The haunted house where you can sleep: “The Myrtles Plantation”

Meet one of the most chilling old plantations in Louisiana, United States

In the year of 1796 began the construction of The Myrtles plantation, considered today, one of the most famous haunted houses in the world, located in St. Francisville, Louisiana. And it´s not for less, because the legend tells that it was built just above an Indian cemetery.

It´s said that 12 ghosts inhabit the place. What horrible events have happened so that there are so many souls in the place?

Ghosts in The Myrtles Plantation

The most famous ghost is Chloe, a slave who had to live all the worst of the plantation, her soul in sorrow still roams the place, even her figure has been captured in a photograph in 1992.

Another of the inhabitants of the beyond, is the spirit of a girl known as: “The ghost girl”, it´s unknown who she was when she lived, but was captured in a photograph, which after an investigation, turned out to be a genuine image.

Mistery tours

There are endless ghost stories in the place, which you can listen to in one of their daily tours offered on the plantation.

“Our Daily Mystery Tours are offered 7 days a week from 9:00 AM until 4:30 PM on the hour and half hour. The tour focuses on the History, Mystery and Intrigue of the plantation and is about 45 minutes. $15 for adults $12 for children 12 and under (tax included).” The Myrtles Plantation.

There are also night tours on Fridays and Saturdays, at 6:00, 7:00 and 8:00 PM; And if you like a more personal tour, you can take a private tour any day of the week.

Bed & Breakfast

The plantation is the perfect place to stay either in case you are looking for a paranormal experience, or simply because you want to relax. There are 18 possible accommodations and prices vary from $175 to $400, for 2-6 people.

If you want more information about tours, accommodation or the restaurant 1796, you can visit the website of The Myrtles Plantation

¿Would you dare to sleep in The Myrtle plantation?

Winchester Mystery House “the most haunted place in the United States”

Learn the true story of Winchester Mansion

Winchester family

After death arrived in her life, taking away her beloved husband when he became ill with Tuberculosis and her only daughter when she had a childhood illness, Sarah Winchester was completely alone, so seeking help and comfort she went with a medium, who told her that a curse had fallen on her family and that the next victim to lost the life was herself.

The Winchester House

Although the curse couldn´t be destroyed, the medium told Sarah that if she wanted to stay alive, she would have to move to a new house, a house she would have to build for the spirits without ever finishing it, from 1884 to 1922, there was no day that something was not being built in the Winchester house.

September 5 was when Sarah Winchester passed away, while she slept in her bed at 82 years old.

Sarah’s property ended up being a Victorian-style mansion, the most extravagant and strange that exists in the world; The property has 10,000 windows, 2, ooo doors, 160 rooms, 17 fireplaces and many things with the number 13.

The Winchester house was made to please the spirits at their will, since many of the ideas of the constructions were given by the same spirits; some adaptations of the house so that the ghosts were happy, it was that a lot of light was needed so that the spirits did not feel overwhelmed because they couldn’t show their own shadow.

Another adaptation of the Winchester house is that there were almost no mirrors, since spirits hate mirrors because their reflection makes them disappear.

It isn´t known if it is by coincidence or by choice but the number 13 seems to be very important in the Winchester mansion, since there are 13 stairs with 13 steps, 13 hooks in Sarah’s closet, 13 bathrooms and candle holders for 13 candles.

Sarah’s will was divided into 13 parts. In honor of that mysterious 13, every time there is a Friday the 13th, the bells are played 13 times at 1:00 p.m. (13:00)

Many workers and visitors of the Winchester house have witnessed the paranormal phenomena that occur, doors are closed, things are inexplicably moved, they hear noises and voices, they feel they touch them, they can see one or more spirits, it´s even said that the Sarah’s spirit is one of the most manifested entities.

Winchester House Museum

It´s said that the “Winchester House” is the most haunted place in the United States, this mansion has become a tourist destination, which you can visit by booking a tour. The official name of this terrifying construction is: “Winchester Mystery House” and is located in San Jose, California.

Since June 30, 1923, when the doors of the Winchester House were opened to the public, millions of lovers of terror and / or history have visited the place, many visitors have told that paranormal events happened to them there…

One of the warnings for those who dare to visit the house, is never to separate from the group since they do not assure you to find you…

For more information on the Winchester mansion you can enter here

Would you dare to enter the Winchester Mystery House?

The Tomb of Marie Laveau “The Queen of Voodoo”

Learn the story of Marie Laveau “The Queen of Voodoo”, and the legend regarding her grave …

In 1794, Marie Laveau was born in the French Quarter of New Orleans, a woman who, despite being a Catholic, witchcraft was always part of her life, because the city’s African slaves were voodoo practitioners.

