7 Hidden Secrets About Walt Disney World

Did you know that there’s rumors of Walt Disney’s body is preserved on ice under the streets of Disney World? Of course that’s only a theory that has been denied. However, the following things on this list are the opposite. They have been verified as true!

Learn about 7 secrets that only occurs in the most magical place in the world…

Roast ducks

Disney has its famous show Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios park. During the performance, a large dragon sets fire to the water.

Back in the time, ducks used to sneak in during the show and burned slowly. At first, there wasn’t anything they could do about it, but after a while, they found a solution. To make the water bubble to chase away the poor fellas.

The most lethal place

This may seem like an exaggeration, but there have been over 100 loss of life and serious injuries in the parks.

One of the most notorious cases was about Dolly, a mother who was enjoying a ride on a roller coaster and suddenly felt the need to see that if her son was fine in the front seat. She stand up in a sharp curve and sadly fell to the train tracks, where she lost her life.

Undercover Police 

If you’ve ever been to any Disney park, you’ve probably noticed the absence of law enforcement officers. That doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Disney’s undercover police is located at the underground tunnels, waiting for an emergency call from the staff or where you least expect it. They could be strolling through the parks in casual clothes to not take away the magic inside the parks.

Real bones

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride has skulls sitting and hanging all over the place. All of those are fake, except for one.

A cast member once said: “There’s a real skull, which is actually in the captain’s room. It’s the one on the bed. It’s the only one I know that is real, I heard that there are two more, but we haven’t found them yet. ”

Secret codes

There are many secret codes used in Disney World. If you hear someone say “25”, it means there’s a fire. The code“70” means a lost child.

But none is as common as Code V, the custodians hate to hear it, because it means someone threw up.

Ashes around the parks

You wouldn’t believe how many people have scattered the ashes of their loved ones around the parks. It could be from the top of your favorite ride or through Rivers of Light.

This surely has happened hundreds of times and still will in the future. It seems that everyone wants their loved ones to rest in the happiest place in the world.

The hidden world under Magic Kingdom

Beneath Magic Kingdom, there’s a tunnel system in which only cast members are allowed. The system was made for them to move faster from one point to another and for characters to appear out of nowhere, giving that magical feeling. However, there are many legends surrounding these tunnels.

That they are place for waste disposal, emergency services and armored vehicles filled with thousands of dollars in cash, but what else could be hidden under the most magical place on earth?

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