Smells Like Halloween: 10 Spooky Scents From Bath & Body Works

Around this time of the year, stores begin to get into the spooky season. From pumpkins, skulls and bats ornaments to witches and more. Wherever you look is covered in black & orange shades. But what if there were specific scents to get your Halloween spirit out as well?

Bath & Body Works just launched its new Halloween collection full of spooky scents to set you in the mood. Here are 10 fa-boo-lous options.

Trick or Candles

Midnight Boo Citrus 3-Wick Candle

Something citrus with an eerie look.

Ghoul Friend 3-Wick Candle

A really bright & fruity candle.

Vampire Blood 3-Wick Candle

A fruity-floral candle that casts a ghoulish glow.

Hot Cocoa & Scream 3-Wick Candle

A very sweet treat that smells like a mix of dark chocolate, fresh steamed milk, mini marshmallows and essential oils.

Some Eerie Holders

Halloween Night Gentle Foaming Soap Holder

A soap holder with glitter accents, Halloween characters and silver finish that together with your favorite foaming hand soap, you’ll get a perfect combination for spooky season.

Skull Luminary Single Wick Candle Holder

A candle holder’s that is made of mercury glass.

Glow-In-The Dark Mummy Pedestal

This candle holder is a must on your Halloween decor. Mummy’s eyes even glow in the dark!

More spooky scents

Spooky Chandelier Nightlight Wallflower Plug-in

A chandelier nightlight plug. You can buy your favorite fragrance and you’ll get the perfect spooky combination for weeks!

Black Cat Wallflowers Fragance Plug

A cute fragrance plug that may not only work as a Halloween decor.

Candy Corn Treats Gentle Foaming Hand Soap 

Foaming hand soap that smells like marshmallow, chilling lavender & candy corn. A flawless mix that will remind you of Halloween everytime you wash your hands.

Which ones will you buy?

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