She was a hairdresser for the women of high society, to whom she sold gray-gray, they were rituals and / or charms to do magic; Marie mixed Voodoo with Catholicism, as she used saints and sacred objects to perform her rituals.

Marie became rich, because her spells and love potions were guarantee.

It´s said that Marie Laveau was the queen of the voodoo queens. Her spells were so powerful that people with a lot of power came to her.

Since the Voodoo priestess passed away, she rests in the cemetery of Saint Louis, the oldest in New Orleans, where a legend was born …

St. Louis Cemetary

It´s said that from the beyond Marie Laveau continues to grant magical favors to her visitors, so the tomb is the most visited in the cemetery, and the second most visited in the country.

Devotees invoke the spirit of the voodoo queen to ask for miracles; previously they did it by offering and scratching crosses on her grave, so it had to be restored and currently it´s forbidden to perform rituals that deteriorate the historical monument.

In fact, now you cannot enter the cemetery by yourself, you have to take a tour with an authorized guide, who will take you to the tomb of Marie Laveau and other places of interest.

And although it´s most likely that the remains of Marie Laveau rest in her grave, there is another legend, which tells that she is still alive and young, and can be seen roaming the streets of New Orleans.

Would you visit Marie Laveau’s grave?

La Tumba de Marie Laveau “La reina del Vudú”

Conoce la historia de Marie Laveau “la Reina del Vudú”, y la leyenda respecto a su tumba…

En 1794, en el barrio Francés de Nueva Orleans nació Marie Laveau, una mujer que a pesar de ser católica, la brujería siempre fue parte de su vida, pues los esclavos africanos de la ciudad eran practicantes del vudú.

Era peluquera de las mujeres de la alta sociedad, a quienes les vendía gris-gris, que eran rituales y/o amuletos para hacer magia; Marie mezclaba el Vudú con el catolicismo, pues utilizaba a los santos y objetos sagrados para realizar sus hechizos.

Marie se volvió rica, pues sus rituales y pociones de amor eran garantía.

Se dice que Marie Laveau era la reina de las reinas del vudú. Sus hechizos eran tan poderosos, que las personas con más poder acudían a ella.

Desde que la sacerdotisa vudú pasó a mejor vida, ella reposa en el cementerio de Saint Louis, el más antiguo de Nueva Orleans, donde nació una leyenda…

St. Louis Cemetary

Se dice que desde el más allá Marie Laveau sigue otorgando favores mágicos a sus visitantes, por lo que la tumba es la más visitada del cementerio, y la segunda más visitada del país.

Los devotos invocan al espíritu de la reina del vudú para pedirle los milagros; anteriormente lo hacían mediante ofrendas y rayando cruces sobre su tumba, por lo que tuvo que ser restaurada y actualmente esta prohibido llevar a cabo rituales que deterioren el monumento histórico.

De hecho, ya no se puede entrar al cementerio por si mismo, se tiene que tomar un recorrido con un guía autorizado, que lo llevará a la tumba de Marie Laveau y otros sitios de interés.

Y aunque lo más probable es que los restos de Marie Laveau reposen en su tumba, existe otra leyenda, que cuenta que ella sigue con vida y joven, y se le puede ver rondando por las calles de Nueva Orleans.

¿Visitarías la tumba de Marie Laveau?

“Madame LaLaurie Mansion” The most haunted house in New Orleans

Meet “LaLaurie’s mansion” the home of a woman who was so evil, that the American Horror Story: Coven series made her one of the characters.

It´s said that New Orleans is the most haunted city in the United States, as the history of the city has been marked by voodoo culture and ghost legends.

Madame LaLaurie story

One of the women who are part of the dark history of New Orleans is Madame Delphine LaLaurie, who spread horror during 1831 and 1834.

People believed that Madame Delphine was a kind woman of the upper class, who loved and respected her slaves, until one night, when it was discovered that she was diabolic with those who served her.

When the other inhabitants of the town knew of these fierce practices, they entered the mansion by force to save Delphine’s slaves, but to their surprise, what they found on the top floor was worse than they imagined, it was a camera of torture where there were lots of lifeless bodies, they had been subjected to twisted experiments for months.

Before she was caught, Madame Delphine LaLaurie escaped to Paris, to start a new life; although there is also the rumor that never escaped, but in search of revenge, a witch was responsible for punishing her.

