This was the most creepy, kooky, spooky Halloween night ever at the Addams Family Mansion

Their creepy and their kooky, mysterious and spooky, their all together ooky…

If you didn’t sing along or hum to the rhythm of the Addams Family’s theme song as you read the paragraph above, then there is something wrong!

The Addams Family were a very unusual and bizarre family and every time we knew a little more about them, we were more interested in their history and their lives. Each of the characters is unique and interesting, but all together they are simply wonderful.

“The Addams Family”, created from Charles Addams’ comic strips, was subsequently made into a popular series from 1964 to 1966.  After the tremendous success of this crazy family, a series of cartoons and some films among other adaptations were released.

One of the biggest mysteries of this family was their huge and enigmatic mansion, which left astonished anyone who entered it, and not only for how beautiful it was but for the crazy things that could be found there…

“Their house is a museum when people come to see ’em, they really are a screaming, The Adams family”

In honor of the animated flick which was on theaters October 11, 2019, Brownstone Brooklyn was home to the Addams Family Mansion! was inviting people to spend an extra spooky and special Halloween night at the Addams Family themed Mansion and everyone freaked out, who wouldn’t?

“Super fun! Every room was so nice and spooky! I would love to do this again!” Stephanie

The 3,700 square-foot 19th-century townhouse was personalized with such a terrifying yet aesthetic decor to fit our favorite macabre family, there was a lot of detail in every corner and in every room.

The mansion was filled with amazing decorations and items that would rank you in the creepy, magical world of the Addams Family. Items such as Morticia’s carnivorous plants, Wednesday’s beheaded doll, Lurch’s “you rang” bell. The best thing ever is that guests were able to interact freely, and fully immerse themselves into the spooky and freaky universe of the Addams. gave a little treat to the guests that got a “golden ticket”, a nice private screening of the movie accompanied with some delicious spooky snacks.

The mansion was opened for booking on October 28 until November 1, with stays available for one night only. It had a capacity of up to four people and the overall experience had a price of $101.10 per night. 

This was not the first time created a themed or fairytale-like setting for a special overnight stay, and even though the property isn’t taking reservations at the moment, we hope another event like this will be available once again… if so, we will make sure to let you know!

Who is your favorite Addams Family character and why?

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