The Dark Story Of Barney You Didn’t Know

Many of us fondly remember the cute purplish dinosaur named Barney, the one who was always willing to help his little friends when they needed him. The show was phenomenal. But maybe some episodes might not have been so innocent as everyone believed. That’s what the other side of the story suggests. There’s this hidden episode where, beyond showing the cute dinosaur we know, looked chilling and devilish.

This rumor was well-known, since several children now adults, share different stories through social media. They declared that they’d been victims of what seemed to be a “harmless Barney DVD”. They said that when reproducing the dvd, it became a really traumatic experience for them.

It was mentioned that the DVD box showed a common picture of Barney along Baby Bop, BJ and Riff with a description that read there were new episodes never seen before. Of course many children fell into the trap, trusting to watch something new and ended up convincing their parents to buy the DVD for them. Though, they never could have imagined that they were about to watch such disturbing scenes that marked them forever.

One of the most horrifying stories, was written by an anonymous young man who told about his experience while watching the DVD.

He said that it was an ordinary day when everything started. He was walking with his mother through a kind of fair. The boy was a big fan of Barney, and saw that in a small stall, all kind of toys and DVDs of the dinosaur were sold. The boy was interested by one in particular, a DVD with “new episodes” and soon convinced his mother to buy him the film.

Once they arrived home, the boy, excited and without wasting any more time, asked his mother for help to play the videotape. She agreed to do it and then left him alone. Everything looked normal, the boy was enjoying each episode included until he considered watching an extra one that seemed very strange.

When he chose the episode, it started just like the other ones with the famous song everyone knows, but suddenly the scenes became a bit bizarre… There was a little girl sitting on her back at the corner and was not close to the dinosaur. The camera then, focused on Barney who looked different. He had a chilling smile and very piercing eyes.

The boy didn’t understand what was happening at that moment but after the camera was focused on the dinosaur for several minutes, desperate cries from frightened children asking for help, could be heard. At that moment, Barney’s song started again but this time backwards.

Later, the scene went completely dark with just a middle red dot turning on and off. A little girl started crying very loudly, wailing and saying how sorry she was. Suddenly, Barney’s laughter began to sound sinister while the girl screamed in horror.

The creepiest thing was that, when the picture on the screen became clear again, the dinosaur could be seen right at the corner where the girl was before, but now without her.

After that, the stage on the next scene was completely destroyed chapter and there were several children lying on the floor with very frightened eyes. Unexpectedly there was a power outage at the boy’s house who was just terrified after watching such traumatic scenes, so he ran to his mother.

The young man ended his story by saying that he woke up that night and realized the power was restored because the television was on and paused in the last scene of before. The only difference was Barney standing in the middle looking towards the camera with a malevolent smile.

The DVD disappeared and never found it back.

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