“Stull” the cursed cemetery, where the gates of hell are opened

In the United States, we can find countless haunted places with stories of chilling origins, but none of these could be said to be as terrifying as the Stull Cemetery outside Lawrence, Kansas. A cursed place where “the gates of the underworld” are said to open.


The reputation of Stull Cemetery is as great as it is dangerous. It is said that while Pope John Paul 11, flying in his private plane to pay a visit to Colorado, crossed just below this area, and claimed that the earth was so impure that it polluted the skies with airs of evil, then they had to divert the route to their surroundings, obligatorily for their protection.

Rumors say that inside the cemetery, evil acts have occurred involving witchcraft, human sacrifice, satanic rituals, demonic invocations, and most frighteningly, the doors of hell open for the annual visit of the Lord of Darkness himself.


Legend has it that the bones of the son of Satan (who was born deformed and hairy as a wolf) have been buried for several centuries inside one of his tombs, which is why inside the ruined church located in the center of the cemetery, it is Satan’s favorite place to open its doors and make an appearance to visit his remains.

Due to the enormous amount of malevolent energy that inhabits this site, its presence awakens all the evil spirits that were once buried there more strongly, but it can only make its visit at midnight and twice a year (in the Spring Equinox and All Saints’ Eve).


It was also the place wherein 1850, women accused of practicing witchcraft were hung by their villagers from a huge tree that once stood. The word “Wittich” was engraved on it, as a reference to the fact that they were all serving their punishment.

The cemetery church was kept intact until its roof was removed in 1920. Since then many people claimed to be witnesses, that in strong times of rain or storm, the church always appeared dry as if a supernatural layer protected it from it. Because of these statements, the people around it were afraid and decided to put an end to the church by tearing it down.


It is believed that after this event the spirits were so disturbed that they aroused an intense fury of dark energy, which is why it is said that anyone who is able to stand in the middle of the night on the Stull cemetery could suffer the consequences.

These stories were the target for huge numbers of people to visit the cemetery on Halloween or the Equinox, with the intention of seeing the expected appearance of the devil on their cursed lands. However, their destruction before midnight caused the gates to close on these specific dates.


Since then, dozens of people, including ghost hunters, have tried to sneak into the cemetery for the apparition, but the funny thing is that for one strange reason or another it always ends up getting spoiled, whether they are discovered a few minutes before or something unexpected happens along the way.


Their reputation is so chilling, that it was also one of the places where they were inspired to record scenes for the well-known series called Supernatural. This was the battleground for the final confrontation between the two Archangels Michael and Lucifer.

Nowadays you can visit the Stull cemetery, but you can’t stay as long as its doors close at night. Even though there are no official ghost-tours for this cemetery, some local guides with a passion for haunted areas occasionally add this cemetery as part of one of their tours. People who have dared to set foot in this sinister place claim to have felt strong dark energies and light in the form of rings.


The road leading to this location is covered by huge amounts of signs warning about its danger, so you know, if you want to go it’s at your own risk…

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