10 terrifying things found in the house of Michael Jackson

The King of Pop sold millions of albums, and his success gave him the possibility to create his own paradise, which was even adorned with its own theme park, which is named “NEVERLAND”, the fantasy island where Peter Pan live and the lost children.

The 3,000-acre property had a lot of entertainment, its own zoo and concert hall: to navigate the huge plot of land, it actually had two fully functional passenger trains.

When Michael was investigated, the authorities found a strange and spooky combination of objects inside the farm. And this list contains only 10 of them.

1. Real-size children’s dolls

The realistic dolls are disturbing enough, without the additional fact that they could be placed in whatever position Jackson wanted.

2. A door knocker with two guys kissing each other on it

A handle to knock on the door in the form of two small ones about to kiss is the strangest thing that has been found.

3. Statues of half-naked boys

4. A drawing of Michael with a whole group of children

I wonder where it will take them.

5. His own golden throne.

This eccentric seat has jewels, gold and fine fabrics embedded.

6. A fortune teller

Again, creepy by default, but I wonder how often he used it … And what he said.

7. A carousel

This carousel is one of the strangest that has been found in Neverland. According to TMZ, it is composed of animals that hold something in their muzzles and for some reason cry.

8. Hyperbaric oxygen chamber

The singer did not sleep in a bed, but in this object to never grow old and be a young forever.

9. Secret cabinet

According to the media and TMZ, in the closet of Michael Jackson’s room not only clothes and shoes were kept, but also adult material, toys, children’s stories, ancient perfumes and the portrait of actor Macaulay Culkin, with whom he held a friendship.

10. Fairy statues children

This would be nice if it were not for other statues of barely dressed children accompanying them.

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