Elisa Lam, the girl who had a mysterious and chilling death at the Cecil Hotel

A chilling and creepy story may be the case of Elisa Lam, a woman who had a very unusual experience inside an elevator.

Well, it all starts in February 2013, when a Canadian student named Elisa Lam decided to take a trip to Los Angeles, and then chose to stay at the “Cecil Hotel“, known for having an affordable stay downtown.

The hotel is also known for housing somewhat peculiar guests like the Black Dahlia, it has been the place from which many people have lost their lives, either accidentally or not…

Shortly after Elisa Lam stayed at the Hotel, the young woman was found inside a water box almost 2.5 meters high, which means that it would be almost impossible for the young woman to reach the top of the water tank.

When the cops found her there were no stairs or anything that could be used to climb, the main question was raised: how did she get there?

After much speculation, the authorities decided to request the recordings made by the hotel security cameras to see if there was anything that had happened to the student before she died and that’s where the mystery begins…

When they saw the tapes, they noticed that Elisa Lam was behaving strangely.

In the pictures, it was possible to see Elisa Lam entering the elevator and when she realized that she did not move, she started pressing all the buttons, but she did not stop there.

Elisa starts to behave in a strange way, looking through the elevator door to see if someone is coming and then running to hide in a corner as if she were running away from someone… but strangely when looking at the video there is no evidence of someone actually pursuing her so, what is actually happening?

The video itself is pretty spooky and mysterious, you can watch the video and observe the strange behavior of the young student:

As you can see, there are moments where Elisa got out of the elevator and started making very unusual movements with her hands, as if she was interacting with someone or something that was not visible for the human eye.

Then, when she decided to leave the elevator, you can notice that it begins to work again, in a normal way, just going through all the floors that Elisa had clicked before, but now completely empty…

What was even more intriguing is that the test results showed that Elisa had not consumed any substances that could have affected her condition, she was completely healthy.

Eventually, the case was given as an accident, but to this day this case remains a mystery.

After all, how could Elisa Lam have gained access to the terrace? If the area was restricted, to gain access it would have been necessary to open a couple of locked doors… And what’s more, how could she have climbed into the water box and then entered, how would Elisa have blocked the water tank again?

This case left everyone thinking, what could have happened to Elisa Lam?

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