Father sells possessed doll on Ebay, after it came to life

There are many strange objects for sale that people are willing to buy through eBay, and although it sounds incredible, some of the most demanded products in the market are the “enchanted” objects, and they can include extremely dangerous things…

According to the sellers of enchanted dolls, some of them move, others make chilling sounds, and worst of all, they can also attack their owners if the proper precautions are not taken.

One of the most famous cases was the sale of a doll in a bunny suit. The seller openly stated that it was “possessed“, in the description he wrote that he would have to get rid of it urgently since his son had been scratched by the doll.

Along with the product features, he also shared the creepy photo of the doll and another showing the evidence of the scratches.

In addition, he declared that his relatives witnessed chilling paranormal scenes in his home such as; strong hits, voices, being touched by such an evil presence and even the ghostly manifestation of a boy disappearing in front of them.

Even so, the honesty of the seller did not stop some interesting buyers, the doll was sold for the amount of £69, but in the end, for some strange reason, the payment could not be made…

The public seller is next: “Resubmitted for non-payment! If you’re not willing to buy it, don’t make an offer! I need to sell this doll NOW! We only got this doll a short time ago. We heard strange sounds and this doll scratched my son’s face while he was sleeping.

After this event, my son began to experience sleepwalking. We performed psychophysics and recorded a child’s voice. While I had my son sitting on my lap someone who could not see said he saw me.

I had a very strange feeling when I first picked up this doll. I don’t want this doll to ever come to my house again. This doll is very old. Only buyers from the UK. No returns accepted.”

On 10 May 2014 at 14:58:01, the seller added the following information: “My oldest son also said he saw a boy in his room one night, told me he had a whitish face and disappeared out the window.”

There are recommendations for the purchase and sale of haunted items within eBay, where they warn all users buying haunted items, that this type of purchase is not for everyone and that their recommendation is best for people specializing in paranormal research purposes.

He advises that these types of purchases are serious and that if you are not willing to be responsible or face the consequences that can occur when you have a cursed object, it is better not to buy it.

Finally, they advise you to be careful with this type of product, because if you do not have protective elements such as holy water or sea salt, a terrible event could occur…

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