The diabolical Chucky doll was inspired by the true story of a doll who until today, is still possessed

One of the most common mistakes that we constantly make after watching a horror movie that has really left us cold, is to think that everything is a lie, that everything is fiction and that evil does not exist. And although for many of the movies that are usually seen in theaters, this is true, there are other stories that as impressive as we think, are based on real incidents.

This is the case of the popular saga of the diabolical doll, Chucky, which was inspired by an old doll that until now, remains cursed.

For you to know a little bit of the real story behind the terrifying Chucky doll, to begin with the real doll is called Robert and although he didn’t chase a child with a knife, this creepy doll was the cause of several paranormal events.

In the early 20th century in Florida, Robert Eugene Otto was given a handmade doll by a slave, who practiced witchcraft. This was not just a toy, but a doll with a life of its own, which Robert decided to call the same as himself.

With Robert’s arrival, paranormal phenomena began to happen in the house, objects were flying and crashing against the wall, Robert Eugene said that it was the doll’s fault, which also was his best friend.  Eugene grew up, got married, and Robert was sent to the attic, as his wife was afraid of him, but soon after that, he was moved to the guest room. 

Many of the workers who used to be at Eugene’s home quit because they could not bear to the doll’s sinister laughter. After Eugene died, Robert passed into the hands of the new owners of the house, who had a 10-year-old daughter, who claims that Robert tried to harm her and locked the door so her parents couldn’t help her.

Today, Robert still wears his white sailor suit hugging his stuffed lion and can be visited at the Martello Museum in Key West, Florida. Anyone who wants a picture with him has to ask his permission, otherwise, the consequences could be serious.

Many people have made the mistake of taking a photo without permission or even making fun of the doll, it is not known exactly what happens to these people but on the walls of the room, in the museum, you can see an infinite number of photographs and letters in which they ask Robert to lift the curse that has fallen on them. Even in the museum where he is today, it is said that at night you can hear noises and see shadows from his exhibition.

Would you like to visit Robert and maybe, just maybe, taking a picture with him?

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