The new Netflix movie, called “Eli”, has completely surprised all its fans, because they say it is such a chilling tape with an unexpected end.

It has caused so much furor in the networks, that some users say that after seeing it they see demons out of the corner of their eyes.

This movie premiered on October 18 on the Netflix platform, starring Sadie Sink of Stranger Things, Charlie Shotwell, Kelly Reilly and Max Martini, their characters are chased by spirits and creepy events in the film.

The film tells the story of “Eli”, a ten-year-old boy who in turn lives with a mysterious disease that affects him from the environment, and is therefore obliged to always carry with him a special suit to move everywhere, isolated completely from everyone.

His parents desperate to find some other method of cure, decide to take him to a clinic where they will do experimental therapies to try to understand the behavior of his body.

The place is an old house away from the city, is in the middle of nowhere, Eli is the only patient who is in the supposed hospital run by Dr. Isabella, who promises to improve the patient’s health.

This tape is like any other horror movie, but with the difference that the last half hour of the end took an unexpected turn, leaving several viewers unable to make sense, while others surprised and paralyzed do not stop talking about how creepy they are it seemed.

Even several people on social networks have reported that the movie left them so shocked and uneasy after seeing it swearing to be watched by demons … one of the comments says:

“I just watched Eli on Netflix and I SWEAR I’m seeing demons out of the corner of my eyes – HELP!”

While other comments only say how scary it was:

“If you need a good horror movie for October, Eli on Netflix is so good with the most unexpected plot of all time.”

“Then I saw this movie on Netflix called Eli. It started with a very good haunted house, but that ending … I didn’t see that ending coming. There are no spoilers, but I recommend it if you want to see something this Halloween.”

While Netflix has made series and films of various genres in their productions, but let’s not forget how these latest horror have surprised us and left us entertained on the edge of the armchair as “The haunting of hill house”, “Chambers”, “Marianne “, just as the latter” Eli “cannot be the exception.

So you know, if you want to see it just take a cross and holy water … just in case …

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