Chucky will be back: more than 30 years after the first film, a TV fiction about the cursed doll is coming

If there is a villain in the world of horror who made us have enough nightmares as children and made us distrust our toys… that was the evil Chucky doll.

Although today we see this evil doll chasing Andy, and we are not afraid, there is no doubt that when we were young these scenes frightened us! But in spite of that, the film was a real success and is a “great” memory of our childhood.

Well, everyone should know that the return of Childs Play has been confirmed on a television series! Actress Jennifer Tilly said she was excited because Chucky became a character quite dear to her and although he is very scary, she has a deep affection for him.  

The series has been announced by the international television channel, SyFy, and will be inspired by the first films of the franchise. In a statement released by the channel, it was mentioned that the production of the series will involve Don Mancini, the creator of the story, and Nick Antosca, the original producer.

“The character terrorized the public for over 30 years. The time and legacy of Chucky speak to the most creative storytelling and the loyal fans that the film saga has gathered over the years. We are excited to partner with Nick again on this new series and are incredibly proud to bring Chucky to television for the first time with the original creators,” the ad said.

Tilly first played Tiffany Valentine, the killer doll also known as Chucky’s killer Bride, in 1998 in the film Bride of Chucky, followed by Seed of Chucky in 2004, Curse of Chucky in 2013 and finally Cult of Chucky in 2017.

It is said that Chucky’s new TV series will take all the fans back to the beginning, where all the terror originated. A city haunted by terrible murders after a popular doll, Chucky, appears in the garage. The series will tell the story of how the infamous killer took the form of this diabolical doll and the transformation of Chucky from an ordinary child to a monster.

There is no information yet about the release date, but we are all looking forward to it!

The most iconic Bed & Breakfast from Indiana is a haunted 146-year-old mansion and its amazing!

The state of Indiana offers hundreds of exciting vacation experiences, it is a great place to visit with your friends, family, your significant other or even by yourselves and while you’re on it maybe you could also stay at a haunted 146-year-old mansion, why not?

If you are looking to travel and live a unique and unforgettable experience, beyond the typical summer vacation then you should consider this option.

The Schenck Mansion Bed & Breakfast is not just another “haunted mansion”, it is completely renovated, but still retains the essence of the 1800s along with the spirits that have haunted thousands of people ever since.

The mansion is located in Vevay, Indiana surrounded by a quite captivating and sometimes very eerie forest. This place has become a historical icon of the city and not only because of the story it shares with its visitors, but because despite being 146 years old, the mansion is still in excellent condition and serves as a perfect place to relax… but don’t forget, the mansion is haunted!

It was built in 1874 by a wealthy family, the Schencks, who had a variety of businesses with which they managed to boost their fortunes. This wonderful piece of architecture is located on the outskirts of the river in Vevay, right on top of a hill. But don’t let its beautiful furniture, beautiful carpets and corridors fool you, because many people are said to have had ghostly experiences at the mansion.

The house has suffered past accidents, according to the citizens of Vevay, a long time ago a tremendous fire was spread throughout the house and many people lost their lives because of it, leaving behind their spirits, walking around the house in search of the eternal rest that never comes.

Despite being terribly haunted, the mansion is still very popular, and its rooms are so beautiful you couldn’t help but want to spend a couple of nights there. Five rooms make up this mansion, including a suite and each room is perfectly equipped with a private bathroom, a luxurious king or queen size bed, internet… What else could you ask for? Because if you’re looking for a ghost, it’s included.

Would you like to spend a vacation in this mansion?

Lemp Mansion’s ghostly activities are so intense, they make it the most haunted house in the USA

Apparitions, loud banging, and ghostly footsteps are things that happen almost every day and night, inside the Lemp Mansion, from St. Louis, Missouri. Due to its intense level of ghostly activities, it has become one of the most haunted places in all of the United States, what is the history of this house, you ask?

The story of this famous mansion began in 1876 when millionaire William Lemp decided to acquire this property as it turned out to be quite luxurious. Lemp was a prestigious surname for the time, as the Lemp Brewery was a market leader, and this family was a symbol of wealth and power.

