Fairborn is the perfect town to celebrate Halloween, every day!

The arrival of the tenth month of the year is always extremely exciting, because there is no other month where you can perceive a more frightening and maleficent atmosphere as the month of October.

In almost every corner you can see a witch, a ghost, an evil clown or any other character related to Halloween, possibly one of the best months of the year! Well, in case you didn’t know, there is a city in the United States where every month is like October, full of Halloween.

Just outside of Dayton, Ohio, you’ll find a town called Fairborn. The town’s atmosphere screams “Halloween!” because it seems like every month in this place, it’s October. The main reason why this city has become the real version of Jack’s “Halloweentown” is because in this place you can find a series of very special stores: Foy’s Halloween Stores

At Foy’s Halloween Stores, all Halloween lovers can make their dreams come true, as you will find practically everything spooky! The most incredible and original decorations, the best and scariest costumes, the perfect candies to enjoy on Halloween or any other day!

Foy’s Halloween Stores are an empire of six spooky Halloween stores, and to your surprise, they stay open all year long, making Halloween a timeless holiday in this city.

The most famous store, or the “star” store of Foy’s Halloween Stores, was opened in 1929 by Albert Foy who according to his grandson, before becoming a store specialized in Halloween items, the store was focused in the candy business. It wasn’t until the 1970‘s that the store began to make inroads into products for the celebration of Halloween and since then, it has been a success!

Among the stores, you will find a store focused on children’s costumes, another store in adult costumes and a store completely full of all types of masks, accessories and creepy toys! 

The shop is now owned by Albert Foy, who is from the third generation of the Foy family and will later be owned by Michael Foy, the fourth generation. A little curious fact, it seems that not only the costumes and masks are scary, but some stores have also reported incidents of paranormal activity.

Since the older Foy’s left this world, according to Michael Foy, you can hear footsteps in some shops and objects moving without explanation at night…

What costume would you like to acquire for this Halloween?

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