‘The Haunting Of Hill House’ Director Will Be Working To Turn Stephen King’s Novel Into A Movie

Stephen King is not only one of the biggest horror writers in the history, but most of his works have been adapted into films, television series, miniseries, and comic books. His high standing in pop culture let us know that there is still a lot of material to adapt for those who enjoy his fearful stories jumping out from the pages of his books, up to the screens.

HBO recently adapted The Outsider (2018), to create one of the best horror series of the year. The novel tells the story of a murder that turns out to be much murky than it seemed. It’s considered by many to be one of King’s best new novels.

This time, his novel Revival (2014) is the one getting a movie. It is set in a small New England town and spans around five decades where a charismatic minister meets Jamie, a small boy that was playing with his toy soldiers.

Suddenly, a tragedy hits the boy’s family while the preacher mocks all religious belief and ends up being exiled. After a while, the boy becomes a musical nomad and an addict and meets the preacher again. But this time, they’ll face huge consequences.

According to Variety,  Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy who teamed up on the 2019 adaptation of King’s “Doctor Sleep”, will be working together again for the upcoming project. While Flanagan will be in charge of the script and direction, Macy will produce through Intrepid Pictures.

King’s horror novel received positive reviews, with many critics noting the book’s nods to classics of the horror genre, such as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Arthur Machen’s The Great God Pan, and the cosmic-horror of H. P. Lovecraft.

Mike Flanagan is one of the best horror directors right now after Netflix’s ‘The Haunting of Hill House‘ series turned out as a massive success and that makes us believe that Revival could become another great adaptation.

According to Flanagan, the script will keep the “bleak and mean” approach to Revival, especially the novel’s disturbing ending.

He appeared on the Kingcast podcast to reveal how much “fun” he’s having with this new project. “It is relentlessly dark and cynical and I’m enjoying the hell out of that.”

He even confirmed that the first screenplay draft is complete and has King’s approval. “What I love about it is it’s a return to cosmic horror, which I think is so fun,” he explained.

As for King’s followers, they will be able to enjoy another piece of work turn into an adaptation. However, details about the filming, the cast or the releasing date are yet to be revealed.

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