The Best 5 Rituals You Can Practice Only On Halloween Night

As you may or may not know, Halloween is an abbreviation for All Hallow’s Eve. It started as an ancient Celtic festival that celebrated the end of summer known as Samhain, in addition to the celebration of a Celtic New Year and the end of the harvest season .

According to the tradition, the borders between the natural and the superhuman cease to exist and the souls of those who passed away take advantage of the moment to roam the world of the living and hundreds of people take advantage during that night to perform their spells.

Our favorite celebration is happening this Saturday, a day full of mysteries, symbolism and magic and even though this year, we may not celebrate Halloween as any other year or as we may have planned months before, we will tell you which are the best rituals to do on Halloween without exposing yourself too much but still getting the best of it and celebrate Halloween to the fullest.

Ritual for good luck

On Halloween night, place a chestnut on a white cloth for each member of the family, on which the initial of each person will have been drawn with paint or white marker. Cover the chestnuts with bay leaves and cinnamon sticks and close the cloth with a knot.

The next morning each member should take their amulet and keep it on their bedside table. The chestnut will bring good luck all year round.

Ritual to protect your home and business

You should go out into nature to collect some leaves and typical autumn fruits, such as chestnuts or apples. They should be placed in all corners in an odd number and they’ll serve as to protect your house or to attract prosperity for your business. You can also collect laurel and put it on the front door. Everything must be removed on November 3, thanking the protection that will last all year.

Ritual of abundance

In an earthenware or ceramic bowl, you need to place 7 grains of rice, a handful of oats and alfalfa sprouts. Everything is lit with a match and a little charcoal, while going through the home ‘smoking’ each room. You must ask that prosperity comes to your house and your family.  When the fire burns out, bury everything in the nearest garden.

Ritual of the moon

For this ritual, you’ll need a glass box. At midnight go outside, (it can be in your own yard), as long as you’re in a place that can receive moon light. Concentrate on the moon and reflect the light inside the box, while repeating: “In this receptacle of clear material, I keep this strength without equal.”

Before the end of the year, you can use the power imprisoned within the box up to three times to gain the strength, confidence and positive energy you need to achieve a certain goal. To do this you must open the box while repeating: “Fragment of lunar power that you see here, grant me your power for the first time.” While saying this, you must visualize what you want to achieve. The next two times you use your power of light, instead of saying “for the first time”, just change the final by saying “for the second time” and “for the third time” respectively.

Once you used it three times, you have to wash it with water that has also received the moonlight, dry and wrap it with a white cloth until next Halloween.

Love ritual

You’ll need a glass of water, a bowl, a couple of cinnamon sticks, and a red candle. In order for it to work out, you have to be alone in a quiet room. Write on a sheet your name and six aspects that are hurting you or you don’t want to repeat again in the relationship you are at the moment. If you are single right now, you can still write 6 aspects of past relationships that hurted you or don’t want to experience in the future.

Light the candle. Read aloud what you wrote three times and visualize all of that moving away. Burn the paper in the bowl with the cinnamon, and turn it off when it has burned with the water in the glass. Through a window, throw the content away from you and let the red candle to consume. This will help your relationship to be healthier and happier, or to attract a future love.

Have you heard about these rituals before? Which ones are you going to try this Halloween?

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