5 Drive-Thru Haunted Houses That Are Going To Save Halloween This Year

The majority of people thought the coronavirus pandemic will be last less than some weeks,  but in reality is still going strong and everything keeps being postponed. We are getting closer to hit Autumn and to celebrate Halloween seems not possible this year, unless…

Unless there is an alternative to look forward, like drive-thru haunted houses. They are pretty much a thing and are all popping up all over for you to still have fun this year.

It basically involves taking a haunted house concept while adding cars. It’s something that has existed for a while now but it’s surging in popularity by the times we are facing and it’s a good option for those who still want to keep Halloween traditions and get some scares while maintaining proper social distance too.

The new trend is making its way to many parts of the country. Here’s a list of 5 drive-thru haunted houses you may want to visit.

Stranger Things Drive Into

In LA, a Stranger Things drive-thru haunted house is already selling tickets to live a chilling experience as a Hawkins’ resident. You’ll hop into your car and drive to the Starcourt Mall to unlock the untold story of the series and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Stranger Things.

The tickets’ price start at $59 for 2 people in one car for 1 hour. You can get more information through their website here.

Haunted Road

In Orlando, some creatives got the idea to bring the “Haunted Road” to life. It will tell an original story through but with some twisted creatures and “unexpected scares” in every drive-thru scene.

There will be a family-friendly version of the event offered in the daytime and on select weekends. Admissions will cost $15 per person starting on September 25th. To keep yourself updated, you can visit their event website for more.

The Urban Legends

The Urban Legends of Southern California drive-thru haunt is coming to the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa from October 1st to November 1st

According to OCR, director Atilio Jamerson mentioned something that may give us an idea about what to expect from this experience, “Imagine your car pulling up into a dark alley, turning off your engine and being just completely powerless as you’re surrounded by creatures,” said during a Zoom interview with the production team.

Ticket prices goes from $49 to $69 per vehicle for a 45 minutes long-experience. To read more, visit their website here.

The Haunted Drive

The Haunted Drive is Houston’s only drive-thru Haunted House that will have a cost of $20 per vehicle and $30 for riders in truck bed. Opening weekend will be September 25th and 26th. They promise is a drive of terror, as there are multiple themed areas throughout the quarter mile long drive.

For more information, visit their website.

Dragon’s House of Horror

The haunted house started 16 years ago in the owner’s backyard. They are presenting  New Mexico’s first drive-thru haunted house Mile of Terror. The event location will be at the Santa Ana Star Center.

According to local report, an employee mentioned, “We have skinwalkers, we have clowns, we have hill billy, we have purge,” he identified himself as ‘Bobo the Butcher Clown.’

It will open for the weekends starting Friday, September 4th, then full-time in October. Tickets are already available online for $40 per car.

What do you think about this new trend to celebrate Halloween this year?

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