The Red Book – One Of The 7 Games Forbidden By The Church

It is said that ther’s 7 games which are prohibited by the church and one of them is called: The Red Book.

It may seem like a joke, some people will laugh at the subject, but the truth is that this game is actually very dark and if you don’t play with due respect, you could get into serious trouble. Many people describe it as the game of life and death.

But how hazardous could a book be? A simple book that anyone could have at home. However, the real danger is the game itself. The rules are very easy, but first, it’s recommended to play accompanied by at least one or two more people. And if you’re too sensitive, better not try to play it.

Rules of The Red Book

Rule 1

An old red hardcover book is needed. The less information there is on the cover the better.

Rule 2

Get a candle of the same color.

Rule 3

Put the red book on the table and only by candlelight. No spotlights should be on.

Rule 4

One of the players must put his or her left hand on the closed book. The player must pronounce: “Red Book”, and proceed to ask a question. It’s important to have eyes closed for it to work correctly.

Rule 5

With the left hand and the eyes still closed, the player must pass his or her fingers between the pages randomly and should stop on one of the sheets. Then the player will lay a finger somewhere on the sheet, open the eyes and read the segment until there’s a period. That will be the answer to the question.

Sometimes the answers may not make any sense, but that could be because the question was poorly formulated or because there’s no spirit present into the book. If the answer is consistent, it means the game has started.

Rule 6 (Last and most important one)

Say goodbye to the spirit before concluding the game. The player must ask the spirit in a respectful way to leave.


Although it seems like a childish and innocent game, to play The Red Book is actually very similar to the Ouija because in both cases, questions are made and a spirit can answer them. The advice of many specialists on the subject is to never play the Red Book, and if so, to be cautious when playing it. It should not be forgotten that the book is not the one answering the questions, but rather some entity who awaits to be invoked and when that happens, a portal opens. That’s why the last rule is so important.

Would you play it?

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