LaLaurie Mansion 

The mansion is located at 1140 Royal St. in the French Quarter, it´s one of the most tourist destinations in New Orleans for horror lovers, so if you are one of them, you can take an epic photograph outside the mansion; Look at your picture well, you may see some ghostly presence, because it´s presumed that the house is haunted.

Although we would love it, it´s not possible to access the house, as it´s private property. What you can do is take a ghost tour with a guide who will tell you the chilling story of the mansion, as well as other haunted places in New Orleans, which you can walk to.

Would you dare to go to Madam LaLaurie’s house?

You can sleep in a hostel inside an old and haunted jail

There are many haunted places to sleep, for example hospitals, hotels or houses, however, a prison? only in Ottawa …

In Ottawa, Canada there is a hostel called “Hi Ottawa Jail” that is inside an old prison approximately 150 years old.

The hostel past is dark… it´s said that the hostel is haunted, and if you are a lover of horror, you should probably stay in this place …

You can sleep in the cells, between stone walls and iron doors, you can choose one of the shared rooms for 8, 6 or 4 people. There are also private rooms, as there are the luxury rooms, there are also the solitary confinement cells.

If you don´t want to sleep in the hostel, you can attend the free tours that take place every day at 11 in the morning, where you can know all the curious and chilling details about the history of the hostel.

One of the chilling details, is that in the hostel there is still an original gallows that was used in the prison; and if you think that only living people sleep there, you are wrong because in ancient times prisoners were buried, and this information is verifiable, because during the construction of the Mackenzie King bridge, the remains of 140 people were found on the property, and only one corner of the building was touched, Can you imagine how many more remains there are in the other part?

Many of the guests have written their testimony in the reviews, almost most say that the atmosphere is spooky at night, and some of them also claim to have suffered paranormal activity, many stories agree to see a ghost at the foot of the bed, others say they are touched or whispered in their ears by invisible entities.

The hostel has the following services: Free wifi, laundry room, luggage storage, backyard, lockers, linen included, TV room, library, parking nearby, bike rental, kitchen and free breakfast. It´s worth mentioning that the hostel is located in a very central place, so you can walk to the Parliament of Canada and other tourist destinations.

For more information: HI Ottawa Jail

Would you dare to spend the night in jail?

The ghost children of the train tracks in Texas

Meet one of the scariest legends in San Antonio, Texas… The Ghost children of the train

In the middle of the last century, in San Antonio, Texas, a terrible accident occurred, while a driver was transporting 10 children on the school bus, an engine failure occurred and they were caught in the middle of the train tracks, just when the train was about to pass, so the train took the bus together with the life of all those innocent souls.

As time went by, people began to report that when the car broke down near the train tracks, they could suddenly feel like their car was pushed by invisible forces until they crossed the tracks, where there was no danger, the most Curious, it was that when they got out of the car, they could see multiple marks of small hands in their car, as if children had pushed it.

These stories became increasingly popular, so people over the decades have gone to check the reality of the legend, it´s said that if you put the car in neutral or turn it off, the car will always move towards in front, and if you put talcum powder in your car, the little hands of the children will be marked.

Experts have tried to find a scientific reason to explain the paranormal phenomenon, but to their surprise, after several studies, they deduced that the road is not straight or goes down, if not the opposite, slightly up, so it discards any of their theories, giving rise to an incredible ghost story.

It´s a lot of paranormal activity on these railway tracks, which has become a tourist destination for those who are looking for a bit of horror, apart from the strange phenomena mentioned above, there are also witnesses who say they have heard voices and seen the children, who, after their death, stayed on the tracks to avoid repeating the fate they suffered.

Here you can see two photos of “real” spirits in the train tracks…

Visit the creepy “House of Frankenstein Wax Museum”

If you have the opportunity to visit New York and you are a lover of horror, the “House of Frankenstein Wax Museum” is a destination not to be missed …

House de Frankenstein wax museum is not like any other, as these wax monsters seem to come alive…

“Victor Frankenstein according to Mary Shelley created a monster from the dead. here in the house of Frankenstein there are many “monsters”. the creatures within the hallways are not living – yet…are they dead? for as you see for yourself, they move and talk and sometimes they even scream!

Before entering the museum, you can feel that exciting and gloomy vibe, because outside the place, there is a living Frankenstein who is inviting people to live a chilling experience, although very fun at the same time.

In the museum you´ll find many figures based on the monstrous icons of the most famous horror movies in history, seeing these huge dolls, together with the dark and sinister music, create an atmosphere that makes you think that you are in a Halloween tale.

On the website they warn that once you enter the museum, you have to finish the tour, besides that it´s not recommended for all children

“Be warned this is not just another wax museum. no indeed. when you ascend the haunted stairs you are on your own. don’t turn back, there is no turning back. You must finish your journey of terror.”

