A New Horror Anthology Series Just Hit On Netflix

“When night falls on this city, shadows and spirits come alive in this horror anthology series focused on urban legends”.

This is how Netflix describes this new horror anthology series from South Korea titled “Goedam” (Also known as “Ghost Story”).

The first season was released last August 20th with 8 episodes titled as followed: Crack, Destination, Special Guest,  Curiosity, Red Shoes, Dimension, Threshold, Birth. They have an average duration of 5-6 minutes each.

The series directed by Hong Won-ki, features ghost stories and urban legends, starring SEOLA, Song Chae-yun, Lee Hyun-joo, Han Ga-rim, Shim So-young.

The episodes are so short, it’ll take you less than an hour so you may want to watch them all-in-once. Likewise, the special effects, the acting and the stories are also very well done.

You may be or not familiar to some of the urban legends that are shown in “Goedam” but are easy to follow-up. The episodes tell stories such as the ghost of a young woman who stops a taxi, the elevator’s challenge which will take you to another dimension if you know the right combination of numbers, a talisman in a room that should not be removed to protect you from evil spirits and more.

All episodes are entertaining and not a single one really falls through and since the episodes don’t last that long, it’s a good option if you are looking for something scary to watch at any moment.

Hopefully, Netflix will bet on a second season to share some more urban legends and ghost stories.

As for now, you really should watch this new addition!

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