Mirrors: Portals To The Unknown?

Have you ever stared at a mirror long enough for it to be uncomfortable? Have you ever imagined yourself going inside the mirror as if crossing a portal to another dimension?

Over the years many cultures have believed that mirrors are actually that, portals to another world or have a special connection to the afterlife. For example, Romans used to think that mirrors were a reflection of the human soul and for that, should be treated with respect.

In other times, there was this supposition that a human’s soul could be stolen or caught when taking a picture which is basically the same premise with the mirrors because pictures are, in a simplify manner, a reflection.

There was also this strong superstition centuries ago, in which people would cover all the mirrors in a house were a dying person was having its final moments because people believed you could see the devil or death itself coming to take away the soul through the mirrors. Even was thought that the personification of death could get confused and go through the mirror instead of going back to the afterlife.

Victorians used to cover with black cloths the mirrors in the house of a newly deceased person because of their strong belief in spiritualism and to protect the relatives.

A popular believe in most recent times is that if you break a mirror, you’ll face 7 years of bad luck.

Though, there are also some stories and games related to mirrors just like the one from Bloody Mary. Here is a short list of a few games you can try with any mirror you own.

1. The Three Kings
2. Dark Reflection Ritual
3. The Devil Game
4. Lady Spades
5. Waiting for Godot
6. The Mirror Box

But be careful if you try any of those, because you could face bad consequences. Remember what Nietzsche once said: “If you stare long enough into the abyss, the abyss will stare back at you”.

Will you try the games?

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