People Have Experienced Misfortunes After Stealing These Artifacts

There are some objects that are believed to be haunted or cursed but the worse part is that some of those, have been stolen before and those whom took them away, experienced bad luck and misfortune and really regretting their actions after that.

The Mirror At Myrtles Plantation

It is well known that the Myrtles Plantation in Francisville, Louisiana as one of the world’s most haunted homes. It is said that a slave named Chloe poisoned Sara Woodruff, the lady of the plantation, and her two daughters by feeding them an oleander-laced cake.

It is believed that Woodruff and the two girls are trapped inside the mirror as visitors to the plantation claimed to have seen handprints on it and figures dressed in old-fashioned clothing creeping around inside of it.

The Women from Lemb Statue

It’s a mysterious object carved out of limestone somewhere around the year 3500 BC and discovered in Lemb, Cyrus in 1878. No one knows what the object is exactly but it is believed to have been owned by four different families, all of whom passed away within a few years after receiving it.

The last two surviving sons of the last family decided that it would be best for them to donate the statue to the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh, Scotland but the museum curator who was taking care of the sculpture passed away within a year after that.

The Ballista Balls

In 1989, these Ballista Balls were found alongside what appeared to be the remains of a Ballista, which was a weapon similar to the crossbow but at a larger scale, which fired arrows or stones. Years later, in 1995, someone stole an ammunition of the Roman war artifact but nobody noticed.

In 2015, several rock balls that matched the ones found in the diggings of 1989 appeared in the courtyard of a museum in Israel with a note, which was supposedly written by the thief. In the note, he stated that after stealing the Ballista Balls, he had experienced profound bad luck and he believed them to be cursed, as he had a prosperous business that ended suddenly, his family abandoned him and he almost ended in bankruptcy.

Pompeiian Artifacts

Pompeii was a city in Ancient Rome that was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

According to curators, custodians, and other employees in the area, there are constant reports of looting every year and the reason why many believe there’s a cursed is because the Pompeii Archaeological Superintendence receives about 100 packages a year of pieces allegedly stolen from the city. Most are accompanied by explanatory letters about the bad luck suffered by their owners.

The Ring Of Senicianus

It was discovered in 1785 by a farmer plowing the land, a few miles away from Silchester in Hampshire. It is made of 12g gold and bears the Latin inscription “Seniciane vivas in Deum.”

Time later, the ring passed to the hands of British archaeologists. By 1929, a scholar who was making an inventory of the artifacts under his charge, found some curious and sinister details relating the ring with the findings of an archaeological excavation that was carried out in the early 1900s, just 80 miles away from where the ring was found, at a place called Lydney.

At the site, archaeologists found a tablet in which a Roman named Silvianus told Nodens, the Celtic God of healing and hunting, that his ring had been stolen. He knew who had been and asked the god to do justice. The inscribed curse stated: “May he who bears the name of Senicianus not have health until he brings the ring back to the temple of Nodens.”

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