However, it wasn’t just money and fame that the Lemp were carrying around with them, their family history turned out to be scarier and more macabre than anyone could have imagined…

For some strange and unfortunate reason, the Lemps were haunted by misfortune. Strong depressions and psychological problems haunted 4 of the family members for years, starting with William Lemp who decided to take his own life and over the years his sons Elsa, William Jr., and Charles, for different reasons in life, ended up following their father’s example.

Besides these outrageous events, the house witnessed other family members fall prey to terminal illnesses or deplorable health conditions. Year after year, the vibe of this house became darker, filled with tragedy and mourning until it became what it is today, a place full of ghosts and spirits. People began to spread the word and hundreds of ghost stories were linked to this house.

In 1975, the old mansion was acquired by Dick Pointer and turned it into a restaurant with vibrant energy and more flow of people. However, paranormal activities never seemed to stop.

The workers of the place mentioned having seen several times ghosts around the mansion, very strange almost inhuman sounds, tools or appliances that were turned on and if that was not enough, they reported a disturbing and uncomfortable feeling of being observed. Many employees felt so frightened that they decided to leave the place and never come back.

Rumor has it that the mansion was never separated from its original owners and that all the Lemp lurk around the halls and the many rooms, in the form of spirits. Among the areas where ghostly activities are most reported are the stairs, the attic, and the basement.

In addition, people have reported different people including a child, staring at them from the window, a very eerie child. This child is said to be the spirit of one of William Jr.’s unwanted children who was called “the monkey-faced child” because the infant was born with Down syndrome. This child was the result of an affair between William Jr. and a servant or some other woman, for this reason, the child was hidden in the attic as a symbol of a disgrace.

The Haunted Mansion is now a center that attracts ghost hunters from all over the country. Today the Mansion is open to the public to be visited and has restored rooms in the style of the time, a restaurant with good food and a theater of mysterious dinners.

A variety of tours are also offered and you have the opportunity to explore the ghostly and eerie halls of the mansion and getting to know the tragic and mysterious life of the Lemp family. Some of the tours offered are the Haunted History Tours and the Lemp Experience.

Maybe having some food right before adventuring into a terrifying tour at the Lemp Mansion sound appealing, what do you think about it?

You won’t believe what these villages used to do before becoming ghost towns

A ghost town is commonly known as a deserted or abandoned village that has lost its vibrant energy, along with a numerous number of inhabitants. Usually, the towns become more settled as their citizens decide to migrate to bigger and more modern cities, leaving their village lives in the past, but have you ever stopped to think what was this place like before being abandoned? 

There are several villages in the U.S. that before becoming an eerie and mysterious ghost town, they had plenty to offer to the world and they even hosted main events which had a significant impact in the American history 

Bodie, California

The ghost town of Bodie, California is possibly one of the most famous in the United States and its history takes us back to 1859. This town became quite popular at that time and attracted many people who went looking for gold, since there were rumors spread all around, about people finding gold in a small valley that was 75 miles away and then suddenly, the village found itself in a gold rush fever. 

Mining systems were built around the valley and for a period of time, it seemed like a dream for the citizens of Bodie, but sadly it didn’t last long. Numerous wealthy companies had bought claims at Bodie, establishing mines and stamp mills, trying to dig for all the gold this tiny village could offer, just for them to vanish in 1858, by this year all the mines and mills had been completely abandoned. 

But then the unimaginable happened in 1875 when one of the many mines of Bodie was rediscovered with an outrageous amount of gold, the news was so surprising that people spread the word all the way to San Francisco, again drawing crowds of people in search of this precious metal. 

The streets of Bodie, were filled with new residents and miners, the town had come alive again, but once again, the decline began and this time it was for real. Hardly any gold was being found anymore, and the expensive machinery that was used before in the mines and mills was deteriorating because of lack of maintenance. People began losing their jobs since they were not able to work as miners, in a town with a lack of resources. 

