How Frankenweenie, Corpse Bride, and The Nightmare Before Christmas are all connected

Frankenweenie, Corpse Bride, and The Nightmare Before Christmas are the same story…

Surely, most of us have seen hundreds of films that have marked part of our childhood, adolescence, or even adulthood. Without a doubt, one of these three films was one of those, which is why I want to talk to you about the relationship these animations have in a single story…

According to a theory circulated on the Internet, it says that these films follow the same character with his dog in different stages of his life, in short; Victor, the boy who revives his dog grew up and became the boyfriend of a dead, then when he died his soul was moved to the underworld where he finally became Jack, the king of Halloween…


It all started with the movie Frankenweenie where we meet Victor, an intelligent but extremely shy boy, who had almost no friends so the only one he considered his best friend was his dog Sparky. He loved science and earned the admiration of the new teacher who came to class for his peculiar way of explaining his theory about the power of lightning electricity in the human body.

However, being such an intelligent child in the field, this isolated him more and more from society. His father didn’t share the same idea, so he convinced him to get on a baseball team from his school so that he could blend in with the other kids his age and be a «normal» one.

Under pressure from his father at a baseball game, Victor threw the ball so hard that it flew out onto the avenue and they didn’t realize that his dog Sparky came out behind it. Unfortunately, while looking for it, a passing car hit him, leaving his poor pet lifeless.

This shattered Victor, losing his best friend but thanks to science he devised a plan which was to revive his dog Sparky and incredibly succeeds. However, because of this many colleagues discovered his experiment and brings problems to the life of the child when they try to do the same, but reviving monstrous beings. In the end, everything is solved, but the sad thing is that Sparky loses his life again.

People get together and put the wires from the car battery to place them in the body of their dog to pass energy to it, and thanks to this the dog gets up again, that’s how this movie released in 2012 ended, however, the theory says that that really wasn’t the end…

After this, Victor furthered his studies and created many inventions of which many were failures, but one, in particular, was his greatest success… a time machine.

Victor traveled to the past in the company of his dog, but on the way something went wrong and his machine broke down taking him back several years causing the boy to lose his memory along with a useless machine.

His only memory was that his name was Victor and that he had a dog that he decided to name Scraps, as he could not remember his real name. This is where we move on to the next movie, «Corpse Bride»…

Corpse Bride

Victor is found by a couple of fishermen and he returns rich with his great inventions, since in spite of everything he followed his great love and wisdom for the sciences. With the passing of time, his pet dies and Victor grows up to become an adult with his same essence… loneliness.

His adoptive parents force him to marry to improve his social condition, a situation that Victor did not like very much, however, it was not so bad because he meets his future fiancée Victoria, and ends up totally in love with her.

Victor’s nerves and carelessness at the rehearsal ceremony, do not allow him to do things right and he ends up getting into a mess by transporting himself to the world of the dead where he meets Emily and meets his now bony dog Scraps.

After a long adventure full of conflicts, Victor manages to help Emily and free her from her curse to finally be transferred to her eternal rest. Finally, Victor returns to the world of the living to fulfill his dream, marry his beloved Victoria, and live the rest of their lives together.

According to the theory, the following years Victor was very happy and loved his wife Victoria, but after his experience in the kingdom of the dead, he was marked for life and for that reason he loved Halloween, as this reminded him of his best friend Scraps, who would wait for him in the underworld.

On the other hand, his wife loved Christmas, and in spite of the differences, their love was so great that they both respected their preferences. Victor celebrated Halloween in a big way with Victoria, as well as she celebrated Christmas with him.

Time passed and the day arrived when Victor had to be separated by destiny from his wife, as he lost his life in a tragic situation on a Halloween night, he was finally reunited with his best friend Scraps in the afterlife…

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Victor in life loved Halloween so much, that in the other world he was chosen to be sent to «Halloween Town», a place especially for all the souls who love this holiday and carry out their eternal rest. He was sent with Scraps since he refused to leave without him, only that before leaving his memories had to be erased to wake up in this world and live a new «life» together.

It was then that Victor took on a new identity, naming himself as Jack, and his dog Scraps (formerly Sparky) as Zero. Jack became the king of Halloween because every night he showed his incredible passion for the celebration, however, soon after something inside Jack did not make him happy and he realizes that something is missing, that was the love of his life.

Even though he doesn’t remember anything about it, when Jack knows about Christmas he feels a great passion for this holiday, because inside he reminds him of his beloved Victoria.

That’s why the film shows how he insists on bringing Christmas to Halloween Town, even though all his fellow monsters oppose his plans, unconsciously Jack knew it was Victoria’s favorite holiday.

Returning to Victoria’s life, months after Victor’s death, she too loses her life and is sent to the underworld where she hopes to finally be reunited with her beloved husband.

Sadly, not finding him, she tries desperately to go to Halloween Town where she hoped he would be there and see him again, but not sharing the same love for that date, she was denied by the greater forces to be sent. She then goes to a scientist who helps her through by having her reincarnate in Sally’s body.

She doesn’t remember anything about her past life either, but fate brought her to meet Jack, and as in the beginning, she ended up madly in love with him, not knowing that he was really her beloved Victor, the love of her life…

The situations, adventures, and dangers that they live in this dark animated fantasy film makes them come together again, without even knowing that they always were, but this time for all eternity, and not alone, but also accompanied by Victor’s best friend… Scraps.

Which of these movies is your favorite and why?

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