Rosita, The Spooky Doll That Walks!

Rosita is a porcelain doll with a gloomy aspect that has caused the chills to everyone in social media after a video went viral.

Rosita can be seen walking by the hand of Mrs. Rosalba, who resides in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico and has owned the doll for 38 years approximately.

In the video, a man tries to make the doll walk next to him. But despite the efforts, Rosita stays firm. Mrs. Rosalba claims the doll only walks when she is next to her.

Some of Rosalba’s neighbors report to have seen the doll leaning out the window to observe them. They even mentioned to see Rosita shaking her head and waving.

Rosita received the name of “the doll that walks”. She is also known in other places as “the Annabelle from Saltillo”.

Here’s the video that caused shock on internet.

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