This is how the original actors of “Hocus Pocus” will look in the new film

It’s been almost 30 years since the premiere of the classic Disney movie, “Hocus Pocus,” where our three favorite witches “the Sanderson” gave that nice touch to the film with their funny tricks.

It became a success in the 90’s, thanks to the fact that it was possible to perfectly combine comedy along with horror, giving it a childlike atmosphere so that even children could enjoy it.

Now, in October of this year, the return of Hocus Pocus to the screen was announced, apparently it will be a sequel in which several members of the original film are already confirmed to participate in this new film.

But after several years of its premiere, you will surely have the doubt of what these actors will look like now in their new film.

That’s why I show you in this article what they look like today … starting with:

Sarah Sanderson

Her real name is Sarah Jessica Parker.

And over the years she has participated in different films aimed at the adult audience. Her greatest successes have been in series that we all know…

Winifred Sanderson

Her real name is Bette Midler.

This nice actress is still active in the show playing supporting roles in different productions.

Mary Sanderson

Her real name is Kathy Najimy.

And she continues to work on famous series like “Rat Race” and “King On The Hill”.


Her real name is Thora Birch.

She appeared playing roles in films such as “Now and Then” and “Monkey Trouble.”


His real name is Omri Katz.

Until now it has not been known about him, because the actor stopped his acting career for a while.

Thackery Binx

His real name is Sean Murray.

The famous black cat of Hocus Pocus. He currently shows up on NCIS and JAG television series.


Her real name is Vinessa Shaw.

A great Hollywood star. Her most famous films have been “Two Lovers”, “Side Effects” and “The Hills Have Eyes”.


His real name is Tobias Jelinek.

The career of this actor is still very active, his latest performances have been in films such as “What Still Remains”, “Fire City: End of Days” and “The Possession”.

Billy Butcherson

His real name is Doug Jones.

The brave zombie that helps Sanderson’s children has come out in great hit movies like “Pan’s Labyrinth”, “The Shape of Water” among others.

The career of these actors remains successful after Hocus Pocus. So there is no doubt that his new film will be too, we just have to wait for this sequel to arrive, which by the way is already on its way …

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