Head Curator Of ‘The Warren Occult Museum’ Introduces Ed And Lorraine Warren’s Daughter On Youtube

Most of us have watched  “The Conjuring”, starring Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson as paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, who have been part of some of the most frightening paranormal cases in history.

In ‘The Conjuring Universe’, Judy Warren is also played in the movies but until “Annabelle: Comes Home”, the girl had a major role as she was the main victim of the diabolic doll.

The Warren are well-known and there’s a lot of information about them however, anything related to Judy is barely know.  This is why her husband Tony Spera, who is also a paranormal investigator and head curator of the Warren Occult Museum -which is now closed- decided to give fans an instant view of his wife.

At the Official Ed and Lorraine Warren Channel on Youtube, Tony finally decided to introduce his “sidekick” since everyone was curious and asking of her as she hadn’t appeared in any video published before.

The video posted on August 17th, 2020, shows Judy saying hi to the camera while Tony mentioned to everyone who didn’t know about her that she’s Ed and Lorraine Warren’s daughter.

This is my wonderful wife, we’ve been married for 34 years since May 17th, 1986… but I met her in 1979 and so, we’ve been together like, well over 40 years, right? 41 or something,” said Spera while looking to Judy for assurance.

Yeah, and I’m barely that old,” Judy laughed it off.

They joked about it as Tony proceeds to mention they are inside Ed and Lorraine’s house while explaining what they were doing at their inherited house, “We are here to feed the cats, give some medication to one of the cats too”.

Moreover, Tony thanks their supporters while promising to bring Judy to be part of future videos.

I just wanted to thank all you guys for being loyal supporters and loyal youtubers and we’ll be talking to you again, I’ll try to get Judy out again and when we’re talking about other things, maybe she can give you some information too

They say one last goodbye to their fans before ending the video. We can only hope to watch future content at the Youtube channel featuring Judy to get to know her a little more and about her experiences as The Warren’s daughter.

Have you seen Judy Warren before?

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