A scientific study confirmed that these 10 scary movies are the most chilling in history

If you feel like watching a movie that injects you a dose of fear and causes you to have nightmares during the night, I recommend that you check the following list…

A scientific study called “The Science of Scare” by the British company Broadbandchoices determined the most frightening films.

They summoned 50 people who placed monitors on reading their heart rate for two hours while watching the top and most scary tapes posted on the forums to find the result.

These are the 10 films that, according to studies, mainly accelerated people’s hearts…

10. The visit

A mother leaves her two children in the care of her grandparents; strange things happen so soon children will discover that the elderly are involved in a deep and disturbing secret.

Although he had regular criticism, a 94-minute film directed by M. Night Shyamalan is one with scenes that disturbed many people.

9. The descent

Some friends gather to explore the dangerous cave; strange creatures stalk them when they get trapped amid the darkness.

From director Neil Marshall, a film that will leave you tense at all times will undoubtedly win a ninth place on this scary list.

8. The Babadook

You could say that Babadook is like “The Coconut.” A child becomes obsessed with the creature living inside her children’s book; when the mother discovers that the little one was telling the truth, the widow will do the impossible to get rid of that dark force that will soon break into her home.

Directed by Jennifer Kent. Yes, the Babadook does not make much act of presence at the beginning of the tape. However, the story is alarming because it makes you travel back to the past and remember the times when you were probably afraid of the creature who lived under your mattress…

7. The Conjuring 2

It’s no surprise that this film is on the list, more because we live in our own flesh the real life of the Hodgson family. This entity tormented the family and used the body of Janeth (the middle daughter) to communicate.
The effects are so sound that many had to leave the movie theater due to the chilling scenes.

6. It Follows

Perhaps this tape is not one of the best-known ones. However, history causes the skin’s hair to be more prosperous. The curse is transmitted by committing impure acts, so supernatural beings begin to persecute a young woman, who must pass a sentence to someone else if she does not want to end up like the previous subjects.

Written and directed by David Robert Mitchell, this genius undoubtedly provoked the chills in many people.

5. Paranormal Activity

A young marriage begins to experience strange events after moving from home, so the husband documents everything. As things go from bad to worse, they will soon discover that supernatural force goes beyond their understanding.

Directed by Israeli Oren Peli. A tape that will make you forget what is just that, a tape. The scenes seem so real that you seem to be the protagonist of that chilling story.

4. Hereditary

After the youngest daughter loses her life, a mother tries to contact her from the afterlife; this and other unexpected acts will give free passage for an evil force to get her to pass into the earthly world as destiny had been predicted.

Written and directed by Ari Aster, this film has one of the most disturbing scenes. Yet, the story is so bizarre that you don’t expect the end.

3. The Conjuring

The case of the Hodgson family shook you to the bones, the case of the Perron family wouldn’t let you fall asleep for several weeks.

A house cursed by the entity of a witch, which wants to harm all the members of the family, as well as possess the mother’s body.

2. Insidious

A child is left in a coma almost out of nowhere. After several studies without finding the reason for the suffering, parents will finally turn to a psychic who discovers that the child was making astral trips involuntarily. Now a terrible demon has him trapped on the other side, and his father will do so his best to recover it.

Directed by genius James Wan. Many criticized the appearance of the supposed demon. However, it is a tape that does not cease to have scary scenes, so it won second place on this list.

1. Sinister

We have reached number one on this list, and believe it or not, when reading the heart rate of the 50 people, the results showed an average of 86 beats per minute during the screening of this film, 21 beats more than those recorded in the rest time. Which makes it the scariest movie of all time (so far).

Directed by Scott Derrickson, it’s about a family moving to a new home. The father, a writer, finds home videos in the attic of terrible acts, apparently from previous families. As a result, several enigmatic situations begin to happen to him and his family.

What did you think of the list? Have you seen any of these movies? Share all your opinions and comments…

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