According to numerous testimonies, The White House is also haunted!

The White House is recognized worldwide and is one of the most famous and important pieces of architecture in America, as it is the very home of the president of the United States and supposedly also the home of one or another ghost.

A couple of years back, the daughter of former U.S. President George W. Bush, Jenna Bush Hager, said to have experienced different paranormal events inside this house, and not only she but her sister confirms this story.

One night like any other, Jenna Bush and Barbara woke up to hear a phone ringing, suddenly a spontaneous and creepy piano music from the 1920s began to play from the fireplace in their room. This same event happened the next night but now, the music had changed and what was heard was opera.

Although many people might be afraid of this unexplained event, the sisters claim that they did not feel any fear because they said that the ghosts were harmless and that they were inside the white house with “good intentions”.

Interestingly, President Bush’s daughters are not the first to share ghost stories related to the White House. During one of their visits, Winston Churchill and Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands claim to have seen the spirit of Abraham Lincoln inside the Lincoln Room and the Yellow Oval Room.  

One of the most haunted rooms in this house, as some might believe, is The Rose Room, which is frequently visited by the spirits of Andrew Jackson, who can sometimes be heard laughing, cursing and gesturing as if he were upset.

On other occasions, you have heard distant music, similar to that of a violin, and you suspect that this is the spirit of Thomas Jefferson. Fortunately, the ghosts that have been reported to date are the same as those of previous presidents, who at least have no intention of causing any harm to the people living in the house today, yet this is still somewhat scary and surprising.  

Why do you think the spirits of past presidents still walk around the halls of The White House?

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