“Warning: House of Frankenstein Wax Museum is a museum based on classic literature and traditional aspects of early wax museums.”  “You´ll be in a darkened environment. Parents should use good judgment as to whether the museum is appropriate for young children.”

The terrifying attraction is located in the town of Lake George, NY, approximately 3.5 hours from New York City, many vacationers spend the weekend in this town to rest from the busy life of the city, because here you can go to the beach, lakes and mountains; camping and of course visit The House of Frankenstein.

In 2020, the museum will be open from April 20 until November 8. If you want more information you can find it on the website House of Frankenstein Wax Museum.

The old route 666 “The Devil’s Road”

Route 491 was previously marked by the number of the beast “666”, it´s said that this road that passes through Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona is inhabited by demonic forces, which is why people know it as “the Devil’s Road.”

Statistics put the road among the 20 most dangerous in the United States, it´s said that its monotonous and desert landscape makes people doze to no longer wake up, but the reality goes beyond this simple explanation, because hundreds of drivers have witnessed various paranormal manifestations that could have cost them their lives.

During the night, many of the people have been chased by hell dogs, they have an abnormal speed, the strength of their claws and fangs are strong enough to destroy the car.

Another supernatural species that can appear are the “Skinwalkers”, spirits of the devilish witches who can change their shape, transform themselves into people or animals, appear in the back seat to cause an accident.

Many people have also suffered “lost time”, the victims of this phenomenon lose notion of time, for when they come into consciousness they don´t remember the course of the road traveled and others less fortunate disappear for days or weeks, when they appear, it seems that their memory was erased.

Another of the ghostly beings that appear during the desolate and dark nightmares, is a beautiful young woman dressed in white who makes the stop, her face is sad and pale, enters into the car without saying a word, as the kilometers pass by, the spirit of this misterious woman disappears.

But without a doubt, the most chilling presence that disturbs those who travel this highway is: “Satan’s Sedan”, a black car which is driven by the devil, appears in the desert to chase drivers, his intention is crashing them in order to get them off the road and claim their souls.

It´s said that the person looking for Satan, during 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning on Route 666 can find him.

Visit the Clown Motel “America’s Scariest Motel”

Visit the Clown Motel, one of the most chilling places in the United States.

If you are driving on I-95 or I-6 in Tonopah, Nevada and you see in the desert a giant clown juggling (illuminated if you travel at night), don´t hesitate to stop because you are in front of one of the most chilling places in America, and not only for its gloomy facade and / or clown decoration, but for its ghost story …

The Motel is located a few meters from a cemetery, so it´s said that many souls are around, including the Clown Motel.

The spookiest ghost that only appears in the motel is a clown, as many of the guests have heard his macabre laugh and some others, seen his silhouette at night.

If you are one of the people who don´t fear ghosts, but you fear clowns, we warn you that more than 600 clowns live in the motel, however, you can get to rest without worry, because we have two good news, the first one, is that the owner of the motel Bob Perchetti says they only have “happy clowns” and the second is that the clowns are only in common areas like in the Lobby, which seems to be taken from a retro horror movie.

In the rooms are clowns hanging on the door, and inside, spooky paintings and portraits of clowns, but you can hide them or ask to be taken, however, what is a little disturbing, is that some rooms face directly the cemetery, so the view of your window are hundreds of tombstones.

The motel’s rooms have a minibar, microwave, tv, air conditioning, and free Wi-Fi. Most of the guests who give their reviews, say that it´s a motel that is worth visiting, because the price is cheap, and the experience is unique, fun and spooky.

Tonopah, city of ghosts

If you dare to visit the Clown Motel, it would be worth visiting the small city of Tonopah, which looks more like a ghost town, because of its few inhabitants and its desert location.

There are many attractions around the motel that you can visit, such as the old cemetery, Mining Park, Central Nevada Museum, Stargazing (a park designed to observe the beautiful stars of the sky), as well as delicious local restaurants. And of course, if you drive a few hours, you can go to the city of lights “Las Vegas”.

If you are interested in ghosts and haunted places, the Clown Motel isn´t the only thing that will attract you from Tonopah, because there are so many ghosts in the town, that many ghostbusters are going to look for paranormal activity.

Another place where it´s said that there is also an open portal between the living and the dead, is the Mizpah Hotel, where several ghosts inhabit, such as a lady in red, an ex-lover who walks the fifth floor, playful children in the Third floor and some miners.

After knowing the chilling legends of Tonopah and the motel, would you dare to stay at the Clown Motel?