This Horror Movie on Netflix Is Compared To The Human Centipede And Saw

Netflix has just released a Spanish horror film on December 10, 2021, it’s so disturbing that it’s compared to The Human Centipede and Saw…

The mystery and suspense film is directed by Mar Targarona, producer of the creepy film “The Orphanage”

The actress Marina Gatell and the actor Pablo Derqui are the protagonists of the film.

The name of the movie is: “Two”,  in Spanish “Dos”.


Two strangers wake up disoriented in what looks like a hotel room, however, when they come to their senses they realize that they are sewn up in the abdomen, with no idea who is behind this bizarre game. The man and the woman will have to work as a team to escape and survive…

Two is compared to The Human Centipede for the surgical intervention in which human bodies are joined and to Saw for the bizarre game…

And have you already seen this chilling movie?

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