Before the new year, in 1881, tons of citizens began to leave the hopeless village, looking for a better and more profitable future in other cities and faster than they thought, Bodie’s population had reached 800 people. 

The families who move away from this village, had to leave behind many of their belongings, as they had no way of carrying them. As you enter some of the buildings, you can see how old shelves, furniture, and cutlery tell the devastating story of desperate citizens, struggling to keep up with the decline of a once-popular, golden village. 

South Pass City

It is said that South Pass City is the town where women’s role is most simply that of a housewife, and it began to develop by welcoming women into entrepreneurship and politics. During the early 1800s, this town welcomed thousands of visitors and families, as the atmosphere on the streets was very pleasant and the views of the beautiful mountains were captivating.  South Pass City is the historic area for Wyoming’s unprecedented decision to give women the right to vote, hold property, and run for public office. 

One of Wyoming’s routes became extremely important: Highway 28. This highway, which crosses South Pass City, was named by state legislators “The Wyoming Women’s Suffrage Pathway” and the 19-mile stretch of Highway 28 will forever be linked with women’s rights in the Cowboy State.

The number 19 recognizes the 19th Amendment, which allowed women to vote across the nation. Meanwhile, this amendment took some time to be valid nationwide in 1920, women in Wyoming had already been voting for half a century.

Some of the areas along South Pass City remain as historic sites that need constant attention in order to keep them running. South Pass City has been through cycles of success and failure. Today, a small sign at the town’s entrance reads ”Population: About 5 people, approximately 4 dogs, roughly 2 cats.” Within a decade the city’s population shrank dramatically, but its history remains intact in the minds of thousands of people.

If you ever see one of these black-eyed children knocking on your door, better not answer

When we see the image of a child, it usually gives us a feeling of tenderness and sometimes we feel the need to protect them… but you would think the same about the black-eyed children? 

In Staffordshire, England, there have been reports of strange creatures that seem to take the form of helpless children, but with a rather creepy vibe to them. These kids look very different from any other infant you’ve ever seen, they have extremely pale skin and somewhat translucent and eerie coal eyes with no iris or pupils. 

Reports of people that have been encountering these beings have increased during 2014, but they have been around for more than 20 years. The first reports of apparitions of these mysterious children, began in the 1980s, they were seen often in groups of two or more, and these children used to approach people’s homes and ask if they could enter. 

In other cases, they also used to approach people who were inside their vehicles, during this year hundreds of similar cases were reported, which began to terrify people question themselves if these were really just very creepy children or something eviler.

Those who have witnessed the presence of these ghost-like children have said that they would feel an overwhelming feeling of dreadness and despair. However, the true reason behind the apparitions of these children remains unknown. 

Although these children have never tried to hurt people, they manage to cause great fear to everyone who comes their way. For example, in 2014, there were some pretty chilling cases reported about apparitions of the black-eyed children: a woman had a terrifying encounter with a black-eyed children in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, England.

“My daughter and I were walking through Birches Valley when we heard the screams of a young child. I couldn’t tell if it was a boy or a girl, but they definitely seemed in distress and sounded very close to us, so we instantly started running towards the noise. We couldn’t find the child anywhere and so stopped to catch our breath.

That’s when I turned round and saw a girl standing behind me, no more than 10 years old, with her hands over her eyes. It was as if she was waiting for a birthday cake. I asked if she was OK and if she had been the one screaming. She put her arms down by her side and opened her eyes.

That’s when I saw they were completely black, no iris, no white, nothing. I jumped back and grabbed my daughter. When I looked again, the child was gone.”

What would you do if you encounter one of these children?

The “real” stories behind these old Native American monsters will give you chills: true or false?

Legends and myths about terrifying creatures are nothing new in this world. For hundreds of years, people have sat down and shared stories about monsters lurking around and although many of these today may seem like a mockery to us, such as the bigfoot or the chupacabra, it doesn´t mean that the story behind all of these monsters, is not scary at all.

