5 Horror Artists That Will Creep You Out

If we talk about dark and delusional paintings, capable of making your stomach turn, surely you will think of the most famous and well-known names such as Goya or Bosch. But there are many modern and contemporary artists who take the art of horror further, seeking to freak out and terrify anyone with such frightening worlds displayed at their canvases.

R. Giger

The horrible creatures found in the Alien films were inspired from his painting called Necronom, becoming his most famous creation. Although, he seems to be an artist with a curious imagination, his work is based on the vivid horror that took place during the Cold War as well as the atomic threatens that there used to be. Giger made an interpretation for such things and can be seen in his art by the presence of death and phallic symbols.

Kris Kuksi

Kris’ works have won many awards for how intricate and meticulous they are. His sculptures are created with pieces that the artist collects himself. He assembles and manipulates them to create extremely disturbing and strange scenes, in which he often tries to capture the beginning and the end of civilizations and always with background gears that seem to be a constant reminder of the passing time.

Zdzislaw Beksinski

Beksinski was a Polish painter and photographer who has one of the most elaborate and terrifying Gothic and Baroque styles of recent times. Despite creating such ghoulish paintings, Beksinski had a quiet life and even though he used to not go to the museums many often, he always allowed to have a conversation to people. However, perhaps his art turned more meaningful after the tragedies that occured during his latest years, when his wife died and a year after, his son took his life. Not to mention his own death, when the son of a neighbor attacked him in a malicious way.

Michael Hussar

He is an American artist with a quite strange and disturbing style. According to the painter himself, his works are a vouyerist perception of humanity, with monsters and falsehood, a Gothic wonder that illuminates the gray area between truths and lies. If anything can be said about his work, it’ll be about the predominance of redish shades in practically all of his paintings, as well as the exaggerated features of his characters seem to be a constant mockery.

Junji Ito

He is a horror manga artist whose works often display certain recurring themes such as blood, characters that seem normal but end up going crazy, deep-sea organisms and the inevitability of death. He is very famous for how disturbing all of his work is, but even with the roughness of his drawings, he has gained many followers.

Which artist do you think is the most terrifying?

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