New Horror Movie Will Make You Think Twice Before Using Zoom

The horror doesn’t stop, not even in quarantine time. Many ideas have risen of movies within the genre that are getting good results, especially if they show the situation that most of us are currently experiencing, confinement.

It is a good time to watch ‘Host’, a new film that will leave you wondering if you are actually safer inside of your house.

The movie is inspired in Zoom, the video communication program that has become well-known as part of the measures adopted in response to the pandemic this year and has helped us to communicate online with friends, family or even coworkers.

The film is currently available on Amazon Prime Video, becoming a huge success. It is also trending on social media thanks to all horror lovers.

Host is about the story of six friends who after being isolating at home, got bored and decided to do a video call in Zoom. To make their reunion even more interesting, they decided to hire a medium who can make a spiritism session online to them.

They didn’t get the expected results so after the session, one of the girls decided to tell a ghost story to make some tension. However, things turned dark when suddenly, demonic entities began to attack them one by one while at the same time, they were witnesses of the terrible events happening.

The movie lasts only 56 minutes but it’s enough time to make you jump off the couch in fear. If you are still not very convinced, you should know that even the most demanding critics of Rotten Tomatoes have rated Host with a 100% score which means that it is worth the watch.

It is speculated that Host will become next ‘The Blair Witch Project’ of 2020. Despite being a low-budget film that was shot in 12 weeks, everyone’s talking about it.

It only took 56 minutes for director Rob Savage to startle everyone. “We had this great opportunity to scare people with something that’s part of our routine”, said in an interview.

So now you know, if you want to experience some fear in this quarantine, prepare some popcorn, make yourself comfortable and watch Host now. Who knows? Maybe after this, you will think twice before communicating with your friends through Zoom.

Will you watch the Host movie?

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