And even if we decide not to believe in some of these monsters, it doesn’t make them less real or less true, since around the world there are several testimonies of people who promise to have seen at least one strange creature, would you believe them?

These monsters are what one would call a cryptid, which is known as “an animal (such as Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster) that has been claimed to exist but never proven to exist Contrary to popular belief, cryptids don’t have to be supernatural, mythical or even all that strange—though many popular creatures acquire these characteristics as their legends grow.”

In the United States alone, there are more than 30 different cryptids, some of which seem to be just another story that scares children, but others will give you the creeps, no matter how old you are…

The Pope Lick Monster

The Pope Lick Monster, a half-human, half-animal cryptid lives underneath the trestle bridge on the Norfolk Southern Railway which passes over Pope Lick Creek in Kentucky. According to the legend, this monster uses some type of hypnosis or voice mimicry to lure people onto the train tracks, where they meet a devastating fate. The origin of this legend is still unclear and locals provide various versions of it. Some say the creature was a circus freak that decided to escape and take revenge on others for his mistreatment.

Another version tells the story of a sick man, a farmer who got too intimate with one of his goats, and the animal gave birth to this monster. Several different stories, one sounding crazier than the other, are heard around the area, which doesn’t make people afraid of the monster anymore but encourages their curiosity to prove if it actually exists. However, no one has seen the beast and actual sightings would only get in the way of the myth.  

After several inexplicable deceases, Authorities had to place an 8-foot high fence around the trestle to keep people away from danger, but even with this obstacle, all the curious ones force themselves in, and unfortunately, they end up losing their lives.

Some describe this monster as having the bizarre-looking and deformed body of a man, fur-covered goat legs, a porcelain face with an aquiline nose, wide set-eyes, sharp horns emerging from his forehead and long greasy hair just like the fur on his legs. Whether it’s true or not, the monster of this legend has taken the lives of many people.


The Wendigo is a creature from the mythology of the ancient inhabitants of Canada and the United States. The legend served to deter the tribes from terrible practices during the harsh winter, such as cannibalism.

It is said that this monster devoured the Native Americans who dared to go into the forests but no one has ever seen the Wendigo in person, or at least no one has ever lived to tell about it. The myth describes this creature as a humanoid-looking creature, tall and bony. It has long limbs, thin, elongated claw-like fingers, a scary face, and sharp teeth, their skin is hard as an armor, and only fire can make them retreat.

Some say that the Wendigo would come to his victim and take them by the hand, making them run by his side with long strides, which were drawn in the winter’s snow. At some point along the way, the human footsteps would fade away, unable to keep up with him, at which point the Wendigo would lift his hostage into the air to devour him.

The legend of the Wendigo is said to have been created hundreds of years ago. During the long winters of North America, was also a season of famine. To avoid resorting to cannibalism, the tribes told the story of the Wendigo as a warning; how did it all start? the true story is more macabre than the monster itself…

Among the stories that contain references to the Wendigo, a very famous one stands out, which is situated in the year 1878.

A Native American who was expelled from the Cree tribe and had to take refuge in the forest with his family. Sometime later, this man arrived in a nearby town, emaciated and desperate. He said that his family had passed away of starvation, but the city’s inhabitants didn´t believe him and called the authorities to clarify the case.

Finally, the man had to lead the police to the cabin where he had been living with his family where they found the bodies of his wife and children, partially eaten. The father of the family was condemned to death; before he passes away, he defended himself by claiming that the Wendigo had possessed him, forcing him to do it.

The Beast of Bray Road

In 1930, while on a fishing trip in Elkhorn Wisconsin, loggers reported seeing a creature that looked like a wolf but walked upright, and whose torso and limbs were strangely human. No one paid attention to his story, but a few weeks later several heads of cattle were also found horribly mutilated and experienced hunters organized hunting parties in pursuit of this creature.

In the region, the Indians have spoken since time immemorial of a great Indian chief who, due to a curse, ended up becoming an enormous irrational monster, for which he was condemned to pay for his crimes in the darkness of the woods.

