The 7 Scariest Video Games Out There

If you like horror games, you might want to try the following ones…

If there’s something in video games that no other medium is capable of making us feel, it’s immersion. The feeling of not being a spectator, but a protagonist. That’s the key which creators have been working on,  to make us shake and fear while playing their video games. And by playing the following 7, we will put ourselves in the shoes of reporters, mentally ill and unfortunate security guards.

Of course, there are many more games that are full of terror but these are the ones that due to the game mechanics, they become so startling.

Mystery and horror video games


The game starts with a reporter who visits a kind of madhouse which is nothing out of the ordinary, except that the place seems to have been through something, since there’s no one around. You obviously become the reporter while playing, so you will try to enter and once you make it, you’ll realize that all the mentally ill are everywhere and ready to harm you. Your only weapon will be the camera which will help you to see through the dark. However, you are in need of new batteries, so you must decide when to use your camera and trust your instinct.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

As the name implies, you will become an amnesiac who wakes up on an island and must try to survive until you find and enter into a castle. But that’s where everything turns bad. The enemies are invincible and will appear when you least expect it and the only thing you can do is running away. This becomes really stressful and chilling since you are in a dungeon full of narrow corridors and little by little, you will start remembering the shocking events that led you to the beginning of your adventure.

Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly

Something that allows us to feel somehow safe in this type of video games, is the possibility of seeing our enemies or guessing where they might appear from. However, Fatal Frame 2 takes away that from us. The enemies in this game are ghosts so you cannot see or touch them, but they can hurt you. Your only weapon against them is a camera that will help you to see them through and attack them at the same time while using the flash camera. Obviously, the biggest scares will come out when you take pictures while looking for them and they appear right in front of you.

Silent Hill 2

This one has become a total classic and one of the most important games in the genre. People at Silent Hill will be the main characters, hiding their enemies through fog and twisting the minds of all who reach their dark streets. The most terrifying thing of all is, you don’t fight against other people, but with creatures that were made from the depths of yourself.

Five Nights of Freddy’s

It may be not the best horror video game out there, but surely knows how to get you scare. You turn yourself into security guard at a place full of with animatronics. There shouldn’t be any problem but you got a night shift and the animatronics are actually haunted. You must keep an eye on the security cameras which they only can be seen one at a time and try to be faster than the animatronics in order to catch and stop them before they reach the office.

Until Dawn

During the 1980s, the horror genre had a major turn by making stories about young rebels that went on trips and what should have been a fun getaway, would end up being terror and death. This is what Until Dawn tries to achieve, when 8 young people went to some huts to hang out until they realized they were being chased by murderers and scary creatures. You get full control of all the characters and whether they live or lose their lives will be up to the decisions you take.

Despite not being somewhat revolutionary, it manages to get you scare anyway. There’s also a virtual reality version that is getting recognition. And coming from a horror game, that speaks from itself.

Horror video games that were canceled


Although the release of this video game was canceled, users who managed to play the demo said it was enough to give it the recognition it deserves. With an endless corridor, a deceased woman, and lots of awful moments that brought out the worst scares to those who played it. Also, thanks to the alarming and gloomy story that was shown in the little sample, the game could have been one of the best the genre has had.

Would you dare to play these frightening video games?

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