Netflix will release a new documentary about the most haunted houses in the USA

Are you in love with horror movies? If so, we have excellent news: Netflix will produce a new documentary to discover the darkest haunted houses of the United States. You can see in detail the culture of those who are dedicated to create mazes and other Halloween attractions, which is one of the most popular festivals of the year.

Thanks to the monitoring of the production, as we can see a little more about scenarios in which horrible events and occurrences of paranormal activities without apparent explanation. All these events have already earned the title of the most creepy houses around the world.

Haunted houses that we can see

These days, it is quite popular to see different videos of people who sneak into lonely and abandoned places to see what they contain inside. Therefore, it is not surprising that Netflix wanted to join an increasingly widespread fashion and a target audience. Thanks to the high demand they have for this type of content, which has resulted to bet heavily on the theme of horror.

Although, the release date has not been officially announced by the production, others productions about such content have already had great successes. This is the case of The Haunting of Hill House, a current version of a well-known novel by Shirley Jackson, predecessor of the particular style of the great Stephen King.


They may also be visiting to the house that inspired Amityville movie. It is the one located at 112 Ocean Avenue in the city of Amityville, New York. It is known due to the story of George and Kathy Lutz, residents who claimed to have been in contact with some paranormal entities.


Would you watch it?

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