It is said to be around six feet tall with gray and brown fur. Its face resembles that of a wolf, with shiny yellow eyes and pointed ears. Although it has never attacked any human, some witnesses claim that it has acted aggressively, running at them and jumping on their vehicles.

One of the most popular and completely terrifying encounters, tells the story of a man, a security guard from neighboring Jefferson County, who was driving his truck on a patrol around the old Indian cemetery outside Elkhorn.

Near a hill, he saw something that at first, he thought was an enormous gray wolf, but when he shone his lights around it, he could see that it was actually something more horrifying. 

The creature stood up, showing him its enormous fangs. The man wanted to start the vehicle to escape, but the terror made him drop his keys falling under the seat. Desperately he tried to find them without taking off his eyes of the creature, which was slowly approaching and stumbling towards the vehicle.

When he managed to find the keys and tried to start the vehicle, the creature was already by the window… Horrified the man heard it say a word that sounded like  “Ga-da-ra” and at that moment he started the vehicle and accelerated at full speed leaving the monster behind.


It is unsettling to remember that Gadara is the name of an ancient Roman-Hellenistic city, according to the gospel it was in that city that Jesus of Nazareth fought, in the middle of an ancient cemetery, against two demonized beings.  He defeated them by throwing them from the cliffs into the sea.

Do you think any cryptid was ever real?

The Lovecraft Bar, a horror-themed place in Portland that is nothing like you ever seen before

You could make a pretty long list of all that exists in the world and is that now people are looking for more than a product that pleases them, but looking for an experience, they want to feel excitement even at the time of putting their feet inside the establishment, but few are the places that really manage to transport us to another world and The Lovecraft Bar, is certainly one of these places.

In the vibrant city of Portland, OR you will be able to find one of the most unique Bars ever: The Lovecraft Bar. This place has been nominated several times over as one of the top 10 theme bars in the world, and this is for a very clear reason, see it for yourself!

The inspiration behind this bar has to do with everything that is terrifying and dark, but even though on the walls you can find an extensive series of horrifying creatures, diabolical symbols, and creepy portraits, the vibe of this place is completely hypnotizing.

“We pay tribute to the world of the weird, the macabre and horror in music, movies, art, and literature. From the timeless unknown depths of the eldritch in classic horror tropes to more modern twists of macabre and Tim Burton-esque dark, romantic humor.”

The doors of this unique bar are open from Sunday to Thursday 8:00 pm – 2:15 am and Friday to Saturday 4:00 pm – 2:15 am, so if you find yourself in the city of Portland, don’t think twice and stop by the Lovecraft Bar.

If you are a goth and horror lover then you will not regret your visit to this place since people on social media have shared their thoughts about the Lovecraft Bar and here’s what they said:

“I loved everything about this place. Great music. Great people. Great service. Like a haunted house dance bar. There’s a coffin you can lay in also. I wish I didn’t have to drive 3 hours to go to an awesome bar with music I love but I’ll gladly do it again. Thanks for a great night.”

Besides having a DJ, the Bar is often hosting events with live music and great artists such as Deathcharge and Tim Cappello setting the perfect atmosphere to party all night and have some drinks.

Some of their upcoming events include Shadowplay (February 20) a Goth Industrial Dance Night, Sabbath (February 22) the dark side of rock and electronic dance music and Creature Feature (March 1) Goth, Gothrock and Deathrock night. You can check the official calendar here, to explore more events.

“Whispers Estate” one of the most haunted houses in the USA is now for sale

Many people in the world love haunted houses, they love that instant shot of adrenaline that they feel when they are scared, the atmosphere of mystery and suspense that fills every corner… and really, many of us are attracted at least a little, by that vibration of horror, right? but what would you think, if you had to live like this day after day? If you’re interested, all you need to do is buy the Whispers Estate

The huge Victorian mansion located in Mitchell, Indiana, has been proclaimed the most haunted house in all USA. It can be found a couple of blocks away from a local church, and though it seems like a regular and beautiful home, just ask around, people say it is completely haunted by all kinds of ghosts.

