How To Remember Your Past Lives

When one reincarnates, it means that all the memories of other lives have been erased. However, if you want to remember a little about how your past lives were, here are 3 ways to remember who were you used to be.

Using your intuition

You may not remember specific details of your past lives, but you are inexplicably drawn to certain places, situations, people and more.

Past life regression

Some therapists may help you remember your other lives through a regression process. They can also help you overcome a trauma or problem that you don’t know how or when it started, because they happened during past lives.


An specialist will make you stretch your arm, hand or fingers and you must keep them still without moving. The person will proceed to ask you a question and touch you to analyze how your body reacts.

Your body will answer for you. If you agree, your muscles will get tense, your arms, hands or fingers won’t move or go down when the specialist touch you. But if you don’t, once the specialist touches your hands, fingers or arms, they will fall a little by losing some strength or tension.

By using this technique and asking the right questions you can learn a lot about other past lives.

Would you like to know about your past lives?

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