10 Unsettling Random Facts That’ll Creep You Out

1. Fir trees can actually grow in your lungs. At least, that’s what happened to this man after doctors removed what they believed to be a tumor from his lung, but in fact, it was a two-inch fir tree that was growing up inside of him!

2. There’s a phenomenon called Rat King when a group of rats become fused together by their tails via ice, dirt, hair, blood, or even feces. It was viewed as a bad omen, most likely due to rats being considered carriers for diseases such as the plague.

 3. A very creepy feature of all breeds of pacu fish is their human-like teeth. They have two sets of blunt molars that they use for cracking nuts and grinding up plants.

4. An eyelash mite is a type of parasite. They can be passed from person to person. They cannot be seen with the naked eye but they live around the eyelash follicles (that’s where they lay their eggs). There are probably hundreds of them living on your face right now.

  1. There’s a phenomenon called Coffin birth when a pregnant woman spontaneously delivers her child after her own untimely death.  This can happen within 48-72 hours of the mom’s death.

6. The Troxler Effect is an optical illusion that affects how you perceive things, both visually and mentally. If you deep look yourself in front of a mirror, the experience can be very intriguing, and immensely uncomfortable.

  1. A cymothoa exigua is a parasite that destroys the tongue of a fish and then replaces the tongue with its own body, turning itself into a living but fully functioning new tongue.

8. The ocean is a giantic graveyeard for hundreds of thousands of people that have been either lost or purposely buried at sea.

9. Scaphism, also known as the boats, was an alleged ancient Persian method that consisted of trapping the victim between two boats, feeding and covering them with milk and honey to be devoured by insects and other vermin.

10. There’s a parasite in cat poop called Toxoplasma gondii that can changes a rat’s brain function to make them drawn to the smell of cat urine, making it easier for cats to find and catch it


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