The Curse of ‘The Crying Boy’ Paintings

Read about one of the scariest stories of all time, the meaning behind ‘The Crying Boy’ paintings.

There’s a story regarding the artworks known as ‘The Crying Boy’. Despite giving this nostalgic and a little creep feeling, they were so successful during the 70s and 80s and were distributed around the world.

Who were the crying boys?

Many families decorated their houses with these paintings, however they had no idea of what was behind those crying boys. It is said that these boys portrayed actually lived in orphanages or charities during the time of Second World War, that’s the reason as to why they look like suffering.

The story of the crying boys

Legend has it that the painter of these artworks known as Giovanni Bragolin, sold his soul to the Devil to guarantee the sucess of his paintings. In exchange for this pact, his work would be cursed and cause disgrace to whoever placed any of his paintings or replicas at home.

The first incident occurred in an orphanage, where Giovanni had painted one of the children and later introduced the painting to the institution. Some time later,  a fire devastated the orphanage and those who used to live there lost their lives, including the boy he painted. The most horrible thing about this tragedy was, the painting was found beneath the ashes but was completely intact and that now it carries the spirit of the child.

Between the 70s and 80s, a lot misfortunes related to these paintings began to emerge. Many tragedies started to happen in some different ways, from bad luck to death. In most cases, fires would consume houses and those who lived in them and the paintings would always remained intact from the fire as evidence.

Witnesses who have survived mentioned that paranormal activity began once they bought the paintings. The sound of wailing or laughing could be heard at nights and also the feeling of being observed by the portrayed boys anytime someone would pass in front of them.

One of the most heartbreaking testimonies was from a woman named Rose Farrington, who reported losing her three children and husband after one of the paintings.

Too many people were affected by them. Newspaper “The Sun” even asked all readers to send them any painting they had so they could be burned under the supervision of firefighters.

Pact with the Devil

Another odd story about these cursed paintings is that if you stare firmly into the eyes of the crying boys, you can make a pact with the Devil…

Have you seen these paintings before?


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