Spooky Season Begins: Walmart Is Now Selling Halloween Trees

We are getting into the second part of the year, Fall is approaching and also the best holidays. By this time, many stores get ready to bring you the best items and ornaments in advance, for you to start decorating your home and make it look amazing and on point.

For many of us, this is our favorite time of the year. It’s never too early to start decorating for your favorite holidays. To begin with, we welcome what we know as spooky season. Meaning, it’s time for Halloween decor first.

While there are so many things to choose from, why not try something different and unusual? A great item that you are going to definitely want to have in your home this year to be part of your spooky decor will be a tree. Yes, a tree.

If you are also a Christmas lover, you surely know the feeling that brings putting the Christmas tree on at your living room each year. A Halloween tree not only will stand out by its own, but it’ll give you that same happy feeling that seeing a Christmas tree does.

Also, who said a tree is only for Christmas decor? If you are looking for something different to decorate your house this Halloween, this will be your best option since they are not as common as Christmas trees, but they have gained some popularity over the past several years.

And Walmart didn’t waste no time and decided to sell orangish-spooky trees, which come in different sizes, with lit and unlit lights and also are priced accordingly.

Prices are around between $80 to $300, but that will depend on the size you choose. For example, the 6.5 feet can go up to $300 and the 3 feet begin from $81. They already include LED lights.

However, a 5.5 feet tree with no lights included will cost $162. But any option is actually fine as long as you choose the one that appeals most to you.

So, it is basically like a Christmas tree, only that it is covered with lights and you can decorate it with ghosts, skeletons, pumpkins and any other scary ornament you have from previous years or even new ones. There are no rules, you will only need to follow your instincts and give it that spooky touch.

Walmart also made a delivery option available so you will only need to receive it at the comfort of your home. Therefore, a tree will give a perfect touch to your Halloween decor to be even more spooktacular than ever this year.

What are you waiting to get yours and begin the spooky season?

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