The real house of “The Conjuring” will be open to the public

In 2013, the movie “The Conjuring” was released in the cinema. A film based on real events that the Perron family lived when they moved to the house of Harrisville, in Rhode Island.

Around 1970, it was when the terrifying paranormal events happened because of a curse launched in 1863, by a witch called: Bathsheba Sherman.

Thanks to Ed and Lorraine Warren who came to help, the family defeated the spooky events, but still being scared for life.

This year the real house from The Conjuring, was bought by a couple named Cory and Jennifer Heinzen, the new owners of the Harrisville house, will open their doors to the public with the intention of letting all paranormal fans and investigators to live the terrifying experience.

When a friend of Cory saw the famous house for sale in an online forum, he didn´t hesitate to notify the Heinzen, and when they learned of this, without thinking twice immediately rushed to buy the house.

Cory and Jennifer confirm that the property is still haunted, because they have been witnesses of paranormal manifestations since they moved.

“I’ve had a hard time staying there by myself. I don’t have the feeling of anything evil, (but) it’s very busy. You can tell there’s a lot of things going on in the house. I’ve always been fascinated with the Warrens. It’s just like a piece of paranormal history, this house.” Jennifer Said.

“We’ve had a few moments in here that have made us jump a bit,” Cory Said. “We’ve had doors open on their own, footsteps, disembodied voices, electronic voice phenomena, and some awesome spirit-box sessions.”

“We immediately fell in love with it,” Cory added. “Eight-and-a-half acres, a river in the back and a pond, it’s so serene down there. Never mind the story behind the house, it’s a beautiful home.”

“This whole journey has been both scary, for many reasons other than paranormal and exciting all at once,” She said. “I love that we have the opportunity to share the home with others.”

It is known that at the end of this year the house will open, although they have not given exact dates of the place, but they are still working on it, because they want to fix it before opening their doors to horror fans.

Would you dare to go?

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