This magnificent looking house has been around since the 1890s, and for a 130-year-old house, you can’t deny that it looks amazing! You might be asking yourself, where does this house get its nickname, the Whispers Estate?

On its official website, they say the Whispers Estate is a place “where the walls really do talk” referring to the multiple ghosts and spirits that are found living in the house, there are so many, that it even feels like they are continuously whispering in your ear and people who have visited before, even said that they felt like the whole house was stalking them.

Although it is highly haunted, the Whispers Estate is pretty popular and it has even been featured in numerous media such as When the Walls Talk: The Whispers Estate Documentary,America’s Spookiest Homes and “Children of the Grave” amongst others.

Dr. John and Jessie Gibbons acquired this house back in the 1890s, the couple then had adopted some abandoned or orphaned children and unfortunately, they had to watch each of their children leave them behind, some in inexplicable and horrible ways. Rachael, a 10-year-old girl started a fire in the front parlor, leaving her with severe burning injuries and after two days, she could not cope with life.

Another girl, a 10-month infant called Elizabeth passed away in the master bedroom from unknown causes. Jessie, had to deal with double-pneumonia at a young ager, passing away in the same bedroom as her sister Elizabeth.

It is rumored that these children are still been seen running around the house and you can still hear them cry. Some guests that had stayed at the master bedroom, stated that they are unable to sleep sometimes, due to a heavy feeling on their chest, as if there was someone sitting on top of them suffocating them. Also, they report breathing and coughing problems…

Guests also report some strange paranormal activity within a closet doorknob in the bedroom, which tends to jiggle for a few moments, stop suddenly, and the closet door will pop open, on extreme cases this has even happened about 5 times within a couple of minutes. But this is just the beginning since this house has plenty of ghost stories to offer.

It is also said, that the house hides a portal or vortex which runs up through the house from the front parlor into the attic, which is the heart of this haunted house.

“Guests that are brave enough to sleep in the attic room report horrible nightmares and sometimes hear something trying to get in the room via the door.”

If these stories don’t scare you and on the contrary, you are more than interested in this house, the price that has been announced to the public is $130,000 and it has a lot to offer, but there are ghosts and scary stories, this house has 3,700 square-foot, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and also original wood floors throughout most of the home. 

So what do you think? is this house worth the $130,000?

As scary as Pennywise is, you will surely love these products

It doesn’t matter if you saw the classic Nineties, if you recently knew the movie or if you’re a fan of both, somehow you must have met that peculiar and completely terrifying clown, who always carries with him a chilling smile and a red balloon, you know who I’m talking about?

The evil clown Pennywise is possibly one of the most emblematic characters within the horror classics, and although this character has existed for many years already, due to his latest appearances in Andy Muschietti’s movies (IT), Pennywise has gained more popularity in the last years, so much so that you can buy a wide variety of items that provide homage to the clown.

For instance, if you consider a real Pennywise fan or you have an overall passion for Stephen King’s masterpieces, one of the articles that you should consider purchasing is this IT Balloon Lamp!

Red balloons are an icon of the IT film, and although balloons usually bring people excitement and happiness, Pennywise has managed to get this simple object to fill us with chills when it appeared in the film… we knew something scary was about to happen.

But it doesn’t change the fact the film, the novel, and the character are amazing, and what better way to express how much we love these than with a creative and unique lamp like this one?

The price of this amazing Pennywise Balloon Lamp is approx $40 and it is said to provide “A terrifying twist on your usual home decor” Firebox, the website was you can find this rare piece, is known for offering plenty of remarkable products such as the balloon lamp. They also add a fun description to it, that will lift your mood instantly

“Are you a demonic, drain-dwelling ancient clown looking to hurt some children in Derry, Maine roughly every 27 years? Oh, thank goodness you’re not. Sorry, it’s nothing personal. We have to check these things, we don’t want these lamps getting into the wrong hands. “

But the fun is not ending here! within this website, you can also find more Pennywise products that we all would love to get our hands on. For instance, if the creepy version of Pennywise is too much for you to cope with, but you still love the movie and the character itself, you can always get this adorable Pennywise Powerbank for about $20.

“Sod’s law dictates your phone will always lose battery at the worst possible moment. For example, when you’ve lost your mates and that damn evil clown is after you again.”

Well, fear anymore! with this pocket-size Pennywise Powerbank, all your battery problems will vanish since according to Firebox you will be able to harness the ancient cosmic power of Pennywise.

But if a Powerbank is not what you were looking for and you still want to purchase a Pennywise item, then you have to take a look at this charming, and somehow scary, Icon Light.

At the moment this item can be purchased for approx $12 since it currently has a 25% off discount! All it needs are four AAA batteries and there you have a definitely not so terrifying Pennywise light, that will not creep you out at night, or at least we hope so.

“Give him a place of pride on your bedside table as a night light, or in your living room as a funky centerpiece. ‘Hey, what’s with the clown?’ your guests will ask. ‘You don’t wanna know’ you’ll reply”

Which Pennywise item would you like to buy?

These places topped the creepiest places on earth and you wouldn’t dare to visit them

The more we have the opportunity to discover places in the world, the more we realize that it is full of places that really give us the creeps, and not necessarily because they have a macabre history in the background, but simply because of the scary way they look. In this list, we share with you 5 of the most terrifying places around the world!

1. Renz Women’s Penitentiary

This old and abandoned penitentiary can be found outside of Jefferson City in Missouri. It was originally opened back in the 1920s as a prison for men, and with the time it became a women’s penitentiary. During the hit of the Great Flood in 1993, all the inmates had to be evacuated from the building, only leaving it empty ever since then.

The overall building has been completely damaged, and it has been said that it is also home of strong paranormal activity phenomenon even to the point that this prison got named “the most haunted place in Jefferson City” by the Paranormal Research and Investigation Society of Missouri.

2. Rockland Psychiatric Hospital

In general, one could say that psychiatric hospitals have the potential to become quite a scary place when abandoned, but what would you think of a place that is partially abandoned and even haunted and at the same time actively receiving patients?

This is the case of Rockland Psychiatric Hospital, and although the abandoned areas of this hospital are heavily restricted and off-limits, we can’t deny that just seeing a couple of pictures gives us the creeps. In addition, this place is extremely popular with paranormal fans, as some people have claimed to have ghost encounters right here.

3.  Centralia, Pennsylvania

This town has a couple of nicknames, but the one that might catch your attention the might be The Burning Ghost Town. This area is not only popular for being haunted in every corner, but also it has been victim of several fires, toxic gas leak concerns, and deaths-by-sinkhole… no wonder why it is the least populated municipality from Pennsylvania.

In 2016 it was estimated that it had roughly 1,500 residents, the coal town began to lose habitats ever since 1969, seven years after a coal fire set ablaze in the mines below. 

4. Tillamook Rock Lighthouse

You’d think going to the beach was all beautiful and harmonious, but if you dare to go a mile off of Oregon’s north shore, you will find the Terrible Tilly. This cute little lighthouse, when looked at from far away seems harmless. However, it has been rumored that it is highly cursed since its construction started during the 1880s.

Its master, Mason, was swept away by the ocean waves and no one ever saw him again. Then again, sometime after the first incident, there was a big shipwreck right next to the Terrible Tally, and along with this ship, the lives of 16 crew members vanished. 

5. Drawbridge, California

Adding another abandoned ghost town to the list, and being the opposite of the first town, this one is not burning but sinking in water. In the beginning, this town was ideal for bootleggers during Prohibition and housed several brothels, as it was quite and far enough away from the urban life, people from the city would come to this town to have a break from their busy lives.

However, these visitors decreased and so the lively ambiance from the town, until the population peaked in 1928, just with 90 houses left. Also due to its location, the town began to sink underwater, leaving some areas virtually uninhabitable.

Are there any creepy attractions in the area where you live?