The Hidden Meaning Of Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill stories always seem pretty obvious: the main character for one reason or another, ends up entering town and bumps into monsters that has to fight against to.

However, the folks and the creatures are actually representing the internal demons of each character, which makes them mad as their own minds.

The story of the sequel begins when James, the main character, receives a letter from Mary, his wife, inviting him to this special place: Silent Hill. This action should not be weird but she died three years ago from a terminal illness.

Once he arrives, he can’t see the beautiful town he used to know, instead it looks like an abandoned place with an endless fog and it’s actually inhabited by ghoulish monsters. Despite other people living there, none can see these creatures because they are a reflection from the memories, culpability and perversions of James’s mind.

Some of the disturbing creatures are listed bellow:

Lying Figure

Crooked beings with no arms, secured in a straitjacket made of their own flesh. They represent a patient writhing in agony and at the same time, James’ own misery.


Similar to mannequins. They have a woman’s torso as well as four legs (a pair is down to walk and the other two are above) and wear miniskirts. They represent James’ frustrated carnal desire. He forbidden himself to see other women while his wife was dying.


Monsters hanging from wire meshes. They represent the overwhelming anguish of James and for this reason, they cannot be at a ground level.

Head Nurse

This creature has a feminine shape and normal aspect, except for the face which is hidden behind bandages and has a chilling mouth.

They’re nurses in low-cut suits. They symbolize James’ sinful desire when he used to see nurses all the time and wishing not to see them that way.

Pyramid Head

A being with the body of a man. His head is covered by a helmet with the shape of a pyramid and carries a huge knife. Actually, this being is  James’s darkest side which is a distorted figure that looks for his wife to end her life. The creature represents his frustration and perversion as a whole

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