Disney revealed the return to the screen of one of his films, most anticipated by all lovers of the classic Hocus Pocus.

The movie tells a story that happened centuries ago, on Halloween night in Salem, three witches were taken to the gallows because of practicing witchcraft and being responsible for the disappearance of children.

300 years later, on Halloween a skeptical teenager, along with his sister and a friend, decide to go to the house and light the candle to revive the witches, but to their surprise they come back to life for real.

However, one thing has not changed and will surely continue in the second movie, it is their disgust for children, which unleashes a series of dangers by wanting to return them back from where they came from.

After almost 26 years of its release, Hocus Pocus apparently will be a sequel and it is said that they are already working on the script, as it is estimated that it will be released to the public in the year 2020 although it has not yet been confirmed.

And although in 2017 Bette Midler, one of our three favorite witches, denied her return to the sequel in People, now we learn from Sarah Jessica Parker, that the three protagonist witches will be again in the filming of this Disney classic.

Fortunately for all fans, and being honest would not have been the same without the three original Sanderson.

This was made public after the actress, Sarah Jessica Parker, 54, on Instagram posted an image of the classic Hocus Pocus, along with Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy, to be celebrated on Halloween.

And one of his excited followers, published “Is there any possibility of a sequel?” with crossed finger emojis, along with praying …

Unexpectedly and to the surprise of many, Sarah replied by saying, “We’ve all said yes. Now we wait. X.” Which left many of his fans excited for the answer.

According to several reports that Disney has revealed, Jen DÁngelo, is in charge of performing in detail the new script of the film, and has been put in charge of the mission of making the original Sanderson return.

And apparently it turned out that if I succeed. Well, now, Bette Midler confirmed to be willing in an interview with Entertainment

“We want to fly again. I hope Disney is a great success and I hope we can do it, because Winifred is, of course, one of my favorite characters.”

So if you weren’t born in the 90´s and you don’t know what I’m talking about, I recommend you look for it and watch it before its new release …

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