Annabelle Escape Was An Internet Hoax But This Real Story About The Doll Might Actually Freak You Out

Last Friday, many people freaked out over rumors of Annabelle doll escaping from the Warren Occult Museum, in Connecticut.

However, it seems everything was a misunderstanding after an interview with British actress Annabelle Wallis was published on Friday. She claimed to have convinced Tom Cruise to let her run alongside him in “The Mummy” movie, mentioning the actor usually avoids doing this with co-stars.

According to a Youtube user, the interview’s title with the actress was changed to “Annabelle escapes” when it was translated into Chinese, and caused the rumor to spread.

However, all rumors related were soon debunked as an internet hoax. After becoming a trend topic for the whole day and even after it was stated as fake news, everyone got different reactions from it.

While some people actually got scared…

Others got really confused, not knowing what was happening or just joked about the situation in general.

And some people even told about real scary stories related to the haunted doll.

Just like what happened to this guy. He posted on a Facebook page about an experience he had after visiting the Warren Occult Museum and meeting Annabelle few years ago.

My Story After Meeting Annabelle:

As some of you already know, a long time ago I went to the Warren Occult Museum to visit Lorraine and Annabelle. Although, I already told you about my experience in the museum, I never mentioned you about what came after visiting it.

At that time, I was studying in Ottawa, Canada. One day, I saw an announcement on Facebook that the doors for the Warren’s museum would be opened shortly after Halloween. I asked a Canadian friend to go with me and since he is kinda skeptical, he agreed to. We drove for about 8 hours until we reached that warm but lonesome house of Lorraine.

After a long chatting and watching the video of a real exorcism, it was time to come inside the museum, which was in the basement. Before going, Lorraine warned us not to touch any of the bewitched objects. Even if they are blessed to control their evil nature, many of them still show paranormal activity. We touched many of them by accident, including the box where Annabelle was kept by.

When I visited the museum, I was wearing a protection amulet that had been given to me. However, that night we drove to a motel in Connecticut to get some rest, when suddenly I realized that my amulet, the one I had had for years, was gone. My friend began to joke about Annabelle may have taken it and that she was going to grab my feet while sleeping but I didn’t find it funny.

The motel was a bit austere but its price was very accessible and that was enough to sleep comfortably. In the middle of the night, a scream made me wake up. When I wanted to turn the lamp on, but it didn’t work, and my friend told me that someone had grabbed his feet.

Although, I was a little scared, I had to get up to pick up my cellphone that was charging next to the television. I went to grab it and tried to turn the light on again, which to my surprise, it worked. Oddly, the lamp that I had tried to turn on before, was the one that wasn’t working.

Next day we went back to Canada, but very strange events began to happen to me. Since I was alone back there and due to my experiences I had when I was a child, I was already beginning to worry. I usually wear a rosary or a crucifix around my neck, but the crucifix that I had since I was a kid just, torned into pieces suddenly.  I replaced it and wear a rosary instead. However on the third day, it also torned into pieces. This continued to happen for weeks until I no longer had any. So, obviously I had to buy even more.

I told a friend from Monterrey, Mexico about this. She was also studying in Ottawa and told me about a colleague from Turkey of hers who could do coffee cup reading. After she introduced him to me, we agreed that we would meet in the cafeteria after class. I had had tarot readings before but never a coffee cup reading. I was surprised, when everything he read to me about my past was true.

He perfectly described scenarios and situations from my past. He even mentioned about my experience playing ouija. He said some things about my future as well. Although, there were good things coming and that I’m look forward to, there was also one thing made me uncomfortable.

Everything he said to me was very interesting. I wanted to know more about my present but said that he couldn’t tell me what he saw and asked me to trust him instead, that he would take care of what was stalking me. Before the meeting was about to end, he touch my face a little while reciting some prayers in his native language (I suppose). I thought he would charge me in exchange for that reading, but told me that his gift was not for profiting. He then waved goodbye before leaving.

After that day, I never saw him again. Not because something bad happened to him, but because that was the last day of classes. It is nearly impossible for me to see him again but I hope one day to have be lucky enough to meet him to thank what he did for me because after that, no crucifix torned into pieces again…until I started “My story with the ouija board.”

Edy Doo

P.S. I had posted this back in 2017

What were your thoughts about the whole situation of Annabelle doll?

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