn, it is pretty clear that there’s a spirit on the left. He decided to share with his Instagram followers about who this woman was. “For those of you who saw this photo of me, this is the lady who disappeared in this house back in 2001, her name was Curtis Johnston.” Although the ghost in the photo was identified, what remains a mystery is knowing exactly what happened to her.

The chair of agony

Ted Lucher, was an engineer who went to the prison to repair the electric chair that belonged to the state of Tennessee, he took a picture of the chair. He later realized a ghost hand can be seen on the armrest, as well as a face of agony.

Strange walk at the park

Their calm night out took a twist after this chilling photo. When the picture was taken, one of them reported feeling a presence on her left side moments early. The picture would reveal later that there was a presence there at the moment they took it. It remains a mystery who could have that been, but what we know for sure is that they captured an actual ghost on picture.

When the soul leaves the body

This photo was taken a couple of hours before this man passed away. As he rested on his hospital bed, strange auras could be seen fluttering around his body. These three bright clouds of light are part of what can be called ascension or the moment when the soul leaves the body. While this is not something that has been proven and there is no definitive explanation for the orbs of light, there is obviously something mystical going on here.

Passenger in the back seat

This photo was taken by Mrs. Mabel Chinnery in 1959 while visiting a cemetery. Ms. Mabel Chinnery went to her car when she saw that her husband was already in the car all alone waiting for her. She decided to take a picture of him. However he was not alone in the car. Once they revealed the picture, they noticed a blurred figure of another man’s head.

Uninvited guest

This photo was taken in 1985 at St. Mary’s Guildhall, Coventry, England, which was once a prison. The story behind this pic is that it was taken during Masons’ dinner when they were about to say their prayer before meal. In the picture, a robed man can be seen bowing with the rest of the guests, but when everyone was asked if they had seen him, people said they didn’t remember him being there. Nobody recognized him so it’s still a mystery his identity.

Devotee ghost

In 1975, a man and his wife attended Mass at Worstead Church in Norfolk, U.K. As the wife sat and silently prayed on the bench, her husband took this strange photo of her. It seems that the woman wasn’t alone at all, as she is accompanied by a kind of glowing figure sitting in the row behind her. Although there is no clear explanation of what the figure could have been, it seems that it could have been a good spirit considering that this took place in a church.

Don’t take it

This lady took this photo in the basement of her new home. But once she saw it, she had no doubts that the house was in fact haunted. She claimed that two days before she took the picture, she had heard her 4-year-old brother at the basement yelling “No, don’t take it” when he was supposed to be alone. Perhaps what the boy saw was this mysterious figure too.

Seeing the light

In this picture,  there’s also a man on his deathbed and some light above him. Some parapsychologists claim this is the only type of proof they need to solidify theories that explain how auras and bodily energies work after passing away.

What do you think about the pictures? Have you captured a moment like this?

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