8 Dark And Disturbing Cartoon Theories That Will Creep You Out

Many of us are happy to believe that our favorite childhood cartoons are totally innocent. However, there are some dark theories that try to prove what is hidden behind the cartoons.


In the first episode, the life of Ash, the main character, seems quite normal but then, he has an accident while riding his bicycle.

He wakes up from the accident and suddenly his world changes. Ash begins to travel the world and has fantastic adventures which involves training and fighting against peculiar creatures that are called Pokemon. However, there’s a curious twist. No matter which new city he visits, the same nurse always shows up.

The theory goes that Ash never actually woke up from the accident and fell into a coma instead. Subconciously, he created the world of Pokemon in his head.


Angelica is the only girl that actually existed. Everyone at the cartoons are babies and it is said they are a product of her imagination. The story goes that Angelica is sad and alone because her mother works so much and doesn’t have time for her.

That’s when her began to imagine lifeless babies were her friends. That’s why she is the only one who can speak to them. She was very happy when her cousin, Tommy Pickles was born because she would have someone to play with, but unfortunately he lost his life shortly after birth. The reason why Tommy’s father, Stu, never leaves the basement is because of that. He stays there making toys for his child that will never be able to play.

Chuckie passed away in a car accident along with his mom, and for that his dad is always paranoid most of the time just like Chuckie, who is a bundle of nerves at the cartoon.

Regarding Phil and Lil, there were never two brothers in the first place but only one baby who wasn’t born. Angelica never knew if the baby was going to be a girl or a boy, so she came with the idea of twins of different genres.

Ed, Edd n Eddy

There’s a very popular theory that Ed, Edd, n Eddy are actually ghosts and stucked in purgatory. This could explain why there are no adults on the show, why the series seems to take place in their little dead end and the reason they have blue tongues (tongues can turn bluish upon death).

The children in the cartoon are from different time periods, but they have in common that they passed away in the same neighborhood.


This is a heartbreaking theory which assumes that Jon and Odie don’t exist. Garfield is a homeless cat who is actually starving and is only picturing Jon and Odie. There was a reference to this in a Halloween-themed comic. Garfield woke up in an abandoned house and started calling Odie and Jon, but there was no answer. He then goes crazy and continues having illusions about the family that he never had.

Hello Kitty

Legend has it that this cute kitten was created in 1970 by a Chinese woman. Her daughter was diagnosed with mouth cancer. Doctors informed the mother that nothing could be done for her daughter and was going to leave very soon. The woman was devastated but unwilling to let her go.

The woman started to visit many churches, prayed over and over for a miracle and made many promises. Nonetheless, her daughter’s condition was getting worse every day. It seemed that nothing could save the little girl. The distraught mother decided to take her last resort and made a pact with the devil.

In order to save his daughter’s life, the devil only asked for one thing. The mother must create a character that was famous worldwide. Satan wanted to attract as many people as possible and gain new followers who would do everything for him. By buying this character, it would be an involuntary way to say “yes” to the evil one.

This is why the cat was designed without a mouth as a symbol of the girl’s cancer. The name was in honor of the devil because the word “Hello”, is a typical greeting and “Kitty” in Chinese means “demon”. So, “Hello Kitty” is actually a way to say “Hello Demon”.

The Fairly OddParents

It is said that Timmy has schizophrenia and his magical godparents are a representation of antidepressant medicine. They are there to help him with his problems but only until he no longer needs them. Also, not only did they started to appear at the same time as his problems but there are some serious side effects every time he abuses of their magic.


A rather awful theory alleges that the adorable yellow Minions were inspired by Jewish children adopted by Nazi scientists for the sole purpose of using them in gas experiments. There’s a picture that tries to represent some of those children wearing masks used to dispense poison. It is rumored that the successful children’s film subliminally makes the public accept that ideology.

The Smurfs

It was speculated that the creator of the cartoon had made a pact with the devil to achieve success, so he dedicated the show to Satan. Also, the following are some coincidences found that can make you  think that this theory may be real.

The leader of the Smurfs is the only one who wears red clothes, as Papa Smurf represents the devil.

Though there are about 100 smurfs in the village, 7 of them are the main characters and ironically, they represent the deadly sins. Here are the names and which one represents each: Grouchy Smurf (Wrath), Greedy Smurf (Gluttony), Vanity Smurf (Pride), Hefty Smurf (Envy), Brainy Smurf (Greed), Lazy Smurf (Sloth) and Smurfette (Lust).

Gargamel seems to be the villain of the cartoon, however there’s this tale that says he was a kind of a monk and that he lived in a ruined church. He always tried to catch “demons”, that are the Smurfs, in this case. Also, the name of his cat “Azrael” is the same one as the Archangel of death.

Did you ever imagine there were such dark stories behind these cartoons?

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