The Mystery Behind These Pictures Will Scare Your Dreams

If you are looking for some conspiracy theories, paranormal activity, creepy stories that makes you question everything in life, this list is for you

Lost in Space

Legend has it that the ‘Black Knight’ satellite has orbited the world for 13,000 years. Although its true origin remains unknown, there are some theories. The first is that it is actually a thermal blanket that was lost in space during a mission. The second theory is that it’s just some pieces of debris. It is also said that the Black Knight has allegadly sent signals to Earth that have been inspected by NASA, but there have been no clear answers regarding its exact purpose.

Ape on the loose

In 2000, a woman who has chosen to remain anonymous mailed photos of what she claimed to be a monkey in the backyard of her home in Sarasota County, Florida. In addition to the photographies, the woman also sent a letter to the sheriff’s department that detailed the monkey’s strange behavior. While skeptics believe that the creature was just a black bear, the truth is that it does not look much like a bear, but rather a creature like an large ape.

Guests no identified

On May 20, 1967, near Falcom Lake in Manitoba, Canada, Stefan Michalak experienced something he would never forget on his weekend getaway. While hanging out in the lake, Michalak saw two circular objects descending in his direction, landing right next to him. He claimed that when the objects landed, the doors got opened and heard voices speaking to him in a strange language. When he tried to examine the alleged spacecrafts, he burned himself with a grid-shaped vent that also flamed his clothing. What actually happened that day remains a mystery, however Michalak has the burns on him that proves that what he said may be true.

Haunted hospital

This abandoned hospital in Waverly Hills, Kentucky, has had some creepy visitors hanging around for a while. In this photo, you can see what appears to be an old hospital patient who has returned to roaming her old grounds, even stopping for the picture.

Extra hands

For these young students, to have a pic together may be something fun. However when it was revealed, it probably scared them for life as there are two dark hands that do not belong to any of the students. While this could be due to a problem of motion, some believe these are the hands of real ghosts.

Christmas spirit

As this adorable family gathers around the tree, another person is there patiently to open some presents. The spirit that you can see on the ground may have lived in the house, or it was just felt lonely during the holidays. Either way, this was a huge surprise to the family when they looked at the photo after it was taken. Their Christmas celebrations must have been so epic that this hideous guest wanted to join in too!

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