The Creepy Video Of ‘The Ghost Girl In The Pantry’

This scary story begins with John, a man that together with his family rented a property in California. He found out later that the house is haunted because a horrible tragedy had happened right there before. Someone took the life of an 11-year-old girl.

In 2007, everyone was freaking out when John uploaded a video on Youtube that went viral.

The video starts as a normal day where several family members are gathered together in the kitchen. Suddenly a girl can be seen looking through the glass doors of the pantry.

Since the family moved into the house, they noticed paranormal activity coming from the pantry. All the objects they had stored, used to disappeared mysteriously and appeared elsewhere. Every night, the doors of the pantry would open and stayed like that until next morning.

Thanks to the first evidence they got on video, John decided to place a camera at night to record what was happening in the pantry while they slept. The following nights, they would notice how the doors would opened by themselves. At one of the videos, the ghost of the girl can be seen peeking from inside.

Most viewers had no doubt that those YouTube videos were actually real. However there were some who believed it was all faked, so John invited a user to go to his house and personally experience the ghostly manifestations that were happening.

On that night and with camera’s proof, the two men saw two white hands touching the glass doors. When John tried to reached the hands, the girl’s face appeared for an instant and then disappeared after slowly opened the pantry’s door.

For three years, this family was terrified by the ghost. She not only manifested herself in the pantry, but also used to roam the hallways and attic. She would also pull the hair of the youngest daughter of the marriage.

Even though, some still question the veracity of the videos, none of the experts have been able to tell if they are real or manipulated.

Here one of the videos